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June 21 2008

Special Auction for Equality Now. As part of Canít Stop the Serenity, the New England Browncoats are auctioning off an UK Movie Poster of Serenity autographed by Nathan Fillion.

Proceeds, of course, go to Equality Now as part of the Boston Screening.

Typing of CSTS, the lovely and charming Jo Chen, creator of awesome comic book covers for Serenity, Runaways, & Buffy Season 8 was graciously signing comic books and sundry, as promised, this afternoon before the CSTS screening in Arlington, Virginia's Cinema 'n' Drafthouse. (The final Whedonhanced issue of Runaways, #30, featuring another great cover by Ms. Chen, is scheduled to come out this week.)
Last night in Portland, Scott Allie read Adam Baldwin's introduction to the forthcoming Better Days trade paperback, which he'd only just received from Adam. "Yay, vodka!"

You'll understand that last bit, eventually.

ETA that Amanda Sullivan of Equality Now who was here for last night really is pretty much a geek like the rest of us.

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While we're on the subject, the delightful Hunter Ansley Wryn (young River in Serenity) graciously took a number of questions from the audience before the CSTS screening last night in Pasadena. The SoCal Browncoats did a bang-up job with the organization and all - congratulations.
Pointy, was there an auction the artwork signed by Jo, Joss, and Eliza -- as scheduled? If so, which painting was it and what was the final price?
I couldn't stay, SteveP, so I don't know what the final price was.

Jo Chen put the autographed awesome artwork on her web site.
SteveP - according to this comment, the auction took place for this cover (as, erm, Pointy just said), and the final amount raised was $400. That's good value for an exquisite painting.
Just popping in since this seems to the the "let's comment on the auction" thread. Before I get to that though, thank you SNT for the kind words, and it was very nice finally meeting and getting to talk to you.

At the LA screening on Friday, Quantum Mechanix brought the "Aim to Misbehave" Mal Maquette to auction. I am pleased to report that it went for $400. Thank you And and QMx for donating this great item.

At the Orange County screening, we were supposed to have the "My Turn" River maquette. And we did. But Andy of QMx brought so much more. There were dog tags, Steve Anderson prints, and the QMx Mal Pistol prop replica with a Nathan Fillion signed card included. The OC crowd was incredibly generous. Not a single item went for less than $30. The maquette obviously topped all the items with $300. All told, the auction items raised just shy of $1000!!

I also want to take time to say that the Starplex Cinemas Woodbridge 5 managers and staff went well above and beyond to not only make us welcome, but help us have a successful screening. They printed fliers themselves and had them on display before we ever got there. They brought in the Firefly soundtrack and had it playing in the theater before the movie started. They listed Serenity on the marquee. One of the staff brought in their personal Serenity lightbox sign to put above our theater (I took pictures). They donated gift cards. The manager on duty bought a CSTS shirt, and was wearing it by the time we left. I could go on how great they were. I'll just say that if you have a Starplex in your area, or you are in OC, please give them some business.

We have one more SoCal screening to go, in San Diego tomorrow. QMx Andy gave us a couple more items to auction there as well. Did I mention how awesome they are? We'll be showing Serenity in HDDVD and please come by if you are in the area. It's going to be another great night.
Thanks for the updates, Pointy & SNT. I was at the Arlington screening Friday (couldn't go Saturday when Jo was there -- arggghh!). This was my first CSTS screening and it was really fun -- especially the Arlington Drafthouse venue with waiters serving beer and food during the movie. It's a pretty unique experience, especially surrounded by other Browncoats!
The line Saturday went out into the street and around the corner, and there were several people in costume/hats Kaylee would find adorable. Jo Chen just took a little table toward the front of the theatre/bar/restaurant and there was no mob scene, just people coming up, one by one, asking her to sign things. I was there only for a few minutes, but it looked to me like the organizers did a terrific job. Very helpful folks.

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Are there any auctions up for everyone? I've seen one or two, but are their more?
Jo Chen is the shiznit. Her work is just gorgeous.
Alas, I snuck in late to Saturday screening in Arlington but did stick around to see the auctions. So I missed Jo Chen and also the lovely cellos in the beginning (by about 2 min arrrgh) but still had a good time.

I don't remember people applauding so much last year-- a smattering when Book appeared and a full round when River got her big reveal at the end. That was pretty cool. Lots more laughs at the jokes too.
In Dallas this afternoon the auction for the BDB went for app $1,200 wtg guys and gals.....

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