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June 12 2008

Getting THE INSIDE Out...on DVD! Showcasing the twisted mind of Tim Minear and the deadpan...deadpannity of Adam Baldwin, THE INSIDE was a unique crime drama canceled by Fox (surprise!) and not released on DVD (surprise!), leaving close to half the series unaired (surprise!). See what you can do to change that.

I'd pay many dollars for The Inside on DVD. I just e-mailed 20th Century Fox 'cause I've been dying to see this show. The cast/guests and writers alone are enough to sell me on it, but the videos on that site don't hurt. It looks great.
Great idea! I'll be sending this link to a few people.
Enh. I can be a fan of Tim Minear without insisting that everything he did is squee-worthy. The Inside wasn't very good, despite the great cast.
The Inside was definitely my favorite out of his last three shows. I love Wonderfalls, but The Inside was more to my liking and Drive really shouldn't even be compared to the other two.
I never could understand what The Inside was, or why it was supposedly so interesting. That said, if Wonderfalls (which I adore) is on DVD, I don't really understand why The Inside isn't.

(Then again, I don't understand why Max Headroom is still not on DVD either, so whatever.)

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The Inside was excellent. All 13 eps. Dark, creepy, gallows humor, great character arc, I'd love to have *cough* official DVDs...

ETA: The look of it, it would look so pretty on Blu Ray. Never gonna happen, but, boy, would it.

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Cinque - did you see the whole thing? Cause I did and I really felt it was ramping up to something scary good. Good point, b!X, why isn't Max Headroom on DVD?
Just checked and there is a

"Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available" on Amazon.

So everybody who wants The Inside on DVD should sign up for an alert. You know Amazon is keeping count.

And if anybody can get this info to the website people involved in this, it might help. I couldn't find a contact page.
I'll add it to the site ASAP. Thanks for the heads up.
Good idea. Amazon is already pretty familiar with the kind of money we bring in...letting them know we want The Inside certainly can't hurt.
Not all of The Inside was excellent, but most of it was - generally because of the excellent cast and the complex characters they played. Multi-layered from episode one and not always pleasant to watch, but always fascinating.

It's a travesty that this show isn't on DVD already.
I was just starting to get invested in this show when they canceled it. I would definitely buy it if it came out on dvd.
zeitgeist, I gave up after the pilot, which was frankly nonsensical, and especially the firing/subway scene, which was frankly idiotic.

Yeah, I know many shows get much better after the pilot, but I didn't think The Inside had earned a second chance.
As much as I would love The Inside on DVD, hasn't this ship already sunk?
Invisible Green, that's kinda the point of this campaign: to unsink (is that a word?) it. Lots of people who'd probably love this show didn't get a chance to see it when it was on, so I'm trying to bring it to their attention now with the viral clips and networking sites.

I saw the other day that Birds of Prey is getting a DVD release next month. Granted it has the Batman connection, but that show really wasn't all that great and is older than The Inside by a few years. Hence the decision to try and get this ball rolling.

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I only saw the episode with Amber Benson. But I am interested in seeing the rest, 'cause I did like what I saw.
I think Wonderfalls might have hurt the chances for this being released on dvd. I remember they were really excited about that (maybe because of Firefly?) and even had a release party thing. Then it didn't sell too well. They probably thought The Inside would do even worse as a "procedural." I'd buy it. I'd buy Drive too.
Wonderfalls is one of my biggest heartbreaks, even bigger than Firefly -gasp at the sacrilege, though part of it is Serenity, which gasp- I actually like better than Firefly.
I really liked the Inside. Some episodes were only ok (and one that i couldn't even pay attention to), but some were excellent. Jane Espenson's episode about the little girl was really, really good. The show had a lot of potential and was definitely on its way to finding its feet. Absolutely no reason isn't out on DVD.
Max Headroom is probably not out because of liscensing issues (didn't it use clips from things? I don't remember, it's been way too long and I was way too young.)
Max Headroom is probably not out because of liscensing issues (didn't it use clips from things? I don't remember, it's been way too long and I was way too young.)

I don't think so. And anyway it's been up on AOL's online video service (albeit in crappy quality) for years now. If they can do that, it escapes me why they couldn't release it on DVD.

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The inside was okay but not in the same league as Wonderfalls or Firefly. Which says to me that Tim is at his best when he works with people like Joss and Brian Fuller (Dead Like Me & Pushing Daises).

