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June 17 2008

Jo Chen to appear at June 21 CSTS screening in Arlington, VA. She'll chat and sign autographs before the screening. A piece of her artwork will be auctioned after the screening. It features Faith and is autographed by Jo, Joss Whedon, and Eliza Dushku.

Now I'm even more bummed that they changed the time and I can't go.
Hot diggity!
I'll bet its that "burning" Faith cover....damn!!! I totally want that piece. If that is in fact the correct piece, i'll bet it goes for over $4000.

Wish I was anywhere near there. Please post pics if you are one of the lucky few. (Thanks!)
Whoa! When did Arlington get added to the list? Go Arlington! I'm so there.
I'm not finding an announcement that gives me a ballpark time Arlington was added for 2008. Not that it's all that important in and of itself. My main concern: if anyone reading this knows Caffeinated Squint, who'd asked about an Arlington screening in late April, please let them know if they don't already.

If you are Caffeinated Squint, I invite you to join me in some rather undignified jumping around with glee.
Sunfire, I would be so there too if I could -- give the beautiful Jo Chen (the art, too) a salute from all of us.
The Arlington screenings were announced in late May. I ordered my tickets on May 22, so it was around then. The Saturday screening was originally scheduled for 2pm. It was changed to 5pm, so now I can't go. Bummer.
I will be at the Friday evening one for sure, but I think I will have to make it for Saturday too...!
It's so nice to know so many of my fellow Whedonesque-rs are from my neck of the woods!

The shows aren't sold out yet, so please, please, please spread the word to any and all of those you think would be interested in coming to this fabulous event.
Claudia, the Arlington Browncoats admin, has created some nifty flyers here (they can be printed in color or b&w) for people to use.
What time do you think I should be there to meet Ms. Chen and get an autograph? I work in DC and could probably be there around 4:15ish.

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Jo Chen says on her website that she'll arrive around 4:00 PM. She has also posted an image of the autographed print that will be auctioned after the screening. It is, indeed, the flaming Faith cover.
I won't be able to stay for the entire screening as pumpkin seeds tend to be frightened of darkened theaters filled with pitchers of spud and raucous fans watching great science fiction, hootin' ana hollerin'.

There wasn't overly much hooting last year, and no hollering that I recall. But she does seem to understand the fan base fairly well there.
I can go! My husband is going to feed the dogs. Doesn't sound like much but one is diabetic and needs to have her blood sugar checked and her insulin shot given. Others get meds, too. They're the geriatric Lab pack. Anyway, I'll be there. Hope to meet other Whedonesquers.
The Faith print went for $400. Jo Chen also donated a print of her cover for the Serenity: Better Days TPB.

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