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June 23 2008

A celebration is in order. On this day in 1964 a genius was born.

Happy Birthday Joss!
Carpe Diem.

Happy Birthday, O Awesome One!! Thanks for bringing us so many fascinating worlds.
That's awesome. Happy Birthday Joss! Thanks for all the amazing ways you've entertained us!
Ah, Joss, father of the Holy Trinity of Television (I've worked out half a religion in my spare time - and yes, I'm unemployed). Happy birthday Joss!
Happy birthday, Josh Wheldon. :)

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Many years ago I decided to celebrate Joss's birthday by being born myself.

Happy co-birthday, Mr Whedon.
Ah yes, Happy Birthday kind sir!
Happy Birthday Joss!
Carpe Diem.
Fish of the day? :)

This should be a national holiday. Why isn't it a national holiday?? Ah well, I guess there's time for that when he and Tim are President and VP.

The hero of TV, the man we call...Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss. Here's hoping Universal calls and randomly greenlights a Serenity sequel for your birthday present. If they do, HUZZAH!
I know I dislike getting older, so a very happy un-birthday to you Joss! ;)
We know, today's like yesterday and tomorrow's likely the same. Regardless, wishing you a merry day, Joss.
Happy "Big Damn Birthday" to our fearless leader, Joss!
A very happy birthday and all the best in this world to you, my good man. Truly, you are deserving of it. Cheers!
Happy D.O.B., oh fearless leader.

I wish you many greenlit screenplays (although obviously not all at once, that would probably kill the fun).
Happy b-day, boss of all things purple. May a seven year order for Dollhouse come to you (and us).
Yay! Purple ruler of all things kick-ass and mind wipe-y. HAPPY 44TH BIRTHDAY! Thank-you for saving my entertainment world...alot. You are very humourous and of good the written word! Wishing you many more years of the writing of the good stuff that is funny. Hurrah!
Happy birthday, Mister. Hope it's a good one!
Adding my good wishes to what I'm sure will be a very large stack. Happy Birthday! 8 ]
Happy celebration of the day of your birth, Jossir. I didn't get you anything.

May your cake be not made of the same ingredients as your meal, may you not smash your toes with a hammer or get a severed blue limb in a box, and may you have many happy returns. (You did keep the receipt, right?)

Murphy's 13th Law - "Success always occurs in private and failure in full public view." Shadow's Addendum - "Unless you're Joss Whedon."

As my ancestors said: "Slainthe is saul agat!"
Hurray! Happy Birthday!
WOOHOO!! Happy Birthday!!! The best of wishes!!
This is a big day! Gratulere med dagen Joss, or as you would say it, happy birthday! :)
A Very Happy Birthday! May you be the recipient of the joy you've given others.
Happy birthday Joss, YOU DA MAN!
Have a very shiny day! Happy Birthday!
Have an absolute wonderful birthday, Joss! Joss is boss!
Happy Birthday, Master Joss! Cheers to a year full of jossy goodness to share with everyone! :D
Happy birthday, o purple people eater of awesomitude!
Happy birthday, Joss! I'm so glad you exist!
Joss Whedon... Hmm. Joss Whedon... Sounds so familiar. Can't... quite... put my finger on it... Hmm.

Well, happy birthday to this guy, whoever he may be.
Happy birthday, Joss!

Without you, I wouldn't want to make movies. ;-)
Happy birthday! May you spend the day surrounded by family and friends (and chocolate! ;-)
UnpluggedCrazy, may I ask about the movies you have in mind? Just curious.
on 1987 I decided to celebrate his birthday by being born.

I just turned 21! Heineken's for all!
Happy birthday to my favourite writer/producer/director/actor, Joe Sweden!

May your birthday feature a vast cornucopia of chocolate!
Happy Birthday, Joss. May you always stay as happy, funny, brilliant, smart and healthy as you are now.:)
Happy Birthday, FaithsTruCalling, go easy on those heinekens:)

catalyst2, take it that Eliza had a fine time on your island?
While I'm flattered with all the attention, I was not born in 1964. And today isn't even my birthday. But thanks, guys.

