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June 14 2008

New podcast interview with Nathan Fillion conducted by Comic News Insider podcast co-host Jimmy. Topics covered in this lengthy interview include Nathan's career, current work, and more.

The discussion encompasses One Life to Live to Firefly to Lost and even his recent stint on Desperate Housewives. They also talk about the pilot Nathan is shooting here in NYC. They go over some proper fan etiquette, try to remember if they met back in 1994, and Nathan gives some great advice to all of you struggling actors out there.

If you know Jimmy and Joe's show you KNOW it's going to be funny. Well, and it's Nathan so need we say more? Go Comic News Insider!
Scree! Says it is an hour long! Whoo-hoo! Off to inform our favorite myspace.
WOW! thanks for posting this, what a great podcast, Nathan is just such a stand up guy, I am looking forward to seeing what this castle series may be.
Did he say that part of Dr. Horrible was filmed on the New York back-lot at Universal before it burned down?
Great interview! They even have a 'shout-out' to Whedonesque at the very end of the podcast.
Very good interview. I had sound issues while listening, but it was worth it.
It sure sounded like that was the case Bix
Whoo-hoo! They are filming the Castle pilot!
Good interview, the host was maybe slightly nervous (and also closer to the mic) so sort of talked over some of his responses which was a teeny bit distracting/annoying but nicely done in general.

Nathan's mate's idea about story literacy and Joss ring true though of course, now we're starting to become familiar with the way Joss twists the conventions. I reckon he can twist the twists though, keep it real but the newer, sparklier real.

Can't believe people actually ask him that stuff at conventions. He's right there in front of you, a person actual and whole ! Would you ask a[nother] complete stranger to take his shirt off ? Weird.
huh. well, here's the deal. first off, glad most seemed to enjoy the interview. COMIC NEWS INSIDER has been around for over 3 years and ive interviewed big names in the biz (including joss!), so no...i wasnt nervous. besides, he makes you feel so at ease anyway.

i hold the mic close because that's the best way to get the sound through. unfortunately, nathan did not have the mic as close, thus the low sound on his end. apologies for that. and i really saw it more as a conversation than interview. as w/ that, people tend to jump in and "talk over". i listened to it again and dont think i really did that all that much.

anyway...all goood! hope people enjoy! :)

Well, having never heard you speak before I don't have a baseline to judge, you just came across as nervous to me. Everyone's manner of speaking is different though, and if you say you weren't then you weren't (you being the only one that knows ;).

Re: conversation, it's nice that you see it that way and I get that that was your aim, sort of a less formal approach, it's just that my own personal preference is for a simple question and answer format. I prefer written interviews to be carried out that way too (rather than the "answers embedded in prose" style that some people go for) since (no offence to your good self jimmy x ;) i'm generally much more interested in what the interviewee has to say than the interviewer (not saying I don't like relaxed, generally that's much better for both parties). Lots of folks prefer the other way though, just one of those varying mileage things.

Like I said though, nicely done in general, you'd clearly thought about the questions and got some interesting answers that I hadn't heard before.
i can get nathan to let you know i wasnt nervous, if you need proof. :P

as long as my podcast has been around, we've never been one to label ourselves "journalists". we do everything laid back and have fun with it. if you want a real interview, we're not for you. (and from your answer, we're not). we have conversations and do our best to make it fun for the interviewee. and the many many thank you emails/calls/etc i have gotten from said interviewees seems to tell me that is what they prefer. as they have told me how they get those same boring and stiff Q&A's all of the time.

still, valid point and all. and glad you did somewhat enjoy it. hope everyone else does as well. afterall, it's nathan! :)
Oh i'm sure it's more fun for the interviewees (which is a good enough reason to do it in the first place, plenty of room for both styles and with them being more relaxed you might well get interesting answers that they would ordinarily consider off-topic or "not answering the question" in a more clearly defined interview - the stuff you got on Nathan's advice to auditioning actors falls into that category IMO).