If Tim wasnt working with Joss on Dollhouse, Id love to see him work with Ron Moore on Virtuality, I recon Ron and Tim would make a good team on that show.
It was one of the best shows in recent years, I'd love to see it released on DVD. And Peter Coyote is simply amazing in it.
The reason why Wonderfalls got a DVD release and The Inside didn't is because Wonderfalls had a successful campaign. While it couldn't save the show, it was instrumental in getting the show out on DVD.

One thing The Inside-Out didn't mention is going to and vote for The Inside. If there's enough of a demand, that'll look good to the studio.
Just versed myself in what they did at SaveWonderfalls and have updated the site with some more contact details for Fox.
I wasn't crazy about the show, but I loved the dynamic between Adam Baldwin and Katie Finnerman. I think they should have done a sitcom about battling divorcees.

I did think, unlike some procedurals, that it had room to grow. The cast was good (though I was hoping Peter Coyote was going to turn out to be a serial killer - I found him annoying, and that would have been an unusual twist).
I only started watching it with the episode prior to Amber Benson's appearance but soon caught up. I thought it was a curate's egg of a show: for example "Little Girl Lost" was a superbly structured and plotted episode while the less said about the finale "Skin and Bone" the better.

The acting was generally good and I just adore Katie Finneran.

I would definitely buy it on DVD.
I managed to catch most of the episodes and it became one of my favourite shows. I've always wondered why a DVD wasn't released as I'm sure it would sell well.
though I was hoping Peter Coyote was going to turn out to be a serial killer

What makes you think he wasn't?
(though I was hoping Peter Coyote was going to turn out to be a serial killer - I found him annoying, and that would have been an unusual twist)

Personally I think he did turn out to be a serial killer (or it's at least very possible to read the show that way). I thought he was the best character on there too though Rebecca herself was also layered and interesting.

ETA: As MissKittysMom says. So just to be clear it's not "Hit 'Preview' ... answer phone, pop to loo, kick HP9000 ... hit 'Post'" ? Damn, s'worked so well in the past ;).

Would happily pay the going rate for this on DVD, any extras would be gravy.

ET s/their/there/g. Bug not feature ;).

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I though Rachel Nichols performance was definitely weakest part of the show and that she was not up to the challenges of the lead role. Also I thought that, that role was tailor made for Amy Acker and it was a real shame that they couldn't give it to her.

I believe that the show would have been twice as good with Amy in the lead role.
I loved The inside. It was creepy and sad. The characters were complex and interesting. I didn't watch the show as it aired but somehow else and perhaps seeing them straight through created an atmosphere that freaked me out in a good way. Which is why I really want to own the show on dvds.
I though Rachel Nichols performance was definitely weakest part of the show

I thought so, too, up 'til 5 or 6 episodes in. Turns out the light touch was deliberate; I ended up loving her performance by the end, it just needed longer to play out.
Her "analysis" of Roger Comack in Pre-Filer (Michael Emerson's ep), was a disturbing and captivating scene. Couldn't take my eyes off her.
Yep, the cold, mechanical delivery was deliberate, wonderfully weighted and (IMO) was meant to show that Rebecca (NOT Becky !) Locke was very much a constructed persona, the one she used to deal with the world in a rational, ordered manner.

Becky on the other hand, was a mess. But a mess with iron in her bones when it counted ;).
theonetrubix, and zeitgeist Re MaxHeadroom DVD's Morgan Sheppard who played Blank Reg, mentioned it recently at a convention. As far as I can recall I think we believe there's behind the scenes wrangling, but don't quote me on it as I haven't got my Q&A notes to hand.
Just wanted to let y'all know before the thread drops off the page that we now have a forum here.
I'm so glad to see this effort as The Inside is one of only two shows that I regularly check in with about to see if perchance the status has changed and a DVD is in progress (the other one is Miss Match.)

I never saw all of the episodes of The Inside, but what I saw was excellent and my husband and I mourned its cancellation. It was very dark and scary, possibly too much for the summer premiere that it had. I would DEFINITELY buy the DVD! Thanks for the info/effort.
The Do That Girl, I seem to remember him saying that there was some disagreement on who owned Max Headroom and that is why it wasn't released. So yeah, behind the scenes wrangling.

I found Peter Coyote easily the most interesting part of The Inside. Adam's role was just getting more depth though.

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