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June 20 2008

John Cassaday and Brian K. Vaughan nominated in the 2008 Harvey Awards. Cassaday has nominations for "Best Artist" and "Best Cover Artist". Vaughan has been nominated for "Best Writer".

Too bad Joss isn't on that list, he deserves to be.

But its always great to see new names in the running. I read about 40-50 comics every month and I've never even heard of, Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I'll have to find it at Wizard World Chicago next week. I would really prefer to be one of you lucky souls that gets to go to Comic-Con but WWChicago is a nice runner-up.

Any Brown Coats planning to attend Chicago's show?
Vaughan's nomination would cover his Buffy work, which saw print during 2007.

Also nominated is Astonishing X-Men letterer Chris Eliopoulos.

(The Harvey Awards are nominated and voted for by people in the industry and has quite a reputation for ballot-stuffing...)
Well deserved nominations for both.
Have never heard of Jeff Kinney either, but apareantly, Diary of a wimpy kid is a webcomic. Also, William van Horn means nothing to me either. But I haven't picked up a disney comic in like... forever. Too bad Joss isn't nominated (he should have been, for his AXM run), but very glad to see BKV on the list. He remains one of my favorite comic book writers and Y is, of course, pure comic gold. As far as I'm concerned, he'd deserve to win. But... I haven't read any of the other nominated works (is Captain America really that good, these days?).

Also, good to see Cassaday nominated. But he's up against Mike Mignola. Not too shabby either.

Finally: Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. That's got the be the weirdest idea I've heard about today. I like it.
I haven't been following Captain America, but Ed Brubaker's work on Immortal Iron Fist has been outstanding.
GVH--I gotta say, Cap has been awesome! Leading up to his death and the way the story has moved forward without Steve Rogers has been a brilliant read. Worth picking up the trade when it comes out (if its not already).

As a comics side note: Have any of you been reading The Twelve from Marvel or Project Super Powers from Dynamite? Both series hooked me on the first issue. Both are fantastic.
I just picked up the first issue of The Twelve. Loved it.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid may have been a webcomic once, but I don't think it is any more. Following the link, I can see books on sale, but I don't see any strips online.

daylight: I'm not too familiar with the industry. What do you mean by ballot stuffing? Is it any different from when the public votes, where large fanbases and/or multiple voting coule potentially skew the results? Or is it something more sinister, like Marvel and DC strongly pushing employees to vote their way?
Brian K. Vaughan fully, fully deserves the "Best Writer" award.
Dym, not sure about the specifics, but essentially the blank ballots get sent to publishing houses and the bigger the house and more tactical the vote gets, the more often the Disney guy appears in the nominations...
I just picked up the first issue of The Twelve. Loved it.

It's really good and incredibly underrated which is a shame.
alexreager - I think I will check out that trade! Also think I might check out 'The Twelve'.
Underrated? Really? I've only seen rave reviews for it. Chris Weston is thrilled with the response.

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