(Oh, yeah...and happy birthday to the Jossmeister.)
Happy birthday Joss!
44 ? Fitting for a fellow of such high calibre. Ahem. I'll get me coat ...

More importantly, it means you're entitled to a free magnum of champagne at every den of imbiblitude you enter. I think it's in the Magna Carta, right after Llama grazing rights.

Happy birthday Mr Joss Whedon Esq. have a fantastic day and if you have to spend it smithing words then give yourself a break, keep 'em below 3 syllables ;).
Happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss! I hope you have a good one :)
It's two in the morning and i have nothing witty in mind so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS!
Happy Birthday for all you lucky bastards that share his birthday too.
Have a very shiny birthday, Joss! Now, will you be having a gathering, a shindig or a hootenanny?
Happy Birthday Joss, and to castmembers with birthdays I've missed over the past couple of months: my 'pologies.

Oh yes, I plan on wearing a kilt to my sister's twenty-first in a couple of weeks...just thought I'd share that.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSS. I really do hope you have a good day.

Also. Happy birthday, FaithsTruCalling :)
Happy Birthday Joss. Hope he has a great day, with cake. Because cake makes anyday better.
Happy birthday, Joss!
Happy birthday to the greatest friend I haven't met yet !

Have a fun day, and try not to work too hard.
Happiest of 'Days, Joss. Indulge in all varieties of chocolate.
-Except for Bunnies.
I'm gonna be original and I'm gonna say "happy birthday!"
There needs to be cake!
Happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Non-Oldish B-Day, Jossir! I hope you manage to have a solidly-solid one in between all the creative-craziness that is your life.
And many happy reruns.
All the best to you Joss. Have a great day.
I wonder if he got socks. Happy birthday :).
Happy Birthday to his Joss-ness!

(Just quietly between us folks, I have to dress conservatively for work, but underneath my suit jacket in celebration of today was my 'Joss Whedon is my master' tee.)
Happy birthday, Joss! I got you a pony and a plastic rocket.
Happy Birthday J-man! The J-meister! The Joss-a-tron! I wish you much in the way of cakey goodness and general awesomeitude. Kick back, take a break - dont go getting all comfortable though, 20 minutes max! Heh.
Thanks for everything you truly wonderful and strange, strange man ; )
Happy Birthday, Joss! And may you have many more.
Happy birthday Joss!
Have a good one.
Happy Birthday, Joss!
In my corner of planet earth's time zones, it's less than a half hour into June 23rd, but I'm still so far down the thread that all the witty things I'd thought of saying have already been said.

So I'll just say Many Happy Solar Returns to the master of awesomeness.
And yay, Dollhouse! (Is it January yet?)
What a great thing to cheer me up (especially since I have to start school today). Happy B-day your Purpleness!! :D
Never heard of the guy.
Did his parents name him after this site or something? Because that's just a little on the sad side and- ok, I can't keep this up anymore. :D

Happy B-Day, Joss!!! I sincerely hope that your birthday and the coming year brings you at least a fraction of all the joy, surprises and warmth that you've brought to so many of us with your creations.
. . . or, failing that, a really freakin' awesome cake (you know - maybe even an ice cream cake! 'Cause those totally rule).

PS. My birthday present to you was rockin' out at Equality Now's Serenity Screening this Weekend. :)
Happy birthday Joss !
Hill? What hill?

Happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss. Hope you have a wonderful day :)
Happy birthday, Joss! May you have many more!
Happy Birthday God!... er.. Joss! :D
Madhatter - Eliza was here? In Oz ...... let's make that, in Australia? How did I miss that?
I knew there was something special about today...

