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June 15 2008

Amber Benson interviewed in Supernatural Magazine. In issue #4, currently on newsstands, she talks about her guest role playing a vampire, the possibility of her character's return, being typecast in Hollywood, the new novel she's writing, and more.

Supernatural Magazine is published by Titan, the same folks who used to do the Buffy and Angel mags.

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I would love, love, LOVE her return to Supernatural. One of the best episodes!! It was a great character arc for Dean.
And I believe the photos of Ms. Benson as herself (as opposed to the ones from "Supernatural") accompanying the article were taken by her artist sister, Danielle Benson.
Wish I'd known about this, I could've looked for it at Borders yesterday.

Danielle's pics can be quite good. I have one of Amber against a pink background in my wall art collection. (One guy asked me if it was Kate Hudson.....)

I'm curious if the typecasting in question is dealing with the gay-icon aspect or if it's about playing so many hippie chicks?
Gay-icon. She says it's freeing to be able to act without worrying about offending or hurting your audience. The number of people who'd be upset because she's branching out from hippie chicks is miniscule.
I think she may be talking about the hippie chick aspect, or at least the somewhat shy, reticent aspect rather than the lesbian aspect -- has Amber Benson even played any lesbians other than Tara? Here's what I think is the relevant quote from the interview: "I really like when I get to play an aggressive, dominant character. Also, there are no preconceptions when you're playing something new ... It's very freeing to just be able to act without worrying about hurting or offending your audience."
Yes, I did see that quote. I'll see if I can check out the whole interview someplace.

Egotistical comment follows:
I don't know, if my screenplay gets sold and made with my ideal cast (HA!,) what the role of Sue might accomplish for her. It's a smallish even tho important part, for one thing. I see the character as more urban professional than hippie (as mucha s she can be on a teacher's salary) and she doesn't have a Tara-type attitude.
Of course, it is another GLBT character.
Shapenew said:

...has Amber Benson even played any lesbians other than Tara"

Not a lesbian, but an experimenting girl-kisser in Chance, and she worked up some lady good and hot in an episode of some TV show. The name of it escapes me, though.
Maybe The Inside from what I recall reading about her guest shot there.

That's the real drawback with my daydream; playing a gay character twice often = typecast forever. Not always.

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