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June 18 2008

Dollhouse panel rumoured for this year's Comic Con. Seat42f says it'll be on the Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately the 4 day pass and the Saturday pass appear to be sold out.

That would be excellent. Any word on who's on the panel?
(Assuming this is reliable) . . . yep, the news comes too late to wait-and-see types. Amazing that Saturday is completely sold out over a month in advance (and I'm counting my good fortune that a Whedonesque friend prodded me to - finally - secure my tickets just last week). I expect the DH panel will be an absolute zoo - in a good way, of course.
I got my four-day back in April.

also on Saturday but without a confirmed time... Dollhouse, Lost

I'm going to assume for my sanity's sake that these would both be scheduled for the same large room and therefore not competing with one another.

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Exactly what I was looking for, thanks! Also glad I got tickets last week. Looks good so far. Let Dollhouse be in between The Office and Pushing Daisies in the same room and I'll be completely set. Wonder if they'll do something for Doctor Horrible.
Well, we certainly "lucked-out" with having the right people in the right places this time! So looking forward to your reports, SNT and bix. Please thrill our socks off when you get a chance. Sounds like it's going to be an interesting com.
I got my four-day pass for 2008 just as the 2007 event ended. Looking at the preliminary line-up, it's looking very exciting. Too bad "Pushing Daisies" and "Chuck" will be running at the same time, but at least "Sarah Connor Chronicles" is at a better time this year. Let's hope hacksaway's prediction does come true about "Dollhouse".
Oh, and I'm glad "Bones" is coming back. I predict a lot of questions about how last season ended.

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I'm sure there will be more announcements that are of the sad or happy making...depending on your ticket having status.

And I may actually make it to a panel (or 2!) at Comic-Con for the first time since 2005. Photos will ensue if so, not so much a written report.
So nice to have a little "rumour" to cling to; the suspense has been killing me! Dollhouse is of course exciting. I'm excited to see Dexter on the list! And also happy that Bones is back with a panel. Now just waiting for any info about BSG :)

danregal, I hope you ARE able to make it to a panel this year. As wonderful as it is to see your friendly face at the Browncoat table, surely there are plenty of folks to take your place to allow you to see some of this cool stuff.

Can't wait!
I have to admit to complete ignorance here. Not being a fan of comics, I haven't followed any of the comic con threads.
So I'm surprised to find out that there are panels for TV shows as well! Can't wait for reports now. ;-)
If Lost and Dollhouse's panels are the same time that might just ruin my trip. And cause me to miss Dollhouse's panel.
userpjx, I know! Especially with the Dharma Initiative "recruiting" at Comic-Con this year. Obviously, they should make sure to schedule Dollhouse and Lost in a way which works for us, because we're all that counts, right?
Oh of course it would be on Saturday! And of course I'm kicking myself for having decided to save money by not going to Comic Con this year. I am counting on you guys to write up some really good complete reports (and take some pictures, please!).
I'd be more surprised if there *wasn't* a Dollhouse panel, given Joss's track record at SDCC. In fact, that's what I was banking on when I made my plans to go this year (after skipping the last 2 years), it's pretty much the only reason I decided to go.

Sad that Pushing Daisies and Chuck are at the same time. But if the Dollhouse panel is after Pushing Daisies in a different room I'll be pissed that I might have to miss PD to make sure I get a seat in the DH panel.

Dollhouse on Saturday, and possibly Supernatural on Sunday? I think my poor little fangirl head just might explode.
This is getting more exciting. I figured Joss would be there on Saturday with Dollhouse - definitely one of the reasons to go this year - plus getting to meet some of my Whedonesque/Goners friends! Once CSTS is over, I am going to take some time to really get excited about this. ;)
Of course, they could have the Dollhouse panel on a Friday to spread the shows out. I'm not sure, though. We still have to hear from Heroes, Reaper, and BSG just for when the rest of the series will start. Also, there's the still the problem of which movie panels are coming. We should know in a couple of weeks, but I agree that I really hope DH isn't scheduled against Lost.
Are there games panels at Comic Con as well? If the Powers and Titans rumours are true I was wondering if we will see a panel for that.