Happy Anniversary, Joss!
Happy B-day, J-man!
Sorry, the "J-man" was uncalled for.
Happy Birthday, Joss! Many, many more!!! Rock the day!!
Happy Birthday Joss! You'll never know how much your vision has changed my life. Thank you so much!
Happy Birthday, Joss.
With tons of gratitude, happy birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Happy Birthday!

Here's wishing you joy, joyness, happiness, magical bridges of hope and wonder, no impending apocolypse, and, if things really go okay, maybe even an ice cream cone...or ho-hos, which ever one you may prefer.

Hippo birdees 2 ewe
Hippo birdees 2 ewe
Hippo birdees, Dear Joss!
Hippo birdees 2 ewe.

And many more!
Joss!!! I'm about to have a baby on your birthday :) I'm leaving in just a bit for the hospital. At 1pm Joshua will be born!! I'm so honored to celebrate my two favorite guys on the same day! And before you think all "stalker woman", it was purely coincidence that this was my due date....Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday, purple one, now get us some (Dr. Horrible) cake! ;)
Happy birthday--and thank you for all the hope, joy and imagination you bring.
Happy happy birthday, Joss.

I hope you are spending today doing things you love with people who care about you.
Happy birthday, Joss-man.
Happy Birthday, Joss.

Heck, when we have important birthdays at Basket of Kisses, we redo our entire graphical skin! :) :)
Happy Birthday, Joss!

Lookin' forward to another great year of Joss-ness :)
Happy Birthday Joss. As a present I bring you a successful screening of Serenity in Toronto where 275 people celebrated and raised funds for Equality Now.
Happy Birthday Joss!!

Heck, when we have important birthdays at Basket of Kisses, we redo our entire graphical skin! :) :)

You could always just click on the word Joss in the logo... ;)
Happy Birthday, Joss! Your vividly created characters inspired the names of my girls (Cordelia, Inara and Miranda) and your multi-media stories have repeatedly blown my mind. You are a wonder!

p.s. Is it weird that when I read "carpe diem" that I just wanted to tell him "semper ubi sub ubi"?
Happy birthday Joss. (And baby Josh, too!)
Awesomeness, just 44, so we have many future tv/film/and other fabulous thingy adventures we can look forward to. Happy, happy Birthday Joss!Five cheers to the Master.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS!!! I silently wished you a happy b'day at midnight when I saw the calender change on my alarm clock ;)
Happy Birthday, Sir! May your day be filled with love and joy.
Happy Birthday and all the best!
Simon Says "I wonder if he got socks?"

I wonder if he got dolls?

Happy Birthday!
Wow. Joss shares a birthday with my little brother. Happy Birthday Joss!
Happy birthday, Joss! You've brought a lot of happiness and entertainment to a lot of people and I hope you achieve everything you want in life!
I feel that in spite of being the magical hundred-and-first commenter I have no different way to say it but ah well...happy birthday!
HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY Joss, hope you have a great one!
May your life be as one unending birthday party, sans unflattering hats.
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Seize the carp! SEIZE IT!
Happy Birthday Sir!
Hmmm.... I was gonna wish you a Happy Birthday, too, but it looks as though I was beaten to it! Happy Birthday anyways, Joss!!!!!
Happy Day, J!

You share your b-day with: Bob Fosse (jazz fingers!), Richard "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" Bach, Alan Turing (the father of all geeks), Josephine (yes, that one), Edward VIII (hmmm...divorcée or crown?) & Alfred "The 1940's Sex Authority" Kinsey.
Wait... is it someone's birthday today?
Many many happy returns!
Happy Birthday, Sir.
Another great comes to the great purple J. Viva!
Joss, may you have much more happiness on your birthday than your characters typically do.
I wonder if he got socks.

