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June 20 2008

Dr. Horrible & Buffy S8 Presentation Along With Dollhouse at Comic Con? Will there be a combined Dr. Horrible/Buffy S8 Presentation at this year's San Diego Comic Con? A certain CSTS screening attendee let slip that that may in fact be the case.

I live in Ohio and am currently in Los Angeles for the summer with an internship and was SO EXCITED to finally be able to go to Comic Con this year. I just looked online and found out that the 4-day and the Saturday passes are all sold out. Saddest. Day. Ever. I swear they didn't sell out this fast in years past...

News like this just makes me depressed
Do not believe these unsubstantiated rumors! Also, they're true. Darkhorse has generously given over the bulk of my Friday panel to Dr. Horrible, and I will be bringing with me all the writers (Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Zack Whedon, me) and all three stars! Yep, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day all together with us scribes, laughin' and scratchin'. I'll have a whole big report on the actual airing (streaming?) of the piece in a few days, but meanwhilst prepare yourself for an experience that is gonna change paneldom forever. Or possibly a Q&A.

Friday I panel up with my bros and Saturday I'm escorting Ms Dushku. Life not dull.

More soon! -j.
Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day in one room? Together? And ever more great writers alongside of them? That's the kind of stuff that makes your head, as Kate would say, s'plode. I so, so wish I could be there.
And, for the first time I write (and that is a verb I feel kinda ashamed to use in the context) after the Big J. Hi, Joss! I smell Darkhorse preying on Doctor Horrible. 'fess up, they want a comic book spinoff:-) Just don't neglect your S8, Purple Boss during the maybe-Q&A, we're waiting for a big announcement.
Oh me oh my. Two days of Joss & Co panels! :) Did I pick the right year to go or what? I hope I don't spend the whole week hiding shyly behind Lioness. (Which, if you know how ... um, petite Lioness is and how tall I am, is going to be a show in itself ;D )

ETA: Hey TOASTERslayer, you can still make it to the Friday panel if you hurry. :)

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Awww, if I ditch work and fly to Comic-Con- I will have no money to spend anyway- cos' I've ditched work and flown to Comic-Con, and around it goes.

Perhaps I'll save my cash and just rely on the comments of the purple guy- what was that about streaming panels to the masses? (And nice to see him 'round these parts again.)
Why do I have to be poor and unemployed? I'm so very jealous of those who will be going there. And happy for them. Also, jealous. Oh, wait, I already said jealous. Carry on then. :D

I will be at the 2010 Comic Con, if it is the last thing I do!

Evil laugh of lameness

We'll meet again slayer!

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Darn! I came thisclose to doing Comic-Con this year. Meaning like every year, some people asked if I was going, I considered it for about for a second, then remembered I can't afford it. Sounds like it's going to be a blast.

I'll be home pretending I'm watching Joss at a Chicago Wizard World from several years ago--oooo, the first images of Fray! Cool!
Oh, this is too much - it's almost kind of cruel, Jossir, but also mucho thanks, 'cause this is all nifty. I thought I could safely avoid the crowds at CC, but noooooo, it is not to be.

I hath (did hath? went and did hath?) boughten my 4-day pass last August, but held off deciding whether or not I would actually go until I saw what was happening with Goners was the what, but I don't see any way I can not go to these, ya know? I mean, it would kinda be Maximum Lame-itude to live in L.A., have tickets and all this going on, and then sit around moaning and pissing about never going to anything packed with 100 percent more Jossian flavor beads, so...

So I guess what I'm saying is, Cabbie, I don't exactly know how this'll all work out, but you can hide behind me, too, if need be, 'cause I'm tall and wide - and I also plan to be handcuffed to M of the A, so this stands to get to logistically tricky, no matter how you look at it... 'specially since I also must see the Gang of MST3K assembled for what could well be The Last Time Ever.

(And Dark Horse just rocks for being so generous to our low-rent supervillain and The Evil League of Evil...)
This is SUCH GREAT NEWS. NPH and Joss together???!!! I didn't think I could be more excited. Thank you!! Can't wait for more info...and for July to get here already!
A double helping of Joss this year? Yum! I can hardly wait!
Oh, and QuoterGal, we might meet at the MST3K event, too. I'll be wearing a blue jump suit, the same one I wore when I met Joel in San Jose last month.
Woohoo! I wish we had more room in our room, QG! Maybe we can get Sahara to sleep under a bed, she's kinda small. ;)
Curse-ed big giant Pacific Ocean and sold out CC tickets! Am envious of people attending big gathering of Jossleyan goodness. Why must I be taunted so? Have fun those who are attending! Most definitely, have to, maybe go next year even if I have to paddle!

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We'll be doing live coverage of the event as per usual. As a special treat we'll do made up live coverage before the event with added LIES!!
I swear they didn't sell out this fast in years past...

