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June 19 2008

Rate Serenity in's "TV to Movie Remakes" poll. It's all to see if "'Get Smart' [will] live up to the best of this list of TV shows that turned into movies".

Good list. Besides Serenity (of course), really love The Fugitive and The Naked Gun.

Maybe the problems of two people don't amount to a hill of beans, but this is our hill, and these are our beans.''

35% rate SERENITY a "turn-off"??? That's impossible. The only people who don't like the BDM are people who haven't seen it yet.

Random thoughts on that list:

* Right now, THE FUGITIVE has got the highest marks on the list. And that's well deserved, because it's an amazing movie. I saw a triple feature of FUGITIVE, SPEED, and TRUE LIES at a drive-in way back in the day (Yay, dusk-to-dawn!), and I thought my head was going to explode from all the awesome. People were constantly honking their horns, flashing their lights, getting out of their cars to grab each other and scream "Did you see that??? No way!!!", toss popcorn in the air, and run towards the screen tearing their clothes off from sheer joy. We might have been drinking.

* Boy, the ROCKY & BULLWINKLE movie was a real shame. Those characters definitely deserve better than that movie.

* Didn't see the BEWITCHED movie, but Shirley MacClane looks like a great Endora.

* John McGinley was in the CAR 54 movie??? Now I HAVE to see it.

* The picture of Freddy Prinze on the SCOOBY DOO page makes him look like a mannequin. Or that he's in the middle of "popping-and-locking".

* THE AVENGERS remake. Huh. Uwe Boll could make a better movie.

* THE AVENGERS remake. Huh. Uwe Boll could make a better movie.

Hey I liked that movie. Tres stylish it was too. I'm still holding out for the director's cut coming out on DVD.
Yeah, that 35% is puzzling. Whedon haters? People who think Firefly was better?
They may have got it confused with Serendipity.
Well there are people who think Nathan was in Serendipity. 'Cause, you know, he looks an awful lot like John Cusack.
Simon, because of your "Serendipity" quip, you owe me a new keyboard. This one is now covered in milk and little bits of Trix.

And I am being a little unfair: AVENGERS was basically destroyed by Warner Bros in the cutting room. It's just that I'm such a big fan of the original show, and I felt really foolish telling my friends opening weekend "Let's go see this! Trust me! I'll pay you back for your ticket if the movie sucks" and then having to actually do that little thing.

So maybe I should say "Uwe Boll could EDIT a better movie" and we'll call it even.

And then to bring it back to Whedony stuff: was I the only one who saw the Buffy cover with Giles/Faith as Steed/Peel, and went "The hell?!?"
35% is not surprising to me. Space westerns set in a dystopia are not for everyone. And this one was a bit difficult to understand if you hadn't seen Firefly. Which would be most people. Plus a bit of that 35% may be backlash from the more passionate Browncoat efforts. So I'm gonna totally make up 15% "ew space" 15% "was the angry man joking just now?! Was that gibberish?!" and 5% "dear god in heaven another poll with Serenity in it." My margin of error is extremely high.
B? B? Come on!
As for "Get Smart" living up to the best of these films...?

I sat through a Preview for GS at the Theater, waiting for "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" to start.

No One in the theater laughed at Any part of the Preview. 'Nuff said, IMO.

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