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"Why couldn't you be dealing drugs like normal people."
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June 23 2008

The thing that made me like you (even more): SMG edition. EW writer Mandi Bierly writes about her talk with SMG for the magazine's 1000th issue. Also, find out which South Park character competed with Cartman for her Top 10 nod.

Also, one of her favorites who didn't make the list.

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ETA: relatedly, here is linkage from EW to "Surprise" on Hulu, with an explanation of how awesome BtVS is.

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I love that Samantha is her #10-I think she is more of a man than most men will EVER be. I'll always love SMG, and it makes me smile that we agree taste-wise with some things.
I LOVE the Comic Con comment from one of the posters.
Omigod, I love how SMG loves TV! My favorite Murphy Brown is the one where Wallace Shawn guest stars, and I totally recall how Corky's marriage gave her an absurd but oddly fitting new name! Aw, this little tidbit totally made her cooler in my eyes.
I've liked her for a while, and these quotes bounced off me. Altho it is good to see somebody in The Biz who doesn't despise network TV, I agree. That has always bugged me with people like Chevy Chase and Shelley Long, or with the original producers of Roseanne.
Butters is my favorite character on south park! I love that Sarah had a hard time choosing between him and Cartman. Oh, and the pic in the magazine is a GOOD one!
So the favorites characters of SMG does a lot of sex.
I disagree with her on Murphy Brown. I liked Murphy, but Corky? Uh, no. But, then again, maybe I'm antagonistic towards people who give "Corkys" a bad name.
Why exactly is Samantha considered an honorary man? I haven't seen the SatC series but was dragged along to the film with some of my friends, and I sort of understood that her character was basically the raunchy, outspoken and most sexually interested of the four. It's kind of insulting to suggest that it's unnatural for a woman to have a strong interest in sex, and that it's a definite male quality.
I've not seen much of the series either but Samantha didn't just like sex, she liked casual sex with numerous partners, was averse to commitment, un-remorseful about using people for her own satisfaction and generally superficial in the extent to which she mixed sex and emotion. Rightly or wrongly, those qualities are seen to be more male than female.

She was basically a female playboy (playgirl I guess).
Yes, generally a male cliche role; which is why I called Kennedy one of Joss 's fake men (along with Buffy and Willow) as opposed to his real women (most of the others) in a comment on sex roles...and survival in the Jossverse.

But, hey, I could handle Thomasina Magnum, "PEI."

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