I'm sure there will be some sort of announcement at Comic-Con.
Yes, may your birthday be much better than Buffy's usually is.
A little bit of hoot and a lot of nanny, o great one!
Bless you Joss and thank you for making a difference in my life. Happy, happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Joss - I adore you! =)
Happy birthday, Joss!
Ditto! I'm sure Joss will have a blast on his 44th birthday, as we all will. Huzzah!!
Happy birthday, sir!
Joss!!! I'm about to have a baby on your birthday :) I'm leaving in just a bit for the hospital. At 1pm Joshua will be born!! I'm so honored to celebrate my two favorite guys on the same day! And before you think all "stalker woman", it was purely coincidence that this was my due date....Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Harmalicious!

Celebrating Joss and Josh! Happy birthday to all of you!
Happy Birthday Joss! May your day be filled with cake and presents.
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thank you for the stories!
May your day be filled with laughter and love!
Happy Birthday,Joss! May your celebration be fun and very normal, without any uninvited monsters,fires or masks coming to life.
I shall celebrate by watching some classic Buffy and Firefly and probably reading comics.And having cake of course!
A toast: to many shows to come!
I hope your day is filled with every good thing, Joss, and that includes pie.
(Birthday pie will catch on, I tell ya'!)
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thank you for passionately pursuing your dreams and allowing us to enjoy the results! Your work has changed many a life, as this thread clearly shows. I hope your birthday is filled with fun moments with the people you love.

And congrats Harmalicious/happy birthday Josh! :)
Happy Birthday, Sir of Sirs.
Happy Birthday, and thanks for sharing your world with us.
Happy Birthday Joss!! This will be a great year for your work and all of us who it means so much to!

Thanks for absolutley everything - because of your work, especially Buffy, I am the person I am.

Ohmigods, zeitgeist! Secret logo tricks! I love it!
Happy Birthday Joss!! Live long and prosper or something.
Happy Birthday, Joss!
mmmm, cake. cake sounds good.

have a lovely birthday Joss!
~*~*~*~Happy birthday, Joss!~*~*~*~
Happy birthday Joss!

I can't thank you enough for enriching my life with your amazing characters, dialogue, and stories.
All the best, chief.

May you have a kick-ass, successful year ahead. :-)
Happy Birthday to "the man, the myth, the legend, THE GENIUS!" Thanks for some of the best tv years of my life! *does the dance of joy* :)
Happy birthday Joss and thank you! :)
Jazz Whildren is 44? - doesn't hardly seem possible. We have to bring presents, right? Birth is a present thing?

Happy Birthday To Our Beloved Storyteller and Minstrel - and many thanks for keeping us engrossed and amused while we're huddled 'round the fire together.

(Happy Birthday also to Swil, FaithsTruCalling, BloodyAwfulPoet, joelseph's little brother, and - awwww, Harmalicious, rest well and recover soonest - the little baby Joshua.)

(And zeitgeist, Master is tricksie...)
Happy Birthday Mister Joss Whedon
May no one call you "Joe Sweden"
Wishing you success and good cheer
All through your new year
And today birthday cake to feed on!

(So I'm not Sondheim. We knew that.)
Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Joss!!!
We love you.
Keep up the great work!
You know, as the Birthday Chief of Police (self-appointed), I thought I should warn you that cake has been banned from this wonderful occasion.

God, er, Joss, doesn't eat cake. He eats PIE.

Further wishes with cake will receive citation from me. The monies will go towards my Comic-Con trip. :)

Happy Birthday, Purple Man!
I woke up this morning in a good mood and all of the songs from "Once More With Feeling" readily played on my MP3 player...I knew something was up!

Happy birthday, Joss!
QG, I had been sure that link led to something called "chico-joss.jpg" and wondered whether we were talking Marx Brothers or Freddie Prinze. Imagine my surprise when it had far more to do with River being made of chocolate.
Here's to you, Birthday Boy!!!

( .- . -.)
( )
| | |
Shapenew - brilliant - Jossian poetry in honor of his birthday... what better?

Here's mine:

A story creator named Joss
Had a fandom that called him their Boss.
He'd cause mayhem most gory
with the meat of his story
and the funny was added as sauce.

