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June 17 2008

Angel: After the Fall #9 out Wednesday. Just a heads up.

And the fourth Astonishing X-Men tpb as well.
The final X-Men TPB is out? Ahhhh I can't believe how much stuff comes out that day. These two things, Everybody's Dead #4, and the final TPB for "Y: The Last Man" also...
Hopefully it's better than #8
Issue #8 I think we can all agree was weak. It won't be hard for issue #9 to be better.
I don't think we all agree that at all. In fact, most of the responses I've seen were very positive towards both the Gunn and Gwen stories, with many citing "Gunn" as their favorite of the first night tales.
Yeah, 8 got really good reviews, so...

...oh well, can't please them all.
Loved Issue #8 ... and Loved Loved Issue #9. I got mine last week (I can't believe it) and it's killing me not to talk about it.
You can talk to me about, resa!

Seriously, go ahead.

Drop me a line at

I have an ANGEL/SPIKE buzz right now. Been writing the boys like MAD, been getting insanely great pages for each, I couldn't be happier with how this is going. I'm a really lucky dude.
Lynch == awesome. I wouldn't say that we all agree that #8 was weak. Me being part of us all and disagreeing.
I loved the First Night stuff, I just wish there was more of it. It's pretty radical we get to see the next issue of the series so soon.
Actually, here's a wacky idea. If you didn't like #8 find something constructive to say rather than just proclaiming that everyone hated it (which is not at all true); at least say what you didn't like about it. There was some great discussion in the thread about it last week and though there was a bit of "meh" about the Civilians story, the prevailing opinion was quite positive.
I loved issue #8. In fact, I've enjoyed every issue so far. Can't wait to pick up #9!
I've enjoyed every issue of ATF, 8 included. I actually really liked the Civilians story m'self, although that seems to be the least popular of the three.

As much as I enjoyed First Night, though, I'm more than ready to jump back into the current story.

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Supersymmetrical, I agree. I enjoyed the First Night stories (esp. Gunn's) but I'm more than ready to end the flashback and get back to the real story.
I have enjoyed all the comics so far, but I am not ready to go back to the real story until I have my hands full of Spike:First Night. Then, I'll be ready.
Are y'all going to make a new thread for discussing # 9 or is this going to be it?

Lynch, dude: You're writing Angel/Spike!?! Do tell! (sorry, been reading fic all morning and just had to poke fun at you)
Are y'all going to make a new thread for discussing # 9

They won't but I did.
Thanks, Simon!
menomegirl, you're not the only one who got a tiny happy moment seeing thy Lynch slashing our boys... even if it was all innocent-like *wiggles eyebrows* Well, if you ask me, we are owed after BtVS S8 -- I mean, here I thought it was a 'one time thing'. The vamp boys need to catch up!! I am unreasonably jealous of femme-slashers. Still, I'm honest about it ;)
Mr. Lynch's post made me smile. It was a little thing but I'll take it where I can get it. *g* And yes, they do need to catch up. A lot. (there could be oil and Lindsey)

*wanders off into dreamland*
Hih-hih-hih :-)!
Yes, I received my confirmation from TFAW and I have many nice packages coming to me. Yes!

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