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June 20 2008

A review of Alan Tudyk's new pilot. Joss'd producer Tabz attended the taping last night and posted a comprehensive review.

I was literally next in line when one of the WB people came out to tell us there were no seats left. I'd have been there if I was a minute earlier. Sounds like it was fun, though! And that's nice of Alan to come up and meet fans afterwards, since a decent chunk of the audience was probably there for him.
Oh bummer!

We got there at 4:30 and were #'s 19 and 20 in line!
Thanks, Tabz. I wanted to go, but 4:30 in LA is a bit early for me (in SD). Thanks for the recap!
Great review, Tabz!
Colorful elephants. Good idea.

"Both of them are in serious romantic relationships and try to find a balance between their allegiances to each other and to their significant others. Starring Alan Tudyk, Josh Cooke and Sarah Lafleur."

So how come the gay star's SO is the only one of the foursome not to get star billing? This doesn't bode well. Is this going to be another of those shows where the gay character's sex life is airbrushed out to avoid repulsing straight men in the audience?
Lafleur was recast and isn't even in the show anymore. Maybe whoever is playing opposite Tudyk has also been changed or not cast?

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