(Ha, b!X - and now that I think of it, I should've just Rickrolled all y'all.)
On this day in 1964 a genius was born.

Damn straight. And thank God for that. Happy birthday, Joss. Here's to many, many more!
In honor of this auspicious day, I’m going to use the word “auspicious”.
And bake brownies.
Then watch Serenity.

What color do you think the socks are?

Happy Birthday, Mr. Whedon.
Oh, It's the same day that my father!!!
Happy Birthday, Joss! Thank you for all the wonderful hours I've spent in front of my television set, due to your shows on DVD, and for making Serenity which I got to see on the big screen for the 20th time yesterday at the successful CSTS event I co-ordinated in Vancouver yesterday. (We did sing "Happy Birthday" to you!)

Thank you also for all the ways you have changed my life. May your next year be filled with the joy of writing for you - and thus for us.

Happy Birthday to all those others whose birthdays are June 23rd, especially to Joshua who is probably being welcomed joyfully into the world right about now.
Joss! I'm so very glad you were born and stuff. Happy, happy, joy, joy, and thanks for everything!

(And happy birthday to Harmalicious & hubby's new baby Josh. Welcome, ye wee WHEDONesquer!)
Happy birthday!!! Thanks for making the world a little brighter... or uh darker...uhm...I don't know which is proper, so just thanks! Now get back to work...
Happy Birthday to someone who has made the world a little brighter darker for all of us.
As I wasn't blessed with the creativity gene, I'll just stick with a traditional bon anniversaire, amigo. Yes, that's Franish.
Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon.

Very best wishes for a great year to come!
Happy Birthday with plenty of protein PIE!
Happy Birthday!

Now stop working for at least for a couple of hours!

The Genius needs rest occasionally...
This one time, at band camp, it was my birthday and nobody knew about it. And then this bear came and scared everyone inside, and it was almost like a party. It was SO funny...

Happy Spawnday, Joss! And many more.
Here's to the sharpest pen in the biz!

Thank you for existing and being wonderful. And in public, with amazing storytelling! You could have been a genius in private and then no one would have known!

Happy ... awesomeness ... day ... stuff ... !!!

May you get all the presents your heart desires. (Yes, I have my priorities straight.)
Likely lost amidst the din, but happy birthday because you deserve a cacophony of well wishes.
Happy B-Day Joss!!!
Seize the fish... er... carpe diem

P.S. What is a rogue demon anyway :)
Dear Lord, is it the 23rd already? Where has this month gone? Happy Birthday Mr. Whedon. Pioneers lead the way.
Happy birthday, O Purple One! Thank you very much for three awesome television shows (and all sorts of other Cool Stuff). I can't wait for Dollhouse!
Happy birthday, Joss, and thank you for everything you do! You're one of the greatest inspirations and heroes in my life.

Happy Birthday Joss~~!!!!

Peace, happiness, good health and best wishes to you on this day and every day.
At the Boston CSTS screening on Saturday night, I had the great honor of leading the Happy Birthday song to you. Have a shiny day.
cake. dancing. cake. songs. cake. alcohol. cake. spinning. party hat. cake. sleep.

Or any other way you wish to celebrate.
Happy birthday, Joss!

(Damn, did I miss the cake again...?)
cake. spinning. party hat.

I read this as a single thing -- a cake-spinning party hat.
The Ballad of Joss Whedon*

Attend the tale of Joss Whedon
His skin was pale, his brain was breedin’
The faces of The Gentlemen
In your nightmares you’ll see them again
It’s ain’t what you want, it’s what you’re needin’
With Joss Whedon
The Demon Writer of TV

He kept a shop in Hollywood
His shows sound stupid, but they’re really good
So what if “the soul” he wouldn’t explain
As long as its absence kept Buffy in pain
With Whedon
With Joss Whedon
The Demon Writer of TV

Swing your stake wide, Whedon!
Hold it to the skies
Freely flows the blood of those
Who traumatize!

