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June 15 2008

Scriptwriters Network TV Panel writeup featuring Jane Espenson. Where does Jane see herself in 5 years? "She'd like to be running her own show, or working for Ron Moore or Joss Whedon" as a "lieutenant to genius".

In addition to Jane Espenson, the panel featured Amy Berg, Dawn DeKeyser, Jeanette Collins, and Melanie Fox.
And I love that phrase: Lt. Genius. Tim Minear and Joss Whedon would both be five-star generals.

Love the little Willow reference right at the end.
Was that a Whedon shout-out in that last BSG episode, Revelations? Kara to Apollo: "When Leoben had me locked up in that...doll house...on New Caprica..."

It's probably just a coincidence that my fan-fevered mind put together. Although, there were many other words she could have used; prison, hell-hole, apartment, etc.

Looking forward to January, with all the Jane & Joss loveliness.
"Lt to genius" ... yes, that's what I've always strived for in my own line of work. ain't easy.

All lady writers on this panel? Awesome!
kazzmere, that and "Where do we go from here?" stood out just a tad for me too :) Of course, hearing the latter ALWAYS results in singing.

I also love the "lieutenant to genius" quote, especially from someone who is easily a genius in her own right.

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