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June 14 2008

Duct Tape Shindig. Kaylee and Mal Shindig costumes made from duct tape! Entry #4239 in the "Stuck at Prom" competition (Top 10 final round). has a bit more info.


I didn't know there was pink Duct Tape!

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Anonymous1 Ah, duct tape comes in a rainbow of colors now, including red, blue, blaze orange, black and clear.

I had a customer in a few days ago whose wallet was made from duct tape (regular silver) by his daughter because she didn't have money for a Christmas gift. Creative & functional.
Wow. These are all really impressive creations. The Kalyee-dress is absolutely spot-on - well, as spot-on as one can be with duct tape. :)
Wow. That requires a lot of dedication... All of those costumes do. I'd vote for our guys, though :-)
Now I've seen everything. Those two bare a pretty good resemblance to Nathan and Jewel, too.
Now...wonder if we can rebuild a certain spaceship and crew back up in duct tape? Hmmm...
Wow, those looked great!! What a great idea!
Jossaholic LOL! Oh, now you've gone & done it! My warped little brain is picturing ductmation, like claymation only the characters are all made of duct tape. Serenity should be fairly easy to do, but I'm not sure how you'd manage, say...Inara.

And would this be pre-or-post-Serenity?

I'm sure someone somewhere out there is going to build at least the ship.
That Kaylee dress must weigh a TON! Anything made of that many layers of duct tape would be incredibly heavy (and not very breathable, either). Awesomely creative, and well executed. Yes, they should win.
That's awesome.
ShadowQuest - Ductmation sounds great. You bring the duct tape, I'll bring the mation. Inara can be made of expensive shiny duct tape that we can loan for a specified fee. It'll have to be post-Serenity and we can call it "Serenity Resurrection." Watch Mal get into all sorts of "sticky" situations. See how your favourite space crew get out of a "bind". As the movie slowly "unravels", how will Simon "keep it together" when River gets "ab-ductaped"...again. Better stop now. Getting deaf from all the groans. ;)

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"The Belle of the Duct-Tape Ball."
Wow, those are so cool. :)
Jossaholic Ok then. Following your logic, the duct tape we use for:

Jayne - Must be very tough, not all that bright, strong, manly and easily bought, attached to a very large gun

Kaylee - Must be shiny, bubbly, brightly colored, lightly smeared with grease

Zoe - tough, strong yet feminine, but showing clear signs of being torn between love and loyalty

Wash - clashing color cominations, seemingly weak but steadfast

Book - dark and mysterious

Simon - thin, able to mend anything (but a broken heart), flat monotone color

River - wild color, a bit raveled along the edges

Mal - good ol' trustworthy original silver, but with a dark streak

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