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June 16 2008

A Joss Whedon video game? A report claims that Joss is creatively involved with an upcoming video game called 'Powers and Titans'.

Power and Titans is a multiplayer PC and Xbox 360 title.

ETA: I've managed to find this description on the interwebs: "You wake up with superpowers and you have a "mysterious" organization after you. You break in to a facility by running across a lake, then breaking down the fortress wall by growing to 5 stories."

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And then you die :p.
Well that sounds entirely unWhedonlike. Why on earth is he involved?

Tiny bit more here.

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Wow, that sounds very Jossian.

Too bad I only have a fucking GameCube...I am so behind the times.
I've quit playing video games a while back, but if Joss is involved, I'm back :-)

And UnpluggedCrazy, nothing wrong with Gamecube. My personal favorite :-)
Sunfire, that description is a marketing companies description who managed to leak the information by accident. I wouldn't put too much faith in it matching the game.
I'm trying to think how "Powers and Titans" can be shortened for a Whedonesque category. "Pow"?
Wouldn't the existing scheme suggest PaT?
You beat me to it Bix, I was just about to post and did the preview and saw your "PaT"!

I will definitely buy this if it turns out to be true! Love gaming and love Joss so it is a win win situtuation for me!
"PowT" ?

Finally, mention is made of a new action game tentatively titled Powers and Titans, to be created with input from Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon

Joss: I don't think you should do that, 'K ? Cheque's in the post, yeah ? Gravy.

You break in to a facility by running across a lake, then breaking down the fortress wall by growing to 5 stories.

For god's sake, how many times does a giant human have to spontaneously break their legs on growing before the bestowers of super-powers learn ? Cross-section rises with the square, volume rises with the cube. Personally i'm on my 18th set of femurs and it's getting old.
You are assuming that the description is talking about physical powers. It sounds like you are "breaking down" (analyze a concept into simpler, easier to understand terms) a fortress wall (metaphor??) by building up your writing portfolio to 5 stories.

In that context, Superman's real super power was the ability to write articles for the Daily Planet. (Kind of like Monty Python's "Bicycle Repair Man".)
I love the two Buffy games for my Xbox.
I believe Joss was involved with those to some degree as well.
I'll have to check this new one out when it hits.
The second Buffy videogame ('Chaos Bleeds') had a bonus unlockable interview with Joss on the disk talking about the game... so yeah, I think he was involved with it. :-)

As for this game, did anybody else get the vibe "You play Dawn, being chased by Twilight"?
'bout time I got a console.
Ooh, I love games! And since shelling out for my 360 recently, things have been getting better and better!
Ah, Chaos Bleeds...good times. I have that game for my GameCube (which I too think is the best system, though it lacks Guitar Hero) and I think I beat it, like, the day I got it. 'Twas fun and addictive, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

This one sounds like fun, but for the following issues: a) I don't feel like buying another system that will just be obsolete in another few years, and b) I am almost done with college and will thus have less time to spend on such things.

Saje, you should really look into some adamantium for those legs of yours. Then you can grow at will. :) Can't have band members stumbling during key tea drinking solos!
'Tis true, I remember my wizened old mentor on his death bed imparting his last, best advice - "Never attempt the single sugar anti-clockwise stir without replacing your entire skeleton with adamantium first. It's the torque that gets ya, the torque !". Whereupon he went to the big strainer in the sky.

It sounds like you are "breaking down" (analyze a concept into simpler, easier to understand terms) a fortress wall (metaphor??) by building up your writing portfolio to 5 stories.

Ooh, "Creative Writing: The Game", that's got legs, like it.
I'm an active player of the video games, so, naturally, I'm excited to hear that there's a game in the works with the Joss involved. Although the game doesn't sound all too Joss-like to me at the moment, I'll bet that, by the time the game's out there, ready to be played, we'll all be able to see at least a few of Joss' fingerprints on it... I hope.

Never did play the Buffy video games. Considering they're only ten bucks in the bargain bin now, I must as well check one of 'em out.
I don't have a 360, so I won't be getting this. What I really want is a Buffy (or Angel) game for Wii where you use the Wiimote as a stake and a crossbow (and possibly a gun if you're playing as Wesley).
It'd be pretty sweet if the game worked for multiplayer between the 360 and PC, so you could have friends on both playing together. I just have to decide which platform I want to play it on the most! There's nobody better at creating fictional universes than Joss.
They need to make it for all platforms so everyone can enjoy it!!

