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June 19 2008

IDW releases press blurb for Spike: After The Fall. There's some great quotes from Brian Lynch to be had. In related IDW news, here's some superb cover art for Angel: After The Fall #13.

Wow, Spike: After the Fall'll finally be here next month. Awesome.

And, that cover for #13? I wouldn't just call that superb, I'd call that... well, superb pretty much covers it. That's gotta be one of my favorite, if not my favorite, covers for ATF yet. Man, I'm loving Runge... in a 'You're an awesome artist' kinda way.
That Wesley cover is seven shades of ass-kickery!! And I'm not just saying that because he's my favorite character... or maybe I am. No, no, it's definitely an awesome cover in its own right. Wait, let me look again.


Yeah, Runge is pretty cool. I approve guys, you can use that cover. ;)
Wesley (my favorite Buffyverse character) + Green (my favorite color) = Awesome!
That Wesley cover is completely awesome!
That is a very nice cover.That coloring is very striking.
I love that cover, and I'm glad people are psyched for SPIKE:ATF, but I don't remember ever typing or saying "even more than Angel". I don't consider Spike and Angel arch-enemies. I'm not sure what that meant. Maybe it's outta context?
Wesley, the ultimate party-crasher. Brian, as far as you know, have IDW considered franchise-related, a bit on the artsy side, merchandising like Dark Horse' Buffy tarot ? An Angel tarot would really kick ass.
I have no idea how that kinda stuff works, with licensing and what-have-you. I'm just an adorable writer.
Well, with the side-burns and all, how could you not be adorable? Do you consider that part of you profession? ;)
No, it's a side effect. Can I venture into farther territory, Brian ? Has Joss or anybody at IDW started throwing ideas for post-ATF Angel stuff of the canon variety ? Would you be interested ? If you're not completely disgusted with the too close encounters of the fan variety, that is :-)
When I said in an earlier post that I wanted a handfull of Spike:First Night, I really meant Spike:After the Fall. Is Spike:After the Fall going to come out in it's own trade paperback (or hardback) book? I hope so. Can't wait...can't wait....I'm waiting......
As I won't be near a computer at all this weekend, I just wanted to say an early Happy Birthday to Brian. And on the 1st day of summer yet. Yay you! So Happy Summer Solstice Birthday. Have a blast and don't forget to dance naked under the full moon!

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Thank you very very much!
Indeed, happiest of birthdays to you, Senor Lynch! Thanks for helping bring Angel, Spike and friends back to us. And, of course, for bringing us Pat. I just realized that though I'd seen A Better Place, I still haven't managed to see Big Helium Dog, in spite of being an old rider on the boards at VA.

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