You are correct, TOASTERslayer, and like you I am foiled. The passes for Saturday were still going on the day last year, though considering how that went, I can't fault them for changing it. I must get a Friday pass, then, before those go too.
Don't suppose you could schedule it a day earlier, Joss? Can't make it on Friday, but I can on Thursday. Dang my luck.
laughin' and scratchin'

I'm concerned about part two. Are there going to be designated scratchers and scratchees? Is this panel-only or audience participation? I'm not sure I'm down for this.
Joss said:
I'll have a whole big report on the actual airing (streaming?).

My brain has just coined a term that I must share with everyone: "piping"

It's perfect because, while being distinct from "airing", it still sounds fun. Let's face it 'I'm just going to watch some pipes' sounds cleaner than 'I'm just going to watch some streams.'

I also must say: Envy

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live coverage before the event with added LIES!!

How soon before the event? Can we start lying now?
Lies are the new truth?
Is that a lie Caroline ? Cos then presumably paradoxes are the new ... un-paradoxes.

So, most of my life something has just felt a bit off about the world and now, finally, it's totally clear what it is. Turns out San Diego has been 6,000 miles too far west this whole time. Stupid plate tectonics.

As usual i'll be relying on the kindness of strangers (and none are stranger than Whedon fans - ba dum dum ;) for accounts, reports, maybe the odd MP3 recording and obviously the now standard rendering of any and all Joss panels in shadow puppet form. So thanks in advance for those and have fun those lucky enough to be going.
Lies are the new truth?

You know, there's a joke in there somewhere, considering this is an election year, but....
I promise I'll get plenty of pictures of the event for all to enjoy.
Just five weeks left!

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eek! Two days of Joss PLUS Nathan Fillion!! Not bad for my first Comic-Con :)
Okay, that's it. Next year I'm making the comic-con people hold their event in The Netherlands :p.

Also: looking forward to the lies. There's no better fiction, than fiction that's untrue.
Nathan? *this is my happy grin face*

Excited about Joss too, of course, but I've seen him before. Never seen Nathan. Assuming I'm in line early enough to get into the room, of course.
Lies are the new truth?

And Eliza was in True Lies - see how it all comes back around?
Is it bad if I buy tickets for Friday knowing the chance of getting a hotel room and/or flight are pretty slim? I don't want to miss this.
Heh, I was thinking of doing the same thing, deadbessie. For a second. I think I've come to my senses. I think. :)

Actually, I was thinking of taking a red-eye Thursday, milling about until the con opens Friday, catching the panel, then taking a red-eye back home Friday. It would be nuts... but almost do-able.

I've always wanted to do Comic-Con... I almost went the year Joss showed the first clips of Serenity, and kicked myself for not going. I hate when I kick myself. It hurts.
I've always wanted to do Comic Con as well but I do enjoy the thrill of reading posters' reports as they come in.
I'm too crowd-averse to go to Comic-Con, but I can't wait to read everyone's reports about this. And to see/hear any streamed/piped/podcasted bits. I hope they've got a big room.
And, as I recall, I quite enjoyed the panel of lies that went on here during the Paley Festival, so I'm looking forward to that, too.
This is my first time going to ComicCon, and I couldn't be more excited.
Oh woe is me, I was being good this year, saving money by not going to Comic con.... *Sigh*
Clearly it is very stupid to try to save money. But I'll be here with Simon waiting for the lies Comic con reports (please take lot of photos and illegal videos!).
UnpluggedCrazy, I'm excited for you too! My first year was the year before Serenity came out, and every year since I've been able to see some fantastically fun stuff. The crowds have become much bigger and harder to handle, but as long as you keep your cool and expect to stand in line a lot, it is great fun, and great people watching.
The next time I go to Comic-Con, sadly not this year, I'm thinking of wearing protective gear. That's mostly for the dealer's room where I got thwacked and stepped on so many times I lost count. There is the occasional mad dasher on the promenades trying to get to the next room on time - in that instance, prior football experience comes in handy. If not, bob and weave, bob and weave.

Don't feel too bad some of you on other continents or islands. I lost my job in May so I realized I wouldn't be able to afford it. And I live about five miles from where the Con takes place. It hurts to know Joss and Nathan will be there, so close. It's all perspective.
Last year was my first and only ComicCon, but thank you Whedonesque for making it LIKE being there, without the unwashed masses, the temptation to spend more in a weekend than you earn in a year and the lack of sleep. :-)
Tonya J - There's always volunteering to get into the con, but you have to give them a certain number of hours and it may run through the panel. But you'd be there.

This is exactly the reason I was telling people on the fence about going to just hop off. There was no way if Joss was already there, as he is every year, and Felicia will be there, at the California Browncoats table, then why wouldn't there be a panel for Dr. Horrible. It just makes sense.