Supersymmetrical, you must play the first Buffy game on the xbox! It was the better of the two even though the second one was good too!
I think a better category name, and clearly in Joss' spirit would be: Pot ;)
I was always disappointed that they only released the first Buffy game on the Xbox (shame it was exclusive too--they could've made so much money off people if it had shown up on the PS2 as well). For a while I was worried that system would get the better games, but luckily it kinda died compared to the still-going-strong PS2. Microsoft managed to bounce back with the 360. Luckily a lot of stuff on that also shows up on the PS3, so if I eventually have to choose a next generation graphics powerhouse with HD/BluRay movie-playing capabilities, I can go back to Sony again.

I went with Wii this time. It's fun, but there are a lot of visually ambitious titles that are't being brought out for it because of its limitations. If only the Wii and PS3 could be combined, you'd have the perfect system.

I'm not about to upgrade my PC to play current games on it smoothly, it's glitchy and it's just a bitch to constantly be upgrading. And I'm not gonna buy a 360. So I guess I won't be able to play this Joss title.
There's no saying this won't come out for the PS3, Kris. I didn't mention the PS3 in my post because I don't have one (yet). Both the articles linked above don't specify which platform it'll be for, and Chaos Bleeds was multiplatform for the Xbox and PS2, after all.
Ah, okay, I took you at your word and stupidly/lazily didn't read the article myself.

Some titles that have initially been announced as "exclusive to [x] system" have eventually shown up on others in the future (even something like a year or two later. Witness the Wii getting the excellent hand-painted you-play-as-a-wolf-god Okami after it's PS2 reign a while back, not to mention Bully). So...yeah. It's possible.

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Ps...Chaos Bleeds is also available on GameCube. But I was grumpy that the first (and apparently superior) Buffy game was on Xbox only. I may buy one used and cheap just so I can play that game.
I could never get past the second level on the Buffy Xbox game. So frustrating.
You know, I went HUNTING for these games at rental stores (Hollywood video) and no dice. Where are these bargain bins you speak of? I'm not great at games, paticularly because I don't like being shot at (*cough*Halo*cough*), but for that Star Trek game and the Buffies, I'd learn these new annoying systems. Oh, how I miss the original Nintendo. Why did they have to make more than one controller? Why?
korkster, I got my copy of Chaos Bleeds used from, a site that sells used media stuff--and apparently there's free shipping through tomorrow. You might try there, or even CraigsList.

Just FYI, Chaos Bleeds is available on 3 platforms: Xbox, PS2, and GameCube. But the first Buffy game is only available on Xbox.

As for the new systems, you sound like my sister, whose heyday for videogames was the era of Super Nintendo. She didn't like N64, even, because the graphics confused her. You'll get used to it. I honestly find the GameCube controller easiest to figure out, but it turns out that I'm kind of freakishly good at games, especially for a girl. :)

I don't have Xbox, so I've only played Chaos Bleeds, but it is quite fun. The plot is decent and the levels are quite well matched to the show, when it's the case (like Sunnydale HS). Most of the actors did the voices, except for AH and SMG. The Buffy voice is passable; the Willow voice is pretty abysmal.
Thanks, BoB! Now I'm going to follow that up with questions. Are you ready? You sure? Okay...

Are the bodies okay? Like, what do you do in the game? Can you be more than one character (like Willow with magic, Buffy with stakes)? Can more than one person play? And, are Xbox games playable on Xbox 360?

And, hey, you make me sound old (I'm only 24 & 3 days!). Back in my day (and you're writing your thesis, so you're like what, 20? 21?), I rocked on Nintendo. Little Mermaid, TMNT, Carmen San Diego... and up to level 8.3 on Super Mario Brothers.

It's the whole swivel joy-stick thing that throws me. When 2 hands get involved, I don't know what to tell the left one to do. :(

Who's the "Big Bad" of Chaos Bleeds? Do you wanna just come over to my house and play it so I can watch? I've exhausted my energy grilling you for information. Which isn't fair of me, but I'm lazy and demand success with ventures into the gaming world. Or, maybe you could teach me. Do they have classes for this?

I'm so old.

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