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"See how I'm not punchin' him? I think I've grown."
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June 15 2008

James Marsters Q&A Soundclips. No new questions this month. But, there are three short mp3 soundclips of his answers from previous sessions as well as transcripts of said sessions.

That the nicest thing. The fans do understand that James is out of the country working on a film. We have no reasonable expectation of getting a Q&A session every month. But they seem to have realized that some of us are creatures of habit and we are somewhat in "James withdrawal". So this is a very good attempt to keep us connected. And, even though we have read these answers before, it is so much better to hear them in James' own voice. I, for one, appreciate this gesture very much.
Agreed, any actor who goes this above and beyond to communicate with fans is pure class.
Wonderful. Thank you.
Woohoo! My first story posting. *sniff* I'm so pround of myself...

I think we should also give Steve some credit.. he has some (plenty) pure classy-ness as well.
Congrats on the first post, Mirage! Warm fuzzies abound.

That is way cool of James to take time out of his busy life for us. Although it still jars me a little to hear his normal voice because I am so used to and love his Spike accent.
This is so cool! The guitar question was mine! I was just starting to learn how to play and I was SO frustrated. I sent in this long, rambling question in the hopes of hearing how someone else had a hard time learning, too... and was now doing well with it. And, lo and behold, there it is! Such a nice thing for him to take time out to talk about. I am just thrilled! :)

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