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June 22 2008

Tru Calling marathon on July 2 on SciFi channel. I think it's episodes 7-14, though, for some unknown reason.

It's unusual for the SciFi Channel to punish their viewers in this fashion.
Do you mean for airing the eps out of order, or for airing Tru Calling in the first place? ;)
Simon, I agree only if you mean that the Scifi Channel's usual means of torture and degradation is through their original programming (BSG excepted). But yes, Tru Calling was not a good show.
dreamlogic spake thusly:
Tru Calling was not a good show.

Awwww, but we got to see lots of Eliza! So I'm counting that particular glass as half-full.
I thought Tru Calling was decent. It got a lot better towards the end of the 1st season, and then the 2nd season was even better. It just took some time to find itself, that's all.
Truly, Tru Calling wasn't good. But Eliza brings something that's so unique to everything she does... There are no words for this thing she does. I started watching Buffy in season 2, but Eliza really was the element that got me hooked on the show (in season 3). There was always that thing that left you hanging on Buffy "Is Faith going to come back this year?" Yeah, I just got home really drunk (it's 8am here), and I might be babbling, but I guess I'm trying to say that the only reason Tru Calling was any good is because of Eliza.
It would have gone up in my estimation had they not had those flashbacks which reminded the viewers what happened 5 minutes before. Talk about insulting your intelligence.
Well, Angel had a fairly similar device, with the flashing of a few important moments. Besides, even though you probably know what the story is up to, it's still nice to be reminded right before getting back into it, so you know exactly what's going on.

I mean, I didn't love the show or anything, but it certainly wasn't all bad.
I loved the show. You guys are all crazy.
It's not nice to be reminded what the story is up to when it's done over and over and over again and essentially implies that the entire audience are idiots because they can't remember what happened 10 minutes ago.
I watched every episode. That's rare.
It was a pretty bad show, but I did enjoy seeing Eliza on my TV on a regular basis for awhile. There was definitely a lot of potential for the show to be good, but it didn't "gel," as they say.
Eh, if you watched the show and only saw what was the same, you missed the point. The "same" stuff was the canvas, the differing stuff contained the action. Not saying it was the best thing in the world, but it was an interesting premise that kept creeping into new areas. However, it did feel at times like they were making new stuff up as they went along--much unlike B5, where you can go rewatch the early seasons and see the foreshadowing for the changes that eventually surfaced.
I somewhat agree with jclemens. Yes, they had the flashbacks, and they "replayed" scenes to a sense of blurriness, but I always took it as that is what was going on in Tru's mind. To have the same day, the same conversations, and yet the outcome be slightly different, it was nice to see how people reactions change based on a word spoken or a missed appointment. And, after running backwards and forwards with the days repeating themselves and what not, the flashbacks to the clues were what I saw as Tru's sorting and thought processing.

Season 2 was undoubtly better, but the perspective changed too. It was no longer souly on Tru's shoulders. Not everything and everyone was dependent on her actions. The addition of her alter-ego was such a nice touch! To worry about how to control your life and the victim's lives, but then to have that spin out of control because your friends and family seek others for advice.

I HATED the way it ended. To see the storm build up and hang over your head and to NOT come thunderstorming down? Ugh. Not their fault, really (cancelled and all), but I bet it could have lasted another year at least if we got to play with the pain of having her core group torn apart. Sounds a little like Buffy, yeah? We love our heroines in pain! Well, at least I do.

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