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June 23 2008

Angel now on Hulu. Season 1 went up today and is a welcome addition to Hulu's set of television programs.

So do we want to watch the hell out of Hulu to prove to the studios that this "new media" works?

Or do we want to protest Hulu because the actors, writers and other artists aren't paid enough for online content?
Looking forward to when Hulu will be available outside of the US....and although I have all of Angel on DVD-I hope the rest of the seasons will be put up too!
I am glad for this news. I hope it is a matter of time before we see Angel on iTunes as well.
Watch the new media Succatash. It just gives the writers and artist more weight to demand what is rightfully theirs. Glad Angel is on hulu now. I have made it my own little television station, though when Fall shows come around my queue may become a little unmanageable.
Sounds great. I just wish they'd loosen the copyright laws to let other countries view them.
This is very cool. I agree they should work on opening their platform up to other countries, but it is a bandwidth and advertising issue as much as it is a copyright one. They are still trying to build their business model. Once they can make it work for other countries, I am sure they will open it up.
I had forgotten how good this show was.

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