*Sung to the tune of "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" by Stephen Sondheim.

ETA: Welcome to Joshua, the Harmalicious sequel!

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-06-24 16:05 ]
on june twenty-third
a cake-spinning party hat
is a splendid thing
Applause for Pointy!

especially this:

He kept a shop in Hollywood
His shows sound stupid, but they’re really good
So what if “the soul” he wouldn’t explain
As long as its absence kept Buffy in pain

Bows deep. Wobbles. Falls.
*picks Pointy up and props him against the side of the page.*

Niiiiiice, Pointy and b!X - mybutthe Gonersarianizites do get creative.

More! More poetry in honor of the Jossir! - I believe we have another bunch of Ninja Haiku artists hanging around somewhere, don't we? And fierce limerickists?
There once was a Slayer named Summers,
Who thought that her job was a bummer.
She blamed it on Joss,
Her purpley boss,
Who threatened to make her a plumber!

ETA: another...

A ship did our Jossir create,
Its sequel do we long await.
But we'll throw him a bash
And earn lots of cash,
At least 'til he's seventy-eight.

[ edited by BandofBuggered on 2008-06-24 02:34 ]
Happy Birthday, Joss!
Thank you so much for giving us characters like Cordelia Chase.
Sure you gave us Buffy, Angel, and Mal; but it takes a genius to create a Cordelia or a Jayne.

Also, thank you for showing me that no matter how bad my day has been it could always be worse. =P

Best wishes and lotsa continued success.
for joss' birthday
fans promised not to ask for
the dance of joy, right?
What, AGAIN?!. I've stopped counting mine and offer you that advice, Joss.

What does Joss do on his birthday? (possible scenario):

Wakes up.

Dazedly staggers into kitchen. There's a note waiting.

Joss, go buy non-fat moo juice
(Yes, I read that somewhere).

Joss drives to store. Gets the moo juice and a toenail clipper 'cause the other one broke, and um, Pepsi, and ice cream dammit, it's my birthday.

Drives home.

Walks in the door. Surprise party. Because Kai is devious that way.
(Hey, I'm guessing!) Many friends waiting. Plus balloons. And presents.

Whee! Hope it went something like that. :>) Loves the Joss.
Doin' the Snoopy Dance of Joy for Joss...
Happy birthday Joss. Although looking back, I see some issues regarding birthdays. Buffy never seemed to have an enjoyable time, and wasn't there a birthday celebration right before the explosion during Out of Gas. Oh, and Xander's phobia of clowns stemmed from a birthday too. And then he gives us great characters like Angel and Spike, who don't actually age (no birthdays for them anymore).

So, ummm, have a great, unimportant, run of the mill, not special at all, sort of day. Here's hoping it's clown free!
Hurray and Best Wishes!
Happy Birthday Joss Whedon, Master of all that is awesome and wonderful! Hope you had the coolest birthday ever! :)
Here's an Irish toast on your birthday, Joss:

I drink to your coffin! May it be made from a 100-year old oak, which I shall plant tomorrow.

Happy Birthday! Hope it was fabulous!
Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.

Happy birthday, Joss. Hope you had a ridunculously great day!
And happy birthday to everyone else whose parents had free time in October and couldn't find the Scrabble dictionary ;).

(as well as congrats to Harmalicious and Significant Other, hope everything went just as smooth as can be ;)
Yeah, whatsomever, carpe diem et omnia mundi and so forth.

Actually, I should have noted this ahead of time; oh, well, I'll remember next year, maybe write a sukoshioto in your honor.

Harmalicious & family; "corn grits!"

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2008-06-24 22:03 ]
Happy Birthday Joss!

I celebrated by sleeping for 15 hours after the weekend chock full of CSTS-ness.
Pie people. Not cake. *shakes head*

And, moonliter, what did you draw? I didn't catch it.

And thanks for all of the poems! I've decided/declared that that is all I want for my birthday next year- people to say awesome stuff about me & rhyme. :)

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