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June 20 2008

(SPOILER) First Promo for Leverage. Christian Kane's new show on TNT.

It looks like a fun ride.

Yes, it does look like a lot of fun. :)

It's gonna seem like forever until December.
Also, Timothy Hutton as the lead?! Nice.

Here's the IMDB page, though it's scant at the moment.

John Rogers, the attached writer (also of the sadly not-picked-up Global Frequency pilot), has some posts about the show on his blog (Google search result link, since he doesn't seem to have tags on posts).
December? Aww phooey.

Oh well. At least it'll be a nice birthday present.
stuart, thanks for those John Rogers links. It was a very interesting and amusing read.

TNT also has an official webpage for Leverage. There's a nice group shot of the ensemble cast and some info on the show.

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menomegirl, you're welcome! i haven't watched other John Rogers stuff, but the Global Frequency pilot was excellent. It's sad that it wasn't picked up. Everyone needs more Michelle Forbes. :)
Love the premise, but I hope Chris isn't stuck with the little Texan routine. This characters looks and sounds a lot like Lindsey.
Well, we hear him say, what, one line ? Maybe a bit early to judge (he does look a lot like Lindsey but then Gina Bellman looks a lot like Jane from 'Coupling' too ;).

Been following this on Rogers' blog and I think "keenly anticipating" wouldn't be going overboard ;) - amazing cast and the production setup sounds like a breeding ground for great telly too.

ET appease the apostrophe gods

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This looks really promising. Timothy Hutton is one of the finest actors ever and I adore Christian Kane.
When the Gods want to punish you they answer your prayers

So maybe it isn't Nathan and Alan in a show together. But this is awesome as well. I'm really in a happy place right now.
I do realize that the writers' strike has slowed down production on a lot of stuff, but is this the only reason there is virtually nothing on but "reality" tv until the winter? It seems like there's some new stuff that's been ready for awhile.

Why don't the netwooks/stations want to take advantage of this big hole to get something started, and give it a real chance- with little or no competition? Can't they doing anything unless it's together, fighting over what they seem to see as the same few prime moments in time?

I'm sure I'm missing something here, but what is it?

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