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June 24 2008

Jane Espenson podcasts "The Hub". Jane, Ron Moore and others podcast her masterpiece BSG episode.

Awesome. I love this!

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Oh my god! That looks so awesome.... And did you see Nathan Fillion, oh my god, awesome..
Methinks you're in the wrong thread, Allen?
I think Allen is confirming that Nathan is the final cylon! Never woulda guessed!
Can't wait to find time for this. Must not do it tonight, sleep is sometimes necessary.
I prefer these podcasts when Ron Moore can throw around ideas with people. I liked Jane Espenson bringing up one of the original ideas for the episode, and the idea that even up to filming, the visions were not connected with the "jumps" (which as an idea seemed so right that I can't imagine it otherwise.)

I listened to this and the commentary on the midseason finale. I know that a lot of people (not neccesairly on this site) haven't really enjoyed this year all that much, but I honestly feel like the show is so deep, layered and fascinating this season that a few episodes with some sloppy pacing barely even bother me.

Kudos to Jane and everyone else working on that show.

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