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June 23 2008

The Buffyverse Spin-Off Showcase. TV Squad gets all imaginative with the five Buffy/Angel spin-offs they'd want to see.

For me, "Willow and Tara" would be the ultimate Buffyverse Spin-Off I'd like to see. I'm even writing a fanfic which could be the first episode! Guaranteed winner, I tell 'ya. ;-)
"Spike" is the ideal spin-off, but that's happening in July so *check*. "Ripper" is the second best idea, which could be happening/probably isn't/maybe we'll get more info at ComicCon. Third best idea is "Faith the Vampire Slayer" which Dark Horse should really get on...
I like the Lorne one. I could absolutely see a late night show with Lorne as the host and real celebrities. Joss would have time to do that once dollhouse is off the ground, right?
Is it sad that I would actually consider watching the Lorne spin-off? There can never be enough Lorne. Or Andy Hallett, for that matter.
Wow, what an interesting list. I think the Lorne Spin-off would be pretty entertaining. The Lindsey spin-off sounds a little too 80’s.
I always thought they should do a Groosalugg spin-off. I think his character would be great as the main focus and he would have alot to build from.
Well, if Jimmy Fallon doesn't work out as Conan O'Brien's successor, maybe they can look up Lorne. Better yet, have him challenge daytime talk. We need another Mike Douglas, don't you think?

Another possible spinoff would be "She's Electric", starring Gwen Raiden as an electric Robin Hood type of gal. In a future episode, she goes to Tim Kring and tells him "I don't want to see Veronica Mars as a Gossip Girl wanna-be who tosses around lightning! Weevil as a bad guy with powers....well, that I believe."

But Tuckersbrother's idea of a Groosalugg spinoff may work, too. Since Mark Lutz is from Canada, the Groo could return as a Mountie with special skills and a pegasus (as shown in the recent Angel comic books).

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I like "Taglarin Rites," a new program featuring Willow Rosenberg and her lover Tara Maclay up to hijinks where they use magic to help locate lost kittens, finds people who are separated from their lovers due to resurrecting dead friends, and come in handy when helping buddies move their larger appliances. The break-out star of this program would be the floating eye-ball creature.

Or, I'll go with quantumac's idea! :-)

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What about Oz the Time-Traveling Werewolf? Traveling with his sideburns across time and space in his time machine/space ship/van and fighting both crime and his own inner animal... It'd be a hit, I tells ya.

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If Brian K. Vaughan penned a Faith spin-off comic, I would be very, very happy indeed.

Of TVSquad's suggestions, "Loaded Gunn" seemed the most silly fun to me.

My suggestion: Cooking with Clem!
The Gunn spin-off may have been inspired by "30 Days of Night" me thinks.
I would definitely stay up late to watch Lorne host late-night!
With all the home improvement shows around these days, I think a "Build it with Xander" would get the ratings. Or, if we aren't too picky about who is alive and who isn't, a show "You and your money" starring Anya might be popular.
Hmm. None of the ideas mentioned in the article really appeal to me, although a late-night show with Lorne would come awfully close. As for other options, I really feel like Willow and Xander are played out, and I'd be a little iffy about a show featuring Dawn, though I would watch all of them. As for my old buddy Andrew...

...Ye gods, NO. Not even for Joss.

No, if we ever get a spinoff, I'd rather it be Giles-, Spike-, or Faith-based. Or Illyria...I remember seeing some fan-made credits for an Illyria show that looked so awesome I can't believe no one has snatched it up. They should still be on Youtube if anyone wants to look 'em up.

Poor Wesley. Poor Cordy. No spinoffs for you now. Sniff.

[ETA: Awesome Illyria credits can be found here. They're not mine, though I dearly wish they were.]

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I'm still waiting for the April The Robot show. Batteries recharged, she looking for a boyfriend and hilarity, and/or heartbreak ensue.
The 3 best spin offs are probably the most realistic ones that could have happened. Spike, Faith, and Ripper. I don't know why a Spike spin off didn't happen. I'm sure it would have done well and James Marsters would have probably signed on right away. I guess the one thing that could have hurt the chances of a Spike series or any other things immediately after Angel was cancelled was Joss doing Serenity. From everything I've read, a Faith spin off would have happened if Eliza didn't pick to do Tru Calling instead. If it wasn't for that, it would hopefully still be on the air right now but alas it never happened. And even though I would still say the chances are slim with all the things Joss is doing right now, Ripper could still at least happen as a TV movie or maybe a mini series.

It really sucks that we have gotten shafted out of anything happening on the big or small screen when it comes to the Buffy and Angelverse. Obviously Angel should have never gotten canned and if DB would have wanted to do more than 6 or 7 seasons, unlike SMG, Angel would still be on the air. Even if we just could have gotten an Angel or Spike tv movie it would sure as hell have been better than nothing. I'm still holding out the 0.01% chance that any type of Buffy and/or Angel movie happens for about the next 5 years, but it's gonna be really tough for everyone to agree to come back and for a studio to put up the money.

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I'm still waiting for the April The Robot show. Batteries recharged, she looking for a boyfriend and hilarity, and/or heartbreak ensue.

