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June 23 2008

Win a "Serenity: Those Left Behind" Hardcover signed by Hunter Ansley Wryn. Young River from Serenity signed this book, and all you have to do for a chance to win it is respond to one of Equality Now's action alerts.

I read the article about the women in Iran, and I figure I should send an email over that as that's a horrible thing not just for the contest.
The whole thing is just atrocious.
Wait: is "the whole thing" the situation with women in Iran, or the fact that someone is using signed merchandise to raise awareness about the situation that is atrocious? I think it's awesome that someone's trying to raise more awareness, and that the comic is a cool perk.

I think this is entirely apropos for Browncoats especially, since we who attend CSTS already know about EN and understand why it's good, but maybe don't know of more ways to take action other than to contribute monetarily.
Hm, I should have been more clear. I meant the situation in Iran (and elsewhere) where women are almost systematically abused by their government.

I'm the someone using signed merchandise to raise awareness, so yeah, I'm okay with that :). And that was my exactly my thinking re: folks not knowing how to take action beyond donating. I figure we as Whedon fans are probably more aware of Equality Now and the issues they tackle than your average person, but I'd guess most of us (maybe I'm wrong) have never responded to an EN action alert. The letters I've recieved so far have been really good and thought out.

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Not only is Ian (Mr. Dollrific) doing good works with this call to action, but he volunteered at the LA CSTS event and worked for at least 2 hours. In the midst of the madness he was calm, cool and a huge help. Thanks Ian!
Just some little toughts:

Why her husband wasn't gone for some court - I belive pimpery is a crime in Iran. And when a man comites violency against his wife she have the right to divorce. Also, if he is adulterous he is imputable in the same law.

Death penalties are been abolished around the world, but when American Government goes to Iraq they "forget" to forbid it there. And, It's obvious very important that Iran, China and Cuba stop with the death penalties, but seems that in USA it still works.
dollrific, sorry that my poor brain couldn't make the intuitive leap that since the site was Dollrific, you would be the same person. I hide behind blame on the late hour and having taken vicodin. ;) At least I was talking nicely about you in the third person, yes?

I just want to send some direct props to you. **transmitting happy rays** It's things like this that let me hold onto my youthful idealism.
Thanks buggered, and no worries :)

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