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June 12 2008

Buffy episodes to be available online from As part of comeback attempt by the WB Network, Warner Bros. Television Group has cut deals to distribute TV shows to TiVo, Veoh Networks and other Web-video sites.

The Press release can be found here.

WB.Com a possible venue for Dr. Horrible???
There's an idea.
It is good to see them spreading the love. I have been watching season 1 again on, but I did check out what they were offering on after I got into the beta. is looking to be pretty sweet also, not so much in that the video is different, but more to the fact of the frills they have, like the quote search where you can type a phrase or word and it will spit out every episode it was said in.
I'd love to watch but i haven't been accepted yet.
Dr. Horrible on doesn't seem like such a good idea. Isn't the site open only to US citizens? In which case a lot of fans wouldn't have direct access to it...
If they'd be able to open it up to non-US citizens, though, then I think it would be a pretty good idea.

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