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June 19 2008

Jo Chen's cover art for the Serenity: Better Days tpb. Now you can see how well she captures the crew's likeness. This collection of the mini-series should be out on October 29th.

Thanks to MPT for the heads up.

What...? No Kaylee? *sniff*
Maybe on the back cover?
Usin' the new flyin' Mule, I see. Did that show up in Better Days?

(Since it's set in the gap 'twixt Objects In Space and the BDM, the miniseries could explain its appearing, now I reckon on it.)
God, I frakking love Jo. I want her to paint me naked.


Jo Chen does a magnificent job, this is a beautiful cover for a great book (which I'll be buying for some friends and relatives).
What...? No Kaylee? *sniff*

What...? No half-the-cast?
I prefer her work on Buffy, personally.
Maybe because she's more used to the likenesses, but yeah, she captures the Buffy feel better. Jo Chen should simply draw everything in the world, period.
Someone needs to shower that woman in candy and puppy dogs! Her work is consistently amazing, and Mal just looks so perrrrrty....sigh.
Yup! great cover by a great artist :) I'm always very happy and honored to have such a great cover art for one of the books I've drawn. Specially one like Serenity, that I treasure so much :):)
Its especially great to have Jo's cover wrapped around what I feel is the best internal page art for a verse related book. Cheers to you, Will :)
What...? No half-the-cast?

Are you blind ? Half-the-cast are clearly right there ! ;-)

Nice cover but (and I think this may be the first - and probably last - time i'll say this of Ms Jo Chen's work ;) i'm not 100% convinced that she's really got Mal and another tiny thing but the composition makes it look as if Zoe is only a head. And something about that is just downright unsettlin' ;).

And yep, good job on the internals Mr Will Conrad esq., nicely captured the characters but also rendered the "stuff" well too IMO (maybe sounds a bit odd but not everyone that draws people well can also draw vehicles etc. well).
Yay! I've been wondering when the collection would be coming out! Jo Chen does an amazing job, and I've adored every cover she's put out thus far. I think Mal in this one may be a teeny bit off, but otherwise, I LOVE it.

So, after seeing this cover, and her one of Buffy, Xander, and Willow all in front of the tv, am I the only one really wanting to see Jo Chen do the crew of Serenity in a Rockwell style too?
Hee, I noticed the same thing about Zoe's head, Saje. She looks a bit like a PEZ dispenser. I have so much love for Jo's work, so while I find Zoe's head looking a bit odd, I'll reserve final judgement on the cover until I see it all up close-like.
I'm glad to finally see some good cover are for Serenity...I was kinda disappointed in the artwork I saw on the individual comics.

But I'm a huge Jo Chen fan and I think she should do every comic series I read. Just b/c I love her art so much.

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