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June 25 2008

Doctor Horrible Teaser Video. So excited!

The caption on the news...

Captain Hammer: "I hope to set an example, you know, for children and stuff."

Mere words cannot contain my glee! Perhaps song is my only choice...
It looks so good! I can't wait!
It looks wonderful!!! I'm so happy that Neil Patrick Harