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June 19 2008

Drew Goddard is one of Variety's 10 Screenwriters to Watch. A short feature including quotes from Drew and J.J. Abrams, with whom Drew is working on another film project.

Favorite unproduced script: "I've been very lucky that everything I've written so far has been produced."

So either he's forgotten about Cabin in the Woods, or doesn't include that in consideration for the answer because it was co-written with Joss not written on his own, or it's being produced?
His career is kind of awesome (man, he's only 33), like Brian K. Vaughan's except he came up through TV instead of comic books. I haven't seen more than the first half of Season 1 of Alias, I'll get around to it some day, the complete series set looks cool. Did he only write for the final season or two ? And how long was he around on Lost ? Just for Season 3 ?

I watched Cloverfield for a second time a few weeks back, my dude hadn't seen it yet but was curious (he's French-Canadian and prefers Quebec, France, and European-born films over most Hollywood stuff, even though his English is excellent and he's depriving himself of a lot of good movies. Liked Iron Man, didn't like No Country For Old Men. Still figuring out his tastes). I think two times is the exact right amount of times to see Cloverfield if you liked it the first time. Viewing #1 it was a ride and a sort of grim harrowing spectacle on the big screen and #2 I was able to enjoy the few humorous bits a little more, care about the characters more, and watch the extras.

Also, Drew: still tall and a looker.
I was curious about Cabin in the Woods, as well.
I've heard there is stuff happening with Cabin in the Woods. is still for sale I see.
Stuff like "20 rewrites" or stuff like "imminent greenlight" gossi ?

Could be he just forgot about Cabin of course or maybe he's Trostskied it out of existence ;).

(or maybe it needed rewrites, Joss couldn't do it - possibly cos of 'Dollhouse' - and so JJ Abrams took over as co-writer ?)
He worked on Lost last season too, Kris.
Kris, I just watched CLOVERFIELD for the first time two weeks ago, and then again a few nights later with the Missus. I definitely agree with you that you totally miss the funny the first time, but then...


...when you know that they're all going to bite it anyway, you kind of relax and catch the humorous asides, and notice a lot more character development. It definitely feels like GODZILLA set right next door to the Buffyverse. (Ooooo! Giant Dawn versus the Cloverfield beastie in LA-Hell!)


Wow, he didn't like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, huh? Maybe it's because he's from Canada? I think it might be the kind of movie that especially resonates with people who were born and raised in America. Maybe. But hey, anybody who prefers European movies over Hollywood movies is A-OK in my book. Gimme a Truffaut over a Ratner or Bay any day.

Gossi, there are definitely things happening in the Cabin In The Woods. What are they BUILDING in there?
Kris, Goddard's first Lost episode was in the first season, from before he was technically on their staff.
I personally was somewhat disappointed with "Cloverfield" but Drew is certainly one of the most talented scribes straddling both the movie and TV void.

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