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June 13 2008

(SPOILER) Scott Allie talks 'The Shepherd's Tale'. ComicM!x talks to the Dark Horse editor about Shepherd Book's origin story. Contains some minor spoilers, including confirmation of a spoiler for Season Eight. There's also another interview with him over at Pop Culture Zoo.


Also, sounds awesome.
I've added another interview with Scott to the entry.

Also does anyone know if Book's story is connected in any way to the Firefly prequel comic book mini-series that 20th Century Fox were supposed to bring out in 2002?

That four-issue story is going to seriously mess with expectations about where this is all going.

Ooo. I like it when they mess with my expectations. Ok not really some times *couDraculagh* but I'd rather be messed with than not.

ETA: I also really like the story about how Ron's list of Book spoilers came to be. That's pretty funny.

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A "Jane" Series? Are they going to leave out Dick and Sally?
And Spot? OMG, don't forget Spot!
So I walked into the chiropractor’s, and filled out the paperwork and gave the girl at the desk my insurance card, which has the Dark Horse logo on it. She started raving about Season Eight, and I told her I was the editor. She blurts out, “I have the same birthday as him!” I said, “As who?” She meant Joss, which still struck me weird, as I didn’t know his birthday. But she explained that she knew his birthday because the Serenity event was on his birthday, and that was the first I heard of the event.

So many people share Joss' birthday! (so does my brother, lucky bastard)

The funniest part of that story is that after talking to her, I walked in to the room with Dr Chaser, who’s this very smooth, mature man in his late forties probably. I mentioned something about it, I think I said, “Your assistant’s a fan of the Buffy comic I edit,” and his face lit up, and he said, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer?!” And I thought I was in the Twilight Zone.

Portland does love the Joss-man. You practically can't throw a rock here without hitting a Browncoat or Buffy fan, not that I recommend throwing rocks at anybody.
Well, damn, what am I supposed to do with this brand new bag of rocks.
I wish Dark Horse would put something up on their site for Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale because I'd pre-order it right now if they did.
Also does anyone know if Book's story is connected...

Huh. I'd be surprised if they were going to tell his story in a comic way back then, seeing as how it would have been something they were building to in the television series itself. (That link is actually the first time I've ever heard that FOX was supposed to do a prequel comic.)
I came across it the other day. Guess it died the death in committee but I'd love to know more.
I'd love to know more

I've not learned anything about its premise, but I have learned that Joss apparently pulled the plug on it before it happened, opting to wait and see how the show came together and progressed before starting to do other things with it.

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A "Jane" Series? Are they going to leave out Dick and Sally?

I was going to make a comment about those books coming out after the "Badger" mini-series, when I realized that Badger would make a pretty funny funny-book. Especially his time in prison (but not as much time as he claims).
Thanks for that theonetruebix.
Eager to see someone other than Brett Matthews tackle co-writing on the Serenity [should-be-called-Firefly-sometimes] comics. Wouldn't complain if Joss up and decided to write the Book mini-series himself either. If Tim did it that would be fine too, but I'd prefer someone who was previously hooked into Firefly to write (or Brian K. Vaughan, heh).

Personally I think they can only get so much mileage out of the prequel angle (sales could easily prove me wrong, I know Joss' comics are some of Dark Horse's top sellers...isn't Buffy the top seller since it debuted ? Or do the various Star Wars comics sometimes beat it ?). I dunno, I'll have to see how I feel after Book's story's dealt with. Also, I'm afraid to see a Serenity sequel in comic book form.
Also, I'm afraid to see a Serenity sequel in comic book form.

And you'll note Scott says there are no plans for that.
Yeah I pretty much just threw that out there for no reason.
Or more I guess to tie into my opinion that I don't think they can keep up the prequel/Tales Of Firefly-angle for much longer...but obviously will want to continue making Serenity comics because they sell. So the only other way to go with that would be "sequel", which Joss might eventually relent on when enough years pass.
Well, they could always publish my few-page script done as a submission to Serenity Tales which has never actually been produced because I've never been able to get any artists I'm interested in to do it. ;)
Whew, I thought there was going to be something really spoilery.

There was question over whether or not there would be time travel in an arc about a future slayer meeting a present day slayer...? Really?

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