And isn't there supposed to be a big Buffy announcement as well?
I thought it was just "something big" rather than definitely Buffy related ?
You mean something that rhymes with Who and Stoppard and could be seen as a vacation in the forest? Cause we haven't heard much about that of late. And I for one want news.
Cause we haven't heard much about that of late.

Have we actually heard anything about it at all since last Comic-Con?
Interesting that the link b!x provides shows Fringe on Saturday. Seems odd that Fox would have Fringe and Dollhouse panels on the same day given that they are using similar marketing tactics with those two shows. Or maybe it just seems odd to me....
What's been happening in recent years at Comic-Con is studio blocks. There will be the "Warner Bros." (or other studio) panel and it will have 2-3 different movies/shows promoted. Since the programming is so crowded this is sometimes the only way they can get something on the stage.

It may end up that there is a Fox Fringe/Dollhouse panel. I hope not though, as this usually means neither get a full hour. This is similar to what happened in 2005 when Slither and Serenity shared the Universal panel. Serenity got shorted a little due due to the length of the Slither segment.
SaltyGoodness - Thanks! :) There definitely will be people there to fill in, it's just a matter of me actually leaving. It's such a joy to work the table that I always find it difficult to leave. They managed to kick me out for a few hours last year. :)
In case anyone is debating whether or not to attend the Fringe panel instead of something else, you might want to know that I saw the first half of the unaired pilot and it's bloody dreadful. The dialogue is astoundingly bad, and the acting not much better. Unless the pilot is completely rewritten before it airs, i don't have hopes for this show. Granted, I didn't see the entire episode, but it was long and so cringe-worthy that I now dread watching the rest.
I didn't find it dreadful at all. Didn't find it overwhelmingly compelling, but not dreadful either.
I would imagine that all Fox TV would be on the same day so that the marketing people don't have to spend the entire weekend in San Diego. I know that sounds crazy to you folks (and me), but many see this as having to work over a weekend and not like fun.
You mean something that rhymes with Who and Stoppard and could be seen as a vacation in the forest? Cause we haven't heard much about that of late. And I for one want news.
Simon | June 18, 18:59 CET

I don't get it. But then again, I wasn't much for rhyming.
The 'Fringe' pilot gets better. For me it never reached brilliant but, on balance, it ended up at least adequate. I'd watch another couple of episodes on the basis of the pilot, if it didn't get better then no.

You mean something that rhymes with Who and Stoppard and could be seen as a vacation in the forest?

Yeah, good news would be good though it seems like it's pretty much just "in development" at the moment. Which surprises me a bit, i'dve thought "Who Stoppard"'s (jesus, that's thin ;) currency would've gone up in Hollywood after 'Cloverfield'.
I'm with samatwitch. Once the CSTS screening is over, I'm scheduling time to get excited about this!
Hey guys, SNT's gold! Congratulations, SoddingNancyTribe on your new status!
I was just emailing him the supersecret instruction manual ;) Congrats, SNT, on your well deserved ascension.

He's too orangey for crows! I can never resist a SPACED reference...
Nor should you try (and with that one especially, well, let's just say opportunities for use are limited ;).

GOLD ! Presumably this means you're indestructible ? Congrats indeed SNT ;).
Well, I've definitely got the power to know . . . ;-) Cheers. You're all banned. etc. etc.
I wondered if that was new. Congrats!
Yes he's ascended now.
But minus the policy of non-interference.
Yes he's ascended now.

The use of that term's a little creepy. But it does make it sound like he can ban people with the power of his mind, which I have to admit would be pretty neat.
Long overdue. :)
Are there no blues anymore? I mean, I'm totally congratulating SNT for his ascension - he has the judicial eye, naturellement - but I like to see a sprinkling of all the colors of the rainbow when I'm being firmly admonished.
We'll try to pretty up our scolding around you, QG ;)
I second that request, zeitgeist. Totally need colorful scolding. ;)

And, hey, thanks b!x, for the reference. Once I clicked I knew, but still needed to read, you know?

SoddingNancyTribe, so... you "ascended", and returned to the plane of Whedonesque to "ban" us? You're not a PTB hiding away in the form of SNT that wants to make Whedonesque a better place by banning the innocents before they do evil OT discussions and shipping?

...Do you eat people?

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