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June 18 2008

Summer Glau is Teen Choice to Break Out. Summer is nominated for Choice TV Actress: Action Adventure and Choice TV: Breakout Star Female in the 2008 Teen Choice Awards on FOX this August.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was nominated for several other awards. Other minor Whedonverse alums nominated include Amy Adams, Zac Efron and Wentworth Miller.

Plus, stuff like Cloverfield, P.S. I Love You, HIMYM, etc. are up for various awards. Too lazy to look for/list more.

All's I have to say is that if Hannah Montana wins over HIMYM, I will have to start backhanding random teenagers when I come across them. Some tough love might knock some class and good sense into them!

...Come to think of it, I may just do that regardless of the results, as teenagers are like gongs: they should be struck repeatedly.
Huh. Zac Efron I knew about, but I didn't realise Amy Adams and Wentworth Miller were alums. (Tara's sister and the frat boy from Go Fish for those too lazy to look them up. I KNEW WM was familiar for some reason).
spooforbrains Tara's cousin, actually - she only had one sibling, her pushy brother.

In fact, IMS, that's how she addresses her at one point - "Cousin Beth."

I do wonder how many Whedonverse actors got "noticed" because of their work on Buffy/Angel/Firefly.
She's actually referred to as "Cousin Beth" a few times in the episode, which never fails to make me laugh. Of course it was a distinction that needed to be made, but I've never known anyone to refer to their cousin in that way--it sounds so proper :p
I had never noticed that Zac Efron was the young Simon! O.O

Does it anoy anyone else the fact that she in the 'Breakout Star' category? I mean... Firelfy wasn't her breakout?
maxsummers, it would have been, if anyone had, you know, watched it.
Hmmm. Breakout? At least on the two or three boards I used to check, she wasn't that popular when the series originally aired. She definitely ranked below Mal, Jayne, Simon and Kaylee at least. There were people who actively disliked her and others who didn't know if they liked her.

That was due in part to how the episodes were aired and in part to Summer's performance, I think. She never played for audience sympathy, she just went for the truth of the character. She could be scary, offputting, weird and pathetic, because that's how River was. And that kept some people from liking her.

She could also be heartbreaking and sweet, mischievous and deadpan funny, so I think people were coming around by the end. Then, when the DVD came out and, especially, the movie, she became more of a fan favorite. For me, I was in love with her from the moment I saw her laughing at the stars.

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