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June 18 2008

(SPOILER) Jo Chen talks about her cover for Buffy #20. Brilliant artwork for Jeph Loeb's issue of Season 8.

This is apparently the issue where Loeb goes back to his unused Buffy: The Animated Series ideas. An adorable yet strangely unsettling image of meta fiction within fiction by Chen.

The cover has been posted before

But it's interesting to read Jo's thoughts on it so I'll tweak your entry accordingly rather than delete it.
I don't remember if I gushed over this when it was first posted, but in any case:
Most Awe-Inspiring Cover Yet.
The likenesses are just sick, especially Sarah!!! WOW!
Chen is amazingly talented, and the fact that she does it so routinely is equally impressive, especially to someone like me with no artistic skill!
I wonder if they will sell a print. I think it would be snapped up.
You know, I've liked all of her covers, but this one absolutely nails the likenesses (and I notice Ms Chen refers to "Alyson" rather than "Willow". Heh.)
Yes, the cover is quite amazing.
Wouldn't it be lovely if by the end of season 8, Dark Horse did a Cover Collection, sort of like what DC did with JG Jones Covers for the weekly 52 series.
It's nice that there's a work listing in her website, I plan to pick some of them up, next time I'm back in Taiwan (which will be sometime in the next 6 months).
IDW did a cover collection for some of the earlier Angel comic books from what I remember. A Dark Horse coffee table cover collection would be lovely.
Oh its POPCORN! When it was first posted on the DH website, I (for some reason completely unknown even to me) naturaly assumed it was a plate of fried chicken. It was kinda like, 'oh yep, theres the scoobies, watching some animated Buffy, eating some chicken, good times'. But popcorn? The far more likely and actualy sensical option? Never crossed my mind once. So I thank Jo for clearing that up for me. Oh and also for the constant beauty of her work aswell.

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There is nothing I don't love about this cover. I think it's a lovely throwback to the old BTVS days, like when the Scooby Gang would watch Indian soap operas at Buffy's house...

Jo Chen is very talented and I've loved each of her covers so far. I'd really love a cover collection...
How does she do that? Those likenesses are exactly, perfectly right. It's kind of an odd scene for a comic cover, but I agree with HowlingLupe that it's very reminiscent of the high school days. Very cool.
I wish I could watch Buffy the Animated Series with popcorn and my friends. :(
One oopsie in her commentary; that's not Alyson with the popcorn, it's Willow >snerk<, 'cause Nicky doesn't s'far's I know wear an eyepatchy.

I'm flashing on that fic I'm never going to write right now.
I have absolutely loved every single Buffy cover that Jo Chen has done, and I'd love to see what it would be like if it were possible for her to illustrate the actual issues, or at least some of them. I have found the story art satisfactory, but for me the slighty cartoony, comic bookish style pales in comparison to the beautiful artwork Jo has produced. I have absolutely no intention of criticizing anyone, but I just prefer the latter style.

Does anyone know whether the issue of Jo illustrating an issue and not just the cover has been talked about before?
Whoops, couldn't find it in the archive, sorry for the double post D:
Keep in mind that a cover artist will spend a great deal more time on just that one image than a story artist will. If Jo Chen were to illustrate an entire issue, she would not be able to produce the same level of quality.
Or else, each issue would take a year to finish. Each one is like a major painting's worth of work.I'd almost be willing to wait for a year, though.

I do like the art in the current comics just fine.This is just a whole other sort of thing. It's so cool.
If every panel inside the book was like Jo Chen's covers, it would probably cost a helluva lot more to print. (And I would probably buy it anyway LOL).

But oh, Jo Chen's covers make me squee everytime I see them. It's not even just the likeness, but the personalites of the characters. They don't just look like Aly, Nick and Sarah, but like Willow, Xander and Buffy as played by Aly, Nick and Sarah.

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