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June 19 2008

Hunter Ansley Wryn, Young River in Serenity, to attend Los Angeles' CSTS Screening. Hunter will be joining fans to watch the movie tomorrow night.

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Great news!!

*wishes I was in SoCal*
So very excited.
Shiny! I'm surprised she hasn't been in more movie or TV shows though. According to IMDB Serenity was the last thing she did. She has a very distinctive look to her that sets her apart pretty well. Still attending school maybe?
I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Maybe we'll be able to ask that tomorrow.

I also think this is Hunter's first Browncoat event. There aren't many people left who were involved in Firefly or Serenity that haven't attended one, so we're happy to have her agree to be at the screening.
That's great, danregal! I agree with Cordrone that Hunter made a powerful impression, even in the short space of screen-time she had. Maybe I'll be able to tell her so myself tomorrow night (although, if she truly has been sheltered from events, she may find herself a little shell-shocked by the acclaim she's about to receive . . .).
It's possible she might be, but it's not her first exposure to Browncoats. She was at one of the press screenings back in 2005 that also had some of us in the audience. And then she was at the premiere, which had about 400 fans in attendance also. I remember seeing her with a big smile as fans who recognized her asked for an autograph.

We are on a very tight schedule at the screening, so I hope we have time (and she is willing) for a little Q&A. Maybe she'll even help auction off that Mal maquette. :)
If there is Q&A, I hope someone asks her if Summer dubbed her voice.
Hunter's awesome! I sat next to her and her brother at the Hollywood premiere and she was a crack-up. It's great to see her out and about again.
I will try and remember to get the answer to that question.
"I hope someone asks her if Summer dubbed her voice." "I will try and remember to get the answer to that question."

You guys haven't heard the commentary on the special edition DVD?

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Ah! I totally forgot about that.
Thinking about it, I re-watched (re-listened to?) that commentary pretty recently, probably helping to make it more fresh in my mind.

I hope Miss Wryn has a great time at the screening - and you, too, danregal, and, well, everyone else running and/or attending it, too!

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