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June 23 2008

Angel #11 and Spike #3 exclusive variant editions from Dynamic Forces. Editor Chris Ryall is excited about this as the covers will be drawn by Marvel comic legend John Romita Senior, whom Stan Lee nicknamed 'Jazzy' in the 60's.

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Oh,man,that is so cool.I have a lot of Romita's early Spider-Man comic work.It's so cool he's doing these covers.
No, those are the finished covers - pending on whether they decide to colour them (I suspect they won't). Very nice stuff. (Even if Angel )
Nice, but does anyone else think vamp Angel reminds them of the Hulk?

Just me, probably.
You're not alone, newcj. I thought the same thing.
Ah ok daylight,thanks. It wasn't clear from Ryall's text if those were the covers or whether they were Romita's character sketches.

Will edit accordingly;)
That is awesome.
I thought they were just sketches. And preferences:

1) I like human-Angel face. Vamp-Angel does remind me of Hulk.
2) I like vamp-Spike face. Looks like, uh, Spike. Human-Spike face though... that isn't a face I see him usually make.

Excited for the variance. Would like to see more.

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