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June 12 2008

23 Movies You'd Love to See on the Big Screen, among them Serenity. Entertainment Weekly gives a list of the 27 movies that are too big to watch on the small screen. Serenity comes in at 11.

I would kill to see Serenity on the big screen. I know it's just a few years old, but I became a fan of the movie (and Firefly) after it had passed. I did get to see The Bridge on the River Kwai on the big screen, and it was perfect. Seeing the bridge blow up in the end on the big screen was everything that the small screen version had promised it could be. —Josh

Hrm. Too bad this Josh didn't know to maybe tell people they COULD see it on the big screen, and for charity no less. Heh.

ETA that now I see it's the result of something from their PopWatch blog.

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Seeing it next week on a big damn screen! Anyone here going to the LA CSTS screening?
Me! Oh, but I guess since I'm helping run it I kinda have to be there. :)

Here's a fun game, let's see how many different sets of comments I can put a link to the SoCal CSTS Screenings. And did you know that tickets are on sale now? Of course I have to find an on topic reason to post this, which I think Serenity on the big screen in 3 cities over 3 days applies.
Great list! I'll never forgive myself for not having seen Moulin Rouge in theaters...
Back when I was in college, I rented out the school's largest classroom (300 seats, I think) and put "Serenity" up on the big screen. It wasn't quite the same as the theater, but we all had a good time of it.

Playing Joss' pre-screening introduction (from the special features) beforehand was icing on the cake, I must say.
Seeing Moulin Rouge at the theaters was amazing! But I think watching Serenity on DVD is fine.
What you really need to see on the big screen is How the West Was Won in Cinerama. That was truly amazing.

Courtesy of Mr. Paul Allen, the Cinerama Theater here in Seattle is one of only, I think 3 theaters in the world with the 3 camera projection system. The theater usually shows your usual big screen flicks, but every once in a while, they have a special showing of HtWWW, and the other - what - 3 films that were filmed in Cinerama. It is just - wow!
Though I was lucky enough to see it during its first run in theatres, I'll be seeing it again at the Memphis CSTS next week.

It definitely loses a little bit of that something-something in its translation to the small screen.
I loved seeing Serenity on the big screen but I much prefer watching movies at home. We have a 47" hdtv so it's pretty fantastic looking on that and no rude people talking during key parts of the movie (you know, the people who go to a special kind of Hell)!

Of course, I didn't have the priviledge of getting to watch Serenity with a bunch of other Browncoats and that would have been super, super shiny and would probably change my mind about wanting to see it on the big screen again!
Firefly Flanatic,

See Can't Stop the Serenity website for current screening listing.

Will you be anywhere near Boston Ma on June 20, 2008 or June 21, 2008? Cause you could see Serenity twice on the Big Darn Screen with a bunch of other Brownocats and for charity too!

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I have seen Serenity on the big screen more times than any other movie. Yay me!

The depressing thing about that list was how many of the movies I've seen on the big screen - and how many of those I saw in the original run. Dang, I'm old.
I would think it would have a better presentation for those who have larger HDTV’s, especially if you have a surround sound.
Wish I could Anonymous, too far a drive & we're also having my daughter's graduation party that weekend so too much to do too!!

I'm hoping one of these times it's in the Boston area me and the hubby can get away for a weekend so the drive wouldn't be an issue for me (have some health problems that prevent me from doing the long round trip drive).

And yeah, Tuckersbrother, it looks fantastic on a HDTV and sounds great with the surround sound. Our Big Damn Heroes look mighty fine in HD!!!
I have seen Serenity on the big screen more times than any other movie.

Me too, mnspnr. I saw it on opening night by myself, 'cause I was new to the area and didn't think I knew anyone who'd want to go. (Turns out no less than 10 people at my work alone would have loved to join me.) I ordered Firefly when I got home because I hadn't seen it yet, and when I finished the series (read: the day after I got it), I saw the movie again. And again. And again. There's only one movie I've gone to see by myself, and I saw it four times.

