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June 16 2008

May 2008 comics sales charts are released. Joss' books do very well, and Season 8 tops the trade paperback charts.

Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men takes 6th spot, Buffy #14 is in 15th, Serenity: Better Days #3 arrives in 41st, with Angel: After the Fall #7 lands at 50th.

In trade paperbacks, No Future for You, the second Season 8 collection, takes the top spot. The first collection, The Long Way Home, peeks in at 81st.

Isn't that the lowest ranking an issue of season 8 has had so far?
Yup, every week the sales drop a LITTLE bit, except for issue 13, where the sales dropped 5,000 from issue 12.
Issue 10 also took 15th place. Angel wise, it's IDW's second lowest chart position.

Guestimates for May will be available at sometime in the next 24 hours.
Lets keep this in perspective. To be the 15th overall best selling comic is pretty fantastic for the 14th issue of a very niche title.

But what I find even more amazing are the results for the giant sized AXM. Annuals NEVER sell as well as the monthly book. Especially when there's a five dollar price tag. FIVE BUCKS! So, all in all, I have to say another great showing for Joss and his creations!

(BTW--I totally predicted Kitty would phase the bullet through the Earth. There really wasn't any other solution.)
Diminishing returns with each succeeding issue are a general trend for comics, and shouldn't be taken as any sort of problem. The numbers from ICv2 will give us a better view, as Diamond's index values vary month to month anyway (it's all based around Detective Comics having a 100.000 index).

#12 got a boost because of the controversy, so bucked the trend - that's why sales were down more for #13.

The Beat tracks sales for Dark Horse and IDW comics in its DC sales charts articles (this is April's - scroll towards the bottom).

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It's 'Batman' that's set at 100 I think (though a couple of months back they used Detective because 'Batman' wasn't published) but yeah, the ICV2 "actual" numbers are normally closer to the real situation (and matter more anyway IMO - if you're still getting 100k readers, is it important that 'Secret Invasion' is getting 250k ? Clearly people's spending power is finite but i'm not sure comic sales are a strict zero-sum thing). That said, ICV2 don't (I think) count UK sales and i'd be interested to know how Buffy and Angel are doing over here.

15th is still very respectable. Plus i'd cautiously predict a slight blip upwards for Joss' arc too.
Ah yes, it is Batman, you're right, Saje. ICv2 says that orders in Europe via Diamond UK get between 3-20% of the numbers the US gets. So Buffy #13, for example, could have sold 2,500 copies, or 15,000...
Some reflections on these numbers. This month Buffy charts lower because there have been 4 high-profile new book debuts from Marvel (including Joss' Giant AXM) and two issues from the incredibly advertised (and good) Batman R.I.P storyline. If these weren't out Buffy would have been around 10-ish. What matters is that the hype for the other titles will dim next month, while Buffy is a very steady seller, as the no.1 spot for the No Future For You TPB shows. It's also true that declining sales for all titles are always the norm, that's why "events" are done, to boost numbers.

I'd also be very interested to see a UK or European version of this chart. I'm sure Buffy would be at least in the top 5.
CBR has Buffy #15 shipping around 90,000 copies.
Those are April's estimates, Simon. The data for May is here:

It's interesting to see that CBR has very different numbers for last month's Buffy. According to them, there's been no drop at all.
ICv2's numbers are out now:

Astonishing sells 105,508
Buffy #14 sells 82,069
Serenity #3 sells 52,428
Angel #7 sells 45,430

Buffy TPB v2 sells 9,493

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