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June 20 2008

Watch With Kristen video from the Fox upfronts. Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku yuk it up on camera with Niecy Nash and Jerry O'Connell of Do Not Disturb.

Good stuff. I love Niecy Nash, very funny woman.
I love Joss. Clearly, because I'm here. But the man needs help dressing himself.
Niecy Nash is awesome. Maybe Joss can write her into DOLLHOUSE once "Do not disturb" gets cancelled (and there is a high chance it will, although it isn't that bad, it's actually okay).
Oh man, that is so funny! Have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to Dollhouse?
Huh. One of the things I like about Joss - among so many - is that he clearly wears whateverthehell he wants and doesn't have a stylist mapping out his day-vear. Though I wouldn't object to seeing him wear a little more color to snap hisself up a bit....

I do like both Niecy Nash and Jerry O'Connell, and I thought this little four-way convo was of the sweet-and-funny variety... but did anyone catch what Joss said about Eliza's boyfriend? "She's got Tom Mumble-mumble-mumble?" I saw photos of her at upfront party red carpets and she was with a very good-looking young man, and I wondered who it was. And that kinda knocks the E.D. + Seth McFarlane speculation out of the park, at least as a Big Thing...

(I'm not usually this gossipy about who's-zooming-who, but when that "Seth-and-Eliza-are-dating" story was flitting about some months ago, I just couldn't feature them together as anything more than friends or a fling...)
He said Tahmoh Penikett. Dude on the show.
Ahhhh - fictional life, not the so-called real one - thanks, GMO.. (Bang goes that theory...)
Ha Ha! Jerry O'Connell made me laugh with his "If this show doesn't get picked up...I sometimes go on the internet...I read that there was going to be like a war".
O'Connell seems to be much funnier in real life than in his new sitcom. Nash is exactly the same.
So true about the show being canceled.

I'll seriously walk out onto the street with a rifle and start picking people off.

Knowing FOX, though, they'd simply just turn that into a reality show and consider the whole thing a win.
"Ours is a forbidden love," hah! I always did love that line.
I could happily just listen to the way Eliza says 'Dollhouse' over and over and over.... *dreamy sigh*

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