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June 22 2008

Seth Green and James Marsters compete for Amy Awards. Both James and Seth are nominated for "Hey It's That Guy/Girl or Best Guest Star" in TV Gal's Amy Awards on Voting closes Friday, June 27.

Seth is nominated for Nick Hanscom on Grey's Anatomy, while James is a triple threat for Milton Fine on Smallville, Captain John Hart on Torchwood and Detective Grant Mars on Without a Trace.

The Torchwood thing will probably seal it... But there are some great contenders there!
I haven't seen Without A Trace or Smallville, but yeah, definitely Torchwood.

Though I would like to see the Grey's episode with Seth in it. I've heard good stuff about it.
I don't think I could watch Grey's even for Seth Green :( Captain John ROCKED!!!
Had to go with James, hard to top his turn on both of his Torchwood episodes.
Went for James, probably just for the kiss! :)
James was a regular pandemic on my tv screen last winter! And, to me, he always stood out in any role he had. Of course, it is hard not to be completely mesmerized by Captain John. So, yes, I voted for JM .
James, all the way!! He was great in all the roles he played but Capt. John was a real standout. I really hope they have him back next season, they left it so that it is a possiblity.
Oh, and also excited to see some Supernatural on the list as well as Reaper.
Is there any doubt that I voted for The Talented Mr. Marsters. I also voted for the House scenes. Damn, they should've included Wilson! *is on edge for new season* House might be the show I most anticipate returning.

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