Kudos to Dark Horse for giving up the time. They are earning some serious karma for this, and for getting us the exclusive Serenity comic. Now if only I can figure out a way to have Joss or someone announce the comic to that crowd of 5,000+. :)
Thanks danregal - I actually had an offer from a wonderful person here to buy my pass for the day and your idea is great as well. I may be somewhat close to a job offer or two (I hope), so it would be awkward to ask for a weekday off if I'm employed again before the Con starts. I'm caught in a Catch-22. We'll see what happens. I appreciate the thought.
When I got my current job almost exactly 6 years ago, I had the same situation. Only I had my tickets already. So as soon as they said they wanted to hire me, I told them I needed the 2 days off for Comic-Con. It ended up that my first week working there was only 3 days. Because I don't miss Comic-Con!
Any chance we'll get to hear any update-ish things on the "Goners," "Cabin in the Woods" and/or "Ripper" fronts, Jossy?
May I say - with an awareness of my own na´vitÚ and a slight sense of futility - if any whedonesquer has an extra ComicCon hotel room/piece of suite they need to rent out or dump (I know, but wotthehell, wotthehell), email me using the address in my profile, and we'll talk - I will be most generously grateful and will also write a pome in yer honor, which I will memorize and recite at ComicCon for you and a select group of your friends, or enemies if you prefer...
Ah, so, I guess "offering" to take that 4-day pass off of your hands would be an exercise in futility, eh, QuoterGal? (I just got my card limit raised to insure a memorable visit for mah Dad, and fantasized about a last-minute crazy-trip to San Diego anyway for myself!)

I'm tripping over my lower lip in poutitude, yet very happy for my Goners and other pals going to this years' CC. Score!!!
More news: Chance that creative team for Shepherd's Tale could be announced at Comic-Con.
And to think I actually considered not going this year.
QG, it's possible to commute between LA and San Diego for Comic-con. Not at all advisable, mind, but possible. I'll be taking Amtrak for Friday this year because of the still-fresh psychic scars from trying to get there on the freeway on Saturday last year. The tickets are ridiculously expensive for such a short trip, but you get to ride and watch the scenery, and there's a snack car.
The awesomeosity of Whedonesque is pretty obvious to me when I am just as excited about the pre-con lies thread as I am about the actual Comic-con transcripty thread. I was pretty much a big 'ol pile of woe and despair during Paley fest with the whole living on the otherside of the world deal, but boy passing the time here was definitly a great cure for the tears and tantrums. Anyway, everyone who is going to Comic-con, please accept my eternal jelousy; and everyone who isn't, be prepared to concoct and contrive and lie like there is no tomorrow.
Maybe the season 8 presentation is where Joss is going to make that big announcement that is meant to happen in July? Could be a week early?!
Personally I only read the Comic Con threads for the lies.
Perseo | June 21, 07:18 CET
comic book spinoff:-)

I'd buy that!
Okay, looking for a hotel right now. Thanks dreamlogic for the Amtrak suggestion. Not sure why I didn't think of that, we took that train to LA after the Browncoat Cruise and it was super easy. Not that I expect to find a deal in LA, just a vacany.
Anyway, everyone who is going to Comic-con, please accept my eternal jelousy; and everyone who isn't, be prepared to concoct and contrive and lie like there is no tomorrow.

Eternal jealousy accepted. Is it guaranteed to last forever?

Sorry, but I'm very excited about going! I was on the fence about it too... about 6 months ago. But then some things happened:

1) I got hooked on Buffy Season 8
2) Angel: After the Fall was going to tell First Night
3) Serenity: Better Days
4) Dr. Horrible announced its debut (to be soon)
5) Dollhouse was born!
6) I learned about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
7) I fell in love with Bones
8) Iron Man came out
9) Follow up with Indiana Jones
10) Amazing X-Men was, well, amazing!
11) Enjoyed Umbrella Academy
12) Went to CSTS screening last night and met fellow Browncoats
13) Got enrolled to win the Creation tickets or the Browncoat Ball in Texas
14) The story of Sheppard Book was announced to come out!
15) Buffy's going to meet Fray!
16) Spike got his own series!

And, I asked myself, am I NUTS not to go?

I decided to be sane. Now I can't afford to live, but this summer will be a nice way to go out. :)
And the station in LA is the most beautiful train station I have ever seen. I could live there, no problem.
Crud, and I won't be there. Joss please come out to Dragoncon and suprise us on the whedon tracks, I'll beg you if I have to....
Guys, this place is purported to be well-run, clean and affordable. It's the "Red House" hostel in Point Loma, my neighborhood. Only a short bus ride downtown to catch the trolley to the Con. Give 'em a call, can't hurt if you want to try it.

Point Loma Hostel
Tonya J is right. HoStels are the way to go. They're the support of American tourists in Europe, for sure. :) Having stayed in many last year, hostels vary, but HI ones are worthy. More rules in the "don't get drunk & wreck the place" area, but I always remind myself that I'm just going to be sleeping there, nothing else.

And, from what I've heard in the HoStel magazines, it's very nice.

Here's a link to some others that maybe closer, but not necessarily "nicer". Choose your poison.

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