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June 11 2008

The Guild at Comic-Con. Felicia Day and other cast members of The Guild will be making themselves a home at the California Browncoats booth at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego. It will be the first place to buy the Season One DVD.

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I've never been, but I want to go this year. I've been putting off getting the passes, but I see now that the 4 day is sold out, so I guess I should hurry. I know Saturday's usually the best day...what next? Friday? Advice for a newbie?
I want to congratulate the Calif Browncoats for getting the Guild to appear at the Browncoat booth, they always do a brilliant job of making their booth a really exciting spot in the humongous hall at Comic Con.
Hacksaway: first find out when you can get a room, because it is actually pretty hard to get a bed, and every day has great attractions. I went last year and every single day was jam packed with non stop fun and excitement!
The Guild Season 1 DVD...I'd buy that.
Best day is also tricky because it depends on what you're into. For example, last year I didn't get to be there for the Lost panel, but I was there for the BSG and Joss panels, because they weren't on the same day and I was only there for like a day and a half.

This year, by comparison, I've got a four-day pass, my flights are paid for, and a hotel a block off the shuttle line is reserved. Now I just need someone to get me into all the cool parties. ;)

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Yeah, I wish they would put the schedule up. But I suppose it'd be even harder to get tickets after that. My cousin lives down there though, so a place to crash won't be a problem.
OMG you have someplace free to stay!?! Then by all means, hacksaway, go down for the entire time and get tickets for every day you can. There are parties you can attend (check with the Browncoat booth) and a lot to see and do in San Diego which will entertain you for the time you don't have a ticket to the convention. Believe me, if I had a free place to stay then nothing would keep me away!
Thanks embers! Our goal is always to make the booth a must visit while at Comic-Con. Having Felicia and the Guild there will go a long way to doing that. We have the added bonus of crossing fandoms and showing off the 'verse to gaming fans.

Felicia is great to work with, and we will be nailing down an exact schedule a few weeks before the con. I think it's safe to say that no matter what day you go, you'll be able to meet at least some of cast from The Guild.

We're also very excited to have the Guild Season 1 DVD before anyone else! And you'll be able to get it signed too!!

Oh, we aren't done with special announcements...
Wow, this is the reason I'm trying to work as much OT as possible -- more money for cool stuff!

b!Xy, you've gotta do like the other Gonerseestas are going to do -- shackle ourselves to MA. She knows all the cool kids -- or at least how to sneak into their parties. ;-)
I will not be shackling myself to anyone.
Comic-Con 2008 is getting better and better. Aside from the usual events, the CA Browncoats table could be the hip place to be that weekend. I'm already all set to go, and am waiting for my Ecnomic Stimulus check to stimulate my trip. Whoo-hoo!
Yes Comic Con will be great this year! The Browncoats booth is always one of my first stops, you guys work so hard, Thanks!
Oh man, I must go to ComicCon for sure now. *runs off and buys the rest of the day passes for Thur/Fri/Sun*

The Comic Con's site now has a meter on it gauging the remaining supply of day passes. Saturday is filling up folks...I have some friends "in the biz" who tell me that the Con is trying harder this year to spread events over more days, because of the massive turnout on Saturdays.

BTW has anyone heard any sort of rumbling about DOCTOR HORRIBLE being screened at SDCC? Seems like a natural place to preem it.

There's gonna be so much stuff this year I'll want to see. I heard a rumor that there will "definitely" be some sort of BSG thing. One assumes there will be big presentations for JJ Abrams Star Trek, for all the Fox shows including DOLLHOUSE...I just heard the entire MST3K crew is also coming...
I just heard the entire MST3K crew is also coming

In answer to the question about which day is best? I have it down to a science:

Day one is always best for finding rare old books at a reasonable price. Dealers want to pay for that booth and they want to get it out of the way on day 1. With a little negotiation, you can find some really great deals. Also Day 1 is by far the best day to get original sketch art in Artist Alley. On Day 1 its a novelty for them. By day 3 or 4 it a little bit of a chore. Remember to ask nicely! Bribes work well too.

Day 2 and 3 are best for discussion panels. You've already purchased some books and got sketches on day 1 so sit back, relax and enjoy on days 2-3.

The last day of any convention is about bargains. Comics priced 3/$1 tend to get marked down to 5-6 or even 10 for a dollar. Many times stock doesn't make it onto the floor for sale until mid-way through or at the end of a comic show. So you can still look through boxes that haven't been picked-over and you get the benefit of a much lower cost.

Some other first timer advice:
* Bring a snack that doesn't melt.
* Bring a cardboard or plastic tube if you plan on getting any posters. There are LOTS of freebie posters.
* Throw a garbage bag in your backpack or purse, so in the event of rain, nothing gets too wet.
* Look through the convention guide before walking onto the show floor. Make a plan so you don't miss anything high on your list of important stops.
* Bring your camera.
* And don't forget your Return of the Jedi Princess Leah costume. (You can never have too many of those at a comic show!)

Have fun!
And remember, the variant cover of Buffy #16, with Vi on the cover, comes out in early July. So you'll have time to pick up your copy and get Felicia to sign it at ComicCon. :)
Thanks for the advice, alexreager. This will be my first time in California, never mind first con ever, and I am mostly looking forward to meeting fellow Goners/Gonerseses(?) and Whedonesquers. A Whedonesque friend has very generously invited me to stay with her so we're going to have a great time.
That helps a lot, alexreager, thanks!

I'm definitely looking forward to buying The Guild dvd, checking out the Browncoat booth, and whatever else may be announced.
FYI, there's a .org thread for Comic-Con attendees if they're looking for a place to check in, see who else is going, plan any meeting up, etc.
On the CABC site, there is a Special Events page that shows plans for the con. We are planning a specific after hours meeting spot so you know there will be Browncoats hanging out. Nothing like a party or anything, just a gathering spot picked out where you can sit and chat. More info when we have the location and a map.
We are planning a specific after hours meeting spot

It's not my hotel room, is it? It had better not be my hotel room. You can't have my hotel room!
It will be the hallway in front of your hotel room. For the extra special annoyingness. :)
I'm so stoked for this year! So glad I'm going. Gonna be hella poor... but what canya do?

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