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June 19 2008

"Oh man, she's quoting Firefly". Webcomic XKCD depicts geek romance on the fritz. As always, don't forget the rollover text.

I have to say, XKCD is probably the funniest webcomic on the net.
xkcd never fails to make me laugh. or at least smile.
lol! That was cute. :D
Or make me look crazy. I just spent 45 minutes laughing to myself in an empty office. :)
Oh yay. That was an lqtm (laughing quietly to myself) moment.

I love the "my food is problematic" quote. It works very well for shish kebab and cotton candy (when you're working the machine) as well as ice planets.

And I would totally date any guy who could recognize my Whedon-y quotes and start a conversation based on them. Even after he jumped out the window.
I woulda said, "Least it's not as bad as an ice planet". Ah, to meet a Browncoat stranger. Keep dreamin'. :(
Break_Atmo, I've been lucky enough to run across fans in the strangest places. I made some off-hand reference on a baseball website I frequent a while ago, and found a fair number of the regulars were Browncoats. So, you'd be surprised where they'll pop up if you keep an eye out.
Well let's face it - he looks better in red.
Heh. I love XKCD :).
I met a couple of browncoats on a train in Birmingham. I was explaining to a middle-aged woman just why my children were wearing blue latex gloves (we'd just come back from a shindig in London) when someone a few seats away piped up "Firefly!". I think I did something random like shoot them a thumbs up. It was a "what the hell was THAT?" moment.

oh yeah, almost forgot - this post turned up on my livejournal friends page /before/ the XKCD feed. That's quick work, OP!
I absolutely love xkcd. I'm a little cynical about all the webcomics that put in Firefly references, but with xkcd it's already incredibly popular, so you know it's not just for a few extra hits.

wearing blue latex gloves

In my Chem lab this year, we were always wearing blue latex gloves, but unfortunately I couldn't communicate with anyone how that was so damn awesome.
How cute! I sometimes spout the random whedon-y quote from time to time... it's fun and the strange looks I get from people don't bother me any more ;)

OT: I noticed no Angel: After the Fall #9 discussion thread anywhere... I have some squeeing to let out and no where to direct it.
Mirage, the Angel #9 discussion is here.
Also, the alt-text "Did he just go crazy and jump out the window?" is probably a play on "Did he just go crazy and fall down?"

I got some blue latex gloves and brought them to my residence and a friend and I visited another friend in order to hold our hands in gloves and look creepy, telling him we were looking for a girl. Great fun.
Thanks, moley75!
xkcd is my favorite webcomic, and that made it all the better!
I love xkcd to death. This isn't the first time Firefly has been referenced there, either. :-) I think we have ourselves a Browncoat. ;-)

I've run across Browncoats all the time. It's always a pleasant surprise... to be wearing my Serenity shirt and have a stranger at Busch Gardens say that the movie was great, or to throw out a random quote and have someone pick up on it. There's an instant bond there, like we all belong to a super special secret society. Oh crap... I think we kind of do.
xkcd is genius. The Firefly references are usually pretty fun.
Ah, adorable. And relatable, as I'm always jumping out windows due to over-thinking.

I was pulled over a few weeks ago for running a red light. I have Blue Sun and Serenity stickers on my car's back window. The cop walked up to my car and greeted me with "Hey, Browncoat!" He then asked for my driver's license and proof of insurance, which were in my purse--at home. I told him that, and he said, "oh, that means I have to arrest you." I freaked, and he laughed and said, "I'm kidding! Would Mal throw another Browncoat in jail?" He could have written me about a dozen tickets, but he let me off on all but one--driving with an expired license--because we were fellow Browncoats. We chatted about Serenity, the comics, and the boards (he used to lurk at the Universal board back in the day). Best traffic stop ever.
I have that same problem, although I don't usually jump out of windows to deal with it.

Munroe is a Geek Extraordinaire, so of course he's a Browncoat.
"Best traffic stop ever."

Dizzy, that's wonderful.

I can't top that, but I did make friends at an office holiday party--I was talking tech stuff to a nice guy and then I looked him in the eye and described something as shiny.

He laughed, clapped me on the shoulder and shouted"...and she's a Browncoat!" The party was much better after that.
There are few decent webcomics out there today that do not make references to a Whedon related show.

And yes I'm back from lurkdom...home PC now has net access and they fixed my firewall at work, b/c the word blog was somewhere on this home page it blocked it at a blog communications. ~sigh~
Ah, to meet a Browncoat stranger. Keep dreamin'. :(

Break_Atmo I too recommend getting a t-shirt. I have a serenity (buddha) tee and a Joss Whedon is my Master Now tee, and almost every time I wear them somebody stops me to ask where I got them and to enthuse generally. I don't have any stories as cool as Dizzy's traffic stop (how great is that?!) but if I were single I'd be picking up whedonites left and right (starting with the guy at the pizza place near us). I might think twice about anyone who actually jumped through a window, unless they were mysteriously unscathed... I tend to think there's only room for one over-thinker in a relationship, but I'd make an exception for an over-thinker with superpowers.

