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June 29 2003

"Dusted" info... Information on the new "classy" Buffy book, due in Sept.

looks pretty cool... and a guide for ALL of the chapters so soon?

Hmm... makes me wonder when the Watcher's Guide vol 3 will be out.
You may want to see the official page from Mad Norwegian, though it doesn't have much more information other than "Above cover image is NOT the final version". It does, however, link to the authors' other stuff.

Dusted - The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Knowing how Lawrence writes and what he likes, this should be a good book.
According to, the third Watcher's Guide is possibly scheduled for a December release.
Cover doesn't really look that classy... Can't they get any better illustrators out there?
Well, someone on one of my groups emailed The Powers That Be at Simon Pulse and they responded with "The Watcher's Guide Vol. 3, covering Seasons 5, 6,and 7 will be out sometime in 2004, as will The Casefiles Vol. 2."
I didn't realize Buffy had such a beefy left arm.
Yeah apparently her butt's pretty saggy too.
Beefy the Vampire Slayer
"Above cover image is NOT the final version"
Spoon, let us hope not!

Terrible illustration...I'd never even pick up a book that looked that cheesy...
Oy! Certainly not! She's not even in heels, for god's sake!
Heh. Whatever happened to "don't judge a book by its cover"? =)

With any luck, they'll get the guy they got to do the Faction Paradox covers. His art is very reminiscent of Dave McKean (who did the Buffy Monsters cover).

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