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June 14 2008

The Operative gets honoured by Her Majesty. Chiwetel Ejiofor got an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

Thanks to Steve for the heads up and congratulations to Chiwetel. It's well deserved.

Well done Chiwetel!
Congratulations, Mr. Ejiofor!
Nice one Chiwetel ! Congratulations.

And happy (official) birthday Yer Maj ;). Watched a bit of Trooping the Colour today which I haven't done in about 20 years. Hasn't really changed much funnily enough so I think that'll probably last me about another 20, at least ;).
Wow! I mean Whoo-hoo!
What everyone else has said...and go see him in Redbelt!
Wow. That's great.

Don't you usually have to wait longer for this kind of thing?
Way to go, Chewie! Er...I mean, Chiwetel...Mr. Ejiofor.
*sigh*...ya try to add some extra human interest to the story, and what does it get ya?


I'll say it loud and say it proud: my heartfelt congratulations, Mr. Ejiofor. An honour of this calibre says alot about just how "wow!" you are :D
I believe that's Sir Chewie, now.
No it's still Mr Chewie.
Who gets the "Sir" then? I thought OBE was that.
If you get a knighthood then you're a Sir.
An OBE is part of a honours hierarchy (the Order of the British Empire) that moves from MBE -> OBE -> CBE -> KBE (or DBE) -> GBE.

It was created in 1917 and OBE stands for Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Only KBE/DBE and GBE recipients can call themselves Sir or Dame.
And even then only if they're a British citizen (if not they can have KBE/GBE after their name but they can't be called 'Sir' or 'Dame').

As to whether it's normal to wait longer, who gets one and when is near impossible to fathom. The other actor mentioned with Chiwetel, Don Warrington, has been a respected actor working in stage, film and TV for decades for instance. Other times people are awarded one for appearing in a single test series.
What!? He's only been around five minutes!!

I reckon her maj's a Browncoat!

Also, is it not true that if you're not a british citizen, it's only an honourary knighthood anyway. Hence no Sir (You listenin Geldof?)(and you Spielberg). (Not sure about you Wogan).
Wogan was honorary up until a few years ago when he took dual Irish and UK citizenship. Presumably now when he's being British he's Sir Terry Wogan and when he's Irish he's just Terry Wogan, KBE ;).
Other times people are awarded one for appearing in a single test series.

Yeah, or winning a couple of races cos everyone else was poorly at the time. >cough<>elly holme<>cough<
Are you serious ZodKneelsFirst? I have never heard that accusation before. Here was me thinking that double gold after years of injuries and frustration was, for once, a good reason to honour someone.
Hey, hang on, it's 'Commonwealth Subjects' isn't it?

So Sir Nathan's not out of the question.
Dame Jewel? (Is she Canadian)?
Dame Jewel. Hahahahahahaha. If I was queen (I'm working on it) I'd give her one (a title) just to be able to say that.

I expect no-one's reading this any more.
Nobody but us chickens.

Yep, that's true, strictly it's "citizens of the United Kingdom or other commonwealth realms" (i.e. anyone that's strictly speaking a subject of HRH QE II) so Nathan would be a "proper" knight if he got a KBE and Jewel would be a "proper" dame (she's from British Columbia - it's even got British in the name ! ;).

Sidney Poitier, KBE is also a 'Sir' BTW since he's (also) a citizen of the Bahamas.

God, no wonder Firefly was so good.

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