And on a completely unrelated note, ManEnoughToAdmitIt, I love the nickname you picked, it makes me smile every time I see it / you.
I agree that most Whedon fans should have at least one Whedon related shirt b/c theyare kind of like our "I'm a Joss Whedon fan ask me how?" Buttons. You'll meet new and excited other fans, as well as strange looks from muggles, which we should all be used to being geeks and all. :D
Catherine the t-shirt idea is excellent. At the office I've also put up Firefly wallpaper on my computer and have a Browncoat lanyard for my badge.

It's a great way to meet people (1).

(1)Outside of the office, I have gotten some positive response from my Kaylee tattoo:)

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Posters in cubibles work well too. I met a fellow Browncoat/Whedonite last night. It was awesome!
Oh, XKCD. It's like you're me, except funnier.

I tend to think of them as "normals" or "mundanes"
When I've got a couple dozen other things I need to devote my money to, you've all inspired me to go order a Blue Sun t-shirt from ThinkGeek. I hope you're all happy. ;v)
What?! XKCD has rollover text?
Look what you've done, Bix! Now I have to re-read all the strips!
Not that that's a bad thing, mind you :)
You didn't know about the roll-over text, Anti? Oh, man, that's about 30% of the fun! No strip uses roll-over text as well as xkcd, except perhaps Dr. Mcninja.
Really,Anti,the roll-over text is half the fun!
Now, I definitely need to go and fill some surveys or something to make some money. I haven't got a single browncoat tee!
See,this is one of the many reasons sometimes I hate living in Chile.being a fangirl here isn't easy.:(
I'd love to meet some browncoats offline.
And on a completely unrelated note, ManEnoughToAdmitIt, I love the nickname you picked, it makes me smile every time I see it / you.

Thanks, Catherine. That little speech of Spike's is my favorite and it suits me, so why not make it my handle?

My "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" shirt has won me many comments, but it has yet to lead me to love. I may ask Cafe Press for a refund if this keeps up.
I'm thinking that we need a secret supermarket pickup code for Whedonesquers. Instead of putting bananas prominently in the trolley on Tuesday nights, we can walk around with packets of blue latex gloves instead!

I have a Firefly lanyard on my keys, and a tendency to swing them around when I'm out and about. Twice now I've been stopped in the street by Browncoats. And my town is tiny.

I too, have a traffic stop tale- I'm Aussie and got chatting to a sheriff in a Malibu Starbucks, I mentioned that I'd never been pulled over in the US and was freaked out by the whole COPS "Put your hands on the wheel!" stuff. I drove off and a few miles down the road, sure enough, sirens, lights, the whole shebang, and I get pulled over.
My Starbucks friend sauntered over, grinned cheekily and asked me out. Of course I said yes!
Actually, I'd forgotten about the one other piece of fanboy swag that I have, although it's never led to romance or really any sort of recognition, although I like to think it's led to some puzzled whispers behind my back. It's the keyring on which I keep my spare set of apartment keys.

You see, I used to work in an office in Rockefeller Center (mercifully, we moved to a slightly less touristy spot by Bryant Park). Every blue, masochistic moon or so, I would stop in the NBC Store just to browse and find new ways to hold my fellow human beings in contempt. One time, they were having a half-off sale on various and sundry bric-a-brac, mostly keyrings and the like from shows that evidently didn't have a huge fanbase amongst the homo touristus population. And as I looked through these keyrings, I saw that one was for Passions. "Perfect," I thought as I brought it over to the cashier who kept a neutral face.

To date, I have yet to lend my keys to someone who would get the reference. The only person, really, is the neighbor who feeds my cats when I go out of town, and she has never seen fit to ask why a 6'3" manly man would have a heart-shaped keyring with the name of an obscure soap opera on it. The answer, of course, is this is New York; you don't ask, you just accept.
Hehe, when I went to the Landmark Midnight Madness showing of Serenity last August, the event obviously wasn't worthy of my real CSTS t-shirt, so I made my own with XKCD's first Firefly/Serenity reference. :)

Edited due to an errant line break. Sorry!

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It's funny, but most of the Browncoats I've met outside of this site are in my college classes--as my teachers! Whenever I introduce myself and say my "one thing," I say I'm a fan of Joss Whedon.

I can tell who I'll befriend by what kind of look they give me--either the "hell yes, another Browncoat/Buffy fan!" or the "wtf?!?" look. And then I mention my BtVS thesis, and they all start shaking their heads. :)

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