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June 12 2008

Amber Benson's "Blue Tooth Virgin" debuting at Seattle Film Fest. The film will premiere at the International Film Festival on Thursday, June the 12th, and will be shown again on Saturday the 14th.

Amber plays a supporting part known only as "The Fan".

I, too, have still never used Bluetooth. It's as if this film was made for me. :P
The only Bluetooth I use is the keyboard and mouse on my office machine. And the cute little quirks on those have frustrated me to the point where I'm about to drag out the 3-lb shop hammer to fix'em. Not to mention, they go through batteries so fast I should own stock in Duracell by now--


Oh, hey, good for Amber! Although, I think I'll give the film a pass - I've found myself several times having to read material and give feedback that wasn't really what the author wanted to hear, and I'd rather give myself a lobotomy with a .45 than go through that again...
Anyone else follow the cast link? Since when was Amber in season 3? Also, I would call her time on Buffy a little more than a stint...
One of the definitions of stint is "A length of time spent in a particular way." and is in no way diminutive, so I think its fair.

The current generation of video game consoles use a fair amount of bluetooth. Properly made blue tooth devices work great. Imagining the sequel... USB Whore? Nah, though it looks like Intel isn't playing nice about USB 3.0. That's a topic for somewhere else however.
mark - It says "three season stint" [as in 4, 5, & 6] not "season three stint."

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