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June 20 2008

Original artwork from Serenity: Better Days #3 up for auction. This could be your last chance to get Will Conrad artwork from the mini-series. And Will will be appearing at Paradise Comicon in Toronto this July.

Why aren't there any bids on the art? You'd think Browncoats (with money) would be all over this.
Well it is too rich for my blood, but I'm sure some wealthier Browncoats will come along soon! These are definitely worth it, but I gotta buy food and gas....
Unfortunately for Will Conrad, there is a fair amount of bad will towards Paradise Comicon for putting their con at the same time as Polaris (formerly Toronto Trek). A lot of people who might go to see Mr.Conrad will be attending Polaris instead.
But that sure is nice artwork.
Hey everybody!I 'll be glad to meet everybody that may go to the Paradise Con. It's hard for me to go in more than one Con a year, since I'm have to fly from Brazil. About the artwork, some of them were sold in the first day, and some people wait almost until the end of the auction to place their bids. Hugs!!!
Hi Will!

Serenity: Better Days was awesome, by the way! I wish I could afford these pages, but I'm working on getting a 3rd job. It must be tough coming from Brazil, but are you SURE you won't make it for Comic-Con in San Diego? It'll be fun! Promise!

Good luck on the sale! :)

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