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June 12 2008

The trailer for Punisher War Zone, co-starring Julie Benz, is online. The film opens December 5th.

Was anyone else really reminded of Boondock Saints, especially in that scene where he's suspended upside-down and shooting guys?
Just me then? Hmm.

I'm glad that Julie has work, but I really wish that she could get some better parts. She's got talent, but hasn't really gotten too many roles to showcase it. She deserves more than to be in a movie about a superhero who's not really super (who's on Marvel's B-list) in a year that is just oversaturated with superhero movies.

She shoulda been in Watchmen. She could have worked as the Silk Spectre, IMO.
The first two Garth Ennis punisher collections are great, but haven't translated well to film yet.
I could really sense her presence. Seeing her's better.
Oh, cool. I didn't know she was going to be in this. I actually kind of care now.
I hope she gets to pick up a gun in this movie. In Rambo, I was annoyed that her character never tried to defend herself, especially during the big fight at the end. Her pacifist male colleague learned to fight back, she should have too....
This -screams- "straight to DVD."
I like Ray Stevenson but he just doesn't convince as The Punisher. Frank Castle yes, The Punisher no IMO.
As trailers go that doesn't exactly have "must see" plastered all over it but Julie Benz looks absolutely beautiful as a brunette ([/shallow mode] ;) and that combined with Stevenson and the throw-away action aspect of the whole enterprise may be enough to get me to shell out two hours of my hard earned free-time.
Haven't seen the first one yet, despite really liking Thomas Jane.

Is this still pretending the first one happened, or is it another origin story/completely new angle ? Or is it more like the new Hulk movie where they give a quick origin story in the intro that somewhat mirrors the Ang Lee film but sorta alters the origin as well ?
Not sure but I don't think it references the first one (or previous one rather - the Dolph Lundgren version from the 80s was strictly the first) while at the same time not bothering with an origin re-telling - by 'War Zone' The Punisher is pretty well established.

And can we continue to be circumspect about 'The Incredible Hulk' please ? Not everyone's seen it yet ;).

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