A good (straightforward) interview doesn't need to be "boring and stiff" though, that's down to the manner employed and the questions asked (probably still my favourite Joss interviews are The Onion AV Club ones and they're straightforward Q&As). Or Rottentomatoes also do fairly relaxed, entertaining Q&A style interviews as another example (though in a relaxed context - IIRC a recent (ish) one with Edgar Wright took place over dinner).

(course, the line between styles is blurry anyway - you might well listen to their stuff and think "But that's exactly what we do" ;)

Re: proof, yeah, maybe a sworn affidavit if you could stretch to it ? Or if you happened to be measuring and recording your heartbeat and galvanic skin response at the time ... ? ;-). Like I say, perfectly happy to take your word for it ;).
jimmy x - loved your interview. I thought it was a lot of fun and it sounded like you had a great time. I would too because, as you said, it was Nathan! Very jealous as you spent an hour talking to Captain Tightpants and I, well, didn't :( What a great guy, level headed, humble, hilarious and Nathan wasn't bad either ;) Looking forward to his upcoming pilot and seeing a little bit more of him on both the interwebs and the small screen. As Joss and Jewel said, he's a star, just wish someone in Movieland would see that but I believe in Karma and the way Nathan seems to be going, he's going to be bigger than Harrison Ford IMHO.
Jimmy X, that was a great interview! You covered a lot of ground and gave Nathan the chance to tell a lot of stories I've never heard before. It was one really enjoyable hour!
jimmy x,

Thanks for awesome interview!
thanks for the love, guys. i hope everyone enjoyed it. i did get a comment on one of our websites earlier about how "it's not about me" and why was my mic stronger, etc. here's the deal: there was a sound issue with nathan's mic. for the record, we had 2 mics there. for some reason, his just didnt pick up. if it's possible to boost the sound and re-post, then we will. im not the tech guy, so gotta talk to my co-host about that. :) in all seriousness, sincerest apologies for the sound issue.

i clearly know people are there to hear the interviewee. nathan in this case. as previously mentioned, we had a conversation, not an interview. and hey, it was an hour long interview. :)

COMIC NEWS INSIDER is a pretty well respected podcast. are we professional? no. am i a journalist? no. but, we try to have fun and provide some interesting content and are always looking to improve. it's not about me, i realize. well, probably is, but i know when to share the spotlight. ;)

thanks to everyone who listened and hopefully enjoyed it. and really, many thanks again to nathan as he made it all possible. :)

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As always, a great interview from CNI. Hopefully the sound can be fixed and seems like they are working on it.
Those guys have had some great people on there for interviews- Whedonverse, Pushing Daisies cast, comic book folks, all kinds. Jimmy always seems to be able to get the best people on board. I highly suggest checking out some of the other episodes.
And lol. Not nerves. Not Jimmy. :D
No worries Jimmy, for those who listen on a regular basis, we know that this was just a fluke. Sometimes unexpected things happen in life, like a girl who is chosen to fight vampires or a mic issue. I really enjoyed show! As always looking forward to next weeks show!
And lol. Not nerves. Not Jimmy. :D

I'll second that. Jimmy, while he jokes about not being a professional, approaches CNI in a much more professional manner than a lot of podcasts I've heard. He's had a lot of high-profile, Nathan-caliber people on his show (I have to learn your secret sometime, Jimmy) and "starstruck" is never a word I'd associate with him.
thanks again, everyone. it's always a couple of people that cant seem to enjoy something and feel the need to pick out stuff. amongst the many kudos we've gotten for the interview, ive only had a couple of negative ones. this morning i got someone saying "he loves the sound of his own voice". haha. wow...they DO know me. :)

anyway...all good. im sure we'll have other famous type folk on in the future and with that, stuff like this will come. just gotta "Jay-Z" it and get the "dirt off my shoulder." :)

stay tuned!

p.s. co-host boosted the sound a bit, he said. so, hopefully that helped. of course, not in the loving my own voice department. :P :)

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