That's pretty good. Seems like a sitcom to me. I'm still holding out for Clem: The Musical and Andrew Sings! myself.
I'd be interested in a spinoff that focused on Anne of Many Names. A normal woman who's been to hell and back (literally) trying to carve out a place for the lost in a city full of monsters.
I could go for a Lorne and Andrew Variety Hour, maybe with some Harmony thrown in.

And call me crazy, but Late Night with Lilah Morgan has some appeal for some reason...

Heh! Clem: The Musical! Nice one, Sunfire!
I'd definitely watch a late night show with Lorne or a show featuring Illyria.
Putting aside the wondrous spinoff of dreams Spike, Xander, Lorne, Oz, Giles and Faith… (Dru could be a guest villain that they can never kill *sob*… Ethan would’ve too …*tries so hard not to hate on the Joss-man*)

How about a show about The Missing. Characters that went out of the show and never to be seen again. Drusilla could head the lead (Oz is out since we’re crossing fingers all so well that he’s coming back—come to think of it, my fingers are well crossed for Dru too), Willy the Snitch (a sad rat with a stereotypical last name), Clem, that weird rich dude from the Hyperion, invisible girl, Anne (unless we’re gonna see her *mind boggles on her meeting the new and scar-face Gunn) …. There’s more missing/misplaced chars, I know, but my brain is running on sand right now…
A really good idea for a spin-off would be to follow her one-time boyfriend Angel, as he journeys forward in search of redemption. I would watch a whole 6-7 seasons of that!
What about Kitten Poker World Series?

Or what about a Nip/Tuck style spinoff with Marcie? Or, for that matter, a spinoff with Marcie and all of the other invisible spies.

I could see D'Hoffryn having a sort of Jerry Springer-Judge Judy kind of show to decide who deserves to have vengeance enacted.

Or a history channel kind of thing: Vengeance Through the Ages.
Seriously, I wouldn't mind my Letter-of-the-Month winning idea Spook Squad, or if ALy hadn't hit the big time, a Willow and Tara show, or even (except that AMber's doing well lately and I wouldn't want to type-cast her) a Tara the Spectre series.

And, okay, I'm not so dense that I don't recognize the article was done with humorous facetitiousness (faceity?) I must, with the exception of the Lorne show idea, react to those the way the cartoon actor in my dream back in 1971 did: "Bleahhhhhh!"
"20 Questions" with your host ... Drogyn !

"Learn with Fred, the Science Head !"

"Touched by an Angelus"

"So You Think You Can Crash Bandicoot ?"

"The First and Mr Finn"
- he's a former super-soldier with a Slayer as an ex, she's The Root of All Evil and incorporeal to boot, can they overcome their differences and work together as detectives ?

"CSI: Cleveland"
Of those 5, the only one I'd like to see is 'Up Late with Lorne'.

But seriously, at this point the only spin-off I'm dying for is a Wesley/Illyria show. Or just an Illyria show, though Wesley would have to make an appearance.

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I could go for a Lorne and Andrew Variety Hour, maybe with some Harmony thrown in.

Yes. Yes, yes, YES! That would be the greatest thing ever, HowlingLupe. I think I could do without very much Harmony, but I think Lorne and Andrew together would be über amazing.
...a spinoff with Marcie and all of the other invisible spies.

They wouldn't need actors! Just use stock footage of empty rooms over and over with voices dubbed over!The SAG strike wouldn't stop production!
Up Late with Lorne, all the way!

What a character!
I'm still holding out for that "Tales of the Slayers" anthology, with each 2- to 4-episode arc following a different one (or more) of the new Slayers, and occasional guest appearances by one (or more) of the original cast.

Yes, I know I'm a broken record, but that seems to be pretty much what the internet was invented for...
In Harm's Way - A series of wacky misadventures finds lovely Blood-drinker Harmony Kendall in the military and serving in Iraq - but who's more scared of whom? Zany sitcom explores the lighter side of being a fashion-conscious Vampire in a military war-zone.

Bleat at me no longer - Practical self-defense taught to fragile human scum by the great Illyria, idol of millions. "I play this game... it's pointless and annoys me... and yet, I'm compelled to play on." Learn how to bust a move from a great monarch and warrior of the demon age. Come. Learn. Worship.

Medical Roundup with Tucker's Brother - Andrew Wells hosts this half-hour weekly medical newsmagazine which takes a look at treatment developments for swimmer's ear and other minor but emotionally debilitating conditions. Sponsored by Smith Brothers throat lozenges.
We're all forgetting the real deal, my friends: Oh, Johnathon!
Well, I was trying real hard to forget it...
Spike beats Angel to slaying the dragon in the alley, launching the longest running show in the history of TV: "Angel Broods and Wallows in Self Pity". ;)
What about Kitten Poker World Series?

I would totally watch that.
QuoterGal: Do they still *make* Smith Brothers? :-)
I'm down with kitten poker. I hear they taste good. Clem could be our commentor.
DaddyCatALSO, I wondered, too - and found that Smith Brothers cough drops are still being manufactured by F&F Laboratories, who now owns the brand.

I always liked their logo when I was a kid.
QuoterGal; Yeah, Nicky and brother Kelly were looking for a property to co-star in; I once suggested they do a biopic on Trade and Mark.

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