This year I'll be going alone again, but only because my girlfriend is working that night. At least I'll be in a theatre full of Browncoats!
How the West Was Won in Cinerama
Oh yes, that was fantastic. A TV screen just doesn't cut it for that movie.

I decided to go for CSTS in Orange County instead of LA because the day works better for me (and I'm in between). I'm looking forward to finding out what a room full of Browncoats is like. :)
I saw it on opening night by myself

I'd already seen it three times by opening night. No, wait, four. Or, wait, was it five? I can't remember if I saw one press screening or two (although I don't know why there would have been two).
I only wish I could have seen Serenity at the theater more than once. As it was, I was recovering from knee surgery. Still on crutches, I ditched them for a cane that one night, and paid for it for the next two days with increased pain & swelling (it was well worth it). I had surgery on both knees that year, Serenity was the only movie I made it to the theater for. :)

Kind of a strange list. So many old, "little" movies that can be enjoyed just as well on a decent TV, IMO (Cassablanca, To Kill A Mockingbird) but no LOTR or Out of Africa?
And a couple of really strange choices. Clue?? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but not Fantasia??
I'd already seen it three times by opening night. No, wait, four. Or, wait, was it five? I can't remember if I saw one press screening or two (although I don't know why there would have been two).

That's nothing bix, in LA we were having a contest to see who could see it the most by opening day. Here's the sad part. I lost. With 9. Yep, 9 times I saw Serenity before the opening weekend midnight screening at the Arclight and someone still had more. I blame DragonCon, since I was flying back while a press screening was happening.

I think we had around 5 press screenings here. Including the last one, which was that "let's invite all the bloggers" screening.
I blame DragonCon, since I was flying back while a press screening was happening.

This is offtopic, but are you going to DragonCon again this year?
There is a less than 50% chance this year. I really want to go back, I haven't been since 2005. But I also want to take a vacation that is an actual vacation, no conventions or booth work. Haven't really had one of those, well, ever really.

That's the long answer for probably not. :(
I have not yet been able to see Serenity on the big screen, though I really wish to. I expect it would be quite the experience!
I have not yet been able to see Serenity on the big screen, though I really wish to. I expect it would be quite the experience!

Are you near any of the charity screenings?
Some odd choices on there for sure. And I had to click until nearly the end before somebody mentioned John Ford - i'd love to see some of his wide shots of Monument Valley on the big screen, 'The Searchers' especially. And maybe 'The Big Country' - not Ford but a good film that's chock full of lovely panoramas.

Also, 'True Grit'. Most of the film wouldn't really benefit but there's one scene after Mattie's been snake bit and Rooster's carrying her to help. The horse has just died, they're in the middle of nowhere and with her in his arms he tops a rise and suddenly in front of him is just this huge expanse of desolate wilderness, it looks like it goes on forever in all directions. Rooster doesn't even blink, he just shifts his grip on her slightly then keeps on walkin' - if ever there was one scene that summed up the pre-revisionist view of the American west and what it took to survive there, that'd be it I reckon.

One of the contributors mentions 'The Great Escape', saw that on a big screen outdoors and it was a blast. The best thing is, everyone (over here anyway) knows it backwards so it really became a crowd experience with folk shouting encouragement and warnings to the characters and so on. Great fun. Saw 'Bladerunner' under the same circumstances and that was also fun - 60 foot screen with a friendly crowd, a cool breeze, a couple of beers and the stars as a background. Didn't suck ;).
I wonder Does anyone know if Serenity has been shown on an IMAX screen? That would be something.
I doubt that there's an IMAX print tuckersbrother though I guess they could play a normal print on an IMAX screen, not sure how much benefit there would be to doing that though (which is to say, I don't know how much bigger you could make a 35mm print before the quality suffers - has anyone else seen a standard film on an IMAX screen ? How much of the screen did it fill ?).

It would be cool though, agreed.
After seeing Serenity on the Big Screen more than 25 times (I quit counting after that) I still see/hear new things. I expect I will this year too.

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