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June 23 2008

Christina Hendricks is IGN's TV Babe of the Day. They say her best work is Firefly, and illustrate their point with a screencap from "Our Mrs. Reynolds." Woah. Good bible.

And she looks gorgeous in the first pic of her. Wow.

That last picture of her, in the black, always kinda freaks me out.
I'll be in my bunk.
I don't know why psycho killer-women are automatically a notch sexier than sane non-killer women. I just calmly accept it as a kind of cosmic verity.
That last picture of her, in the black, always kinda freaks me out.

I like it. She's smoking! I think I have a girlcrush now.
I don't know why psycho killer-women are automatically a notch sexier than sane non-killer women

Ghalev, it's kind of like how Famke Janssen's hottest role was Xenia Onotapp in Goldeneye, even though she was quite hot in X-men. I think it might be attributed to the fact that if they're psycho killers, they don't really have much in the way of inhibitions, not to mention the fact that they obviously have a passion for life--or the taking of it.

Or like how SMG, always one to raise the mercury (among other things ;), is at her hottest in Cruel Intentions. Not exactly a psycho killer, but she definitely had her issues and could be classified as evil. Still, hot(ter).

Same thing with guys, though: I think that DB, who is in my top 5 hot list any day, is even hotter when he's Angelus versus Angel. Part of the reason Spike is so hot is because he's bad. Not to mention those abs.
Anyone else think that Christina goes topless for Whedon's Firefly. goes a little weird, like if she was showing more that what really happens?
Yeah that's not exactly what happens in the episode. Still, if it sells more DVDs ... ;-).
if she was showing more that what really happens?
Just wait'll the uncut version comes out. :)
hehe, she talked about that scene a bit at the Dallas Comic Con. They had her in this hilarious contraption that just barely covered all the necessary bits.

"The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live" - George Carlin
As much as I liked Saffron, I have to say that I think her character Joan on Mad Men is an equally compelling character, even given that she has been in every episode of the show's first season whereas Saffron was only in 2 Firefly episodes.

I think both characters are very complex, with so many layers. Saffron initially appears to be an innocent, vulnerable girl who completely surprises everyone and turns out to be the most cunning and ruthless person they've encountered. But even then, the viewer senses that beneath her outwardly callous and selfish exterior there is a very ambiguous and interesting woman beneath. I'm convinced that she shared some real chemistry with Mal and there is a lot more to her character. Saffron's past is definitely one of the big unanswered questions from Firefly that often gets overlooked, and I have no doubt had the show continued that she would have appeared again and again.

Joan is a similar sort of character, who presents to the men of her world one face- a pretty, unintelligent and ambitious woman who will show you a good time, but we've also seen other sides of her- both the good (taking Peggy under her wing at Sterling and Cooper) and bad (her jealousy and often bitchy comments). I think it'll be very interesting to see how she reacts to Peggy's promotion- I think her jealously might lead her to ignore the restrictions placed upon her gender and stop hiding her intelligence and ability. I hope that Joan starts to get more screen time in future seasons. It's just a shame that Christina never got the chance to develop Saffron as a character as much as she will hopefully get to with Joan.
Seeing her...I want to go to the special hell!
She makes you want to talk in the theatre ?

... ahhhhh. Nevermind.

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