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June 20 2008

SMG tell Entertainment Weekly about 10 male TV roles she wishes she could play. She's also featured as Buffy, on the cover from this week's 1000th issue of the magazine.

EW has a soft spot for some of our faves :) Awesome fun/funny list from Sarah here as well.
I love her list, lol. And very cool she's on the cover.
Wonder if she wrote the entire list as seen ? Cos if so, how very cool is it that SMG either knows or took the trouble to find out Magnum's middle name ? She's a 'Magnum' geek ;).
Another proof that Sarah is one of the coolest persons to know. How many girls get the geniusness of cartman?!
Also think it's cool she watches Dexter.

On side note, looks like the release of her movie Possession has been moved to January 2009 (link)
very cool that's she's on the cover, but that wasn't my favorite look for Buffy ;)... Liked her list as well.
Hmmm, SMG as Dexter. There's a thought. ;)
BTVS Halloween episode also made the top 25 holiday classics on the site. Joyce is also listed in the top 25 Farewells.
I love this list. Notice how she's gone for a mixture of characters whose morality cuts against the grain, characters who are just cool, and characters who get to make out. A lot. Excellent.
Also one of them is woman. Great list.
On the cover, it looks like Buffy is about to stake Bono from behind. Doesn't she know he is the other other vampire with a soul?
Interesting list...but wasn't she a bit J-R-ish on "Swan's Crossing" and "All My Children"? ALthough, if she wanted to be Magnum, she'd wear a Yankees hat instead of a Detriot Tigers hat.
Oh, and SNT has a good point about that list. Never thought about that.
Kinda OT, but just noticed something...
Someone got promoted...
May actually be late to the party, but congrats for SNT, on becoming a Whedonesque admin.
Oh yeah--congratulations (belated?) on your orangeness, SNT. Hope you're getting a raise. :)
I would think, rather than getting paid at a rate of nothing per hour, he would now be salaried - thus making it just a flat pay of nothing every pay period regardless of hours, but perhaps with some annual bonus of nothing?

Congrats of course. ;)

And the list? Of supreme coolness.
5. Dexter Morgan, Dexter (2006-present)

She just wants to make out with Julie Benz!
I'm sad. Can't see the cover when I click on the linky.

SMG as Dexter. Well, that's kind of blowing my mind.

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