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June 15 2008

Firefly reference in webcomic "The Non-Adventures of Wonderella". A mildly depressing shout-out in this otherwise excellent series.

[ edited by Dym on 2008-06-15 17:20 ]

The idea, I think, was to disappoint her to cure her.
Nobody said they had to tell the truth. ;)
Geek grudges become a viral marketing campaign with no goal or ending. I like it.
Step 1: Mention Firefly.
Step 2: $$$.
I guess I should have expected a somewhat negative reaction. :/

This comic happens to be a personal favorite of mine, so it seemed right to link it once I saw the Firefly mention. But I don't think the author had any grand marketing aims with that little quip.
Dym, I used "marketing" ironically (where did that damn color go!) And I think the subsequent comments were in the same vein.
Oh. Oops. Sorry. Don't know why, but I've been doing that a lot lately (not seeing the jokes in internet comments). Next time I'll think before I post. :)
I was not being ironic at all, though I wasn't being completely serious, either, if that makes sense.
Okay, I suppose that makes me feel slightly better. :}
From my end? No, Z, no sense. I was making a joke that may have only been funny to me. Do you mean that people are actually making money off of Firefly references? That can't be true, so I don't get it.
I mean that it seems to be the thing to do to get attention. I'm not suggesting that this person necessarily did it just for the hits, it seems to be more that a lot of webcomic creators are fans of the show, but from the outside it can look as if its all about page hits and ad revenue. Either way, the word Firefly in a web comic guarantees thousands of eyeballs see your work.

ETA - and if you have ads on your site, it can indeed be true that it translates to making money. Its not going to make you independently wealthy, but it could help cover your hosting for a while.
Wait, only two steps, and neither of them are "steal underpants"?
A local (free) newspaper writer put in a Whedon mention (even quoting Whedonesque without naming it) and I'd bet dollars to doughnuts he did it to get someone here to link to the online version of the newspaper. So I didn't. ;)
I see. I don't have a problem with it. I'm all for the geeks making money. I just saw it differently, as a series of waves going out to intercept and turn the smiles upside down. Silly.
"steal underpants" is totally the old paradigm. IBM still steals underpants for instance, those dinosaurs.
Added to the list of every 'Firefly'/'Serenity' webcomic reference.....

Ah, it's still awesome...
Wonderella is one of the many webcomics on the list of ones I have to read through at some point. Very funny.

And let's face it, about Firefly: it's the truth.
The plain and simple truth is never true and rarely simple ;)
Did that mean they kept the happy Incredible Hulk version?
Did anybody notice the alt-text where the author says, "Just joking Joss!" and asks him to direct the "Non-Adventures of Wonderella" movie?
Yeah, I think that's been a running joke on their forums since Joss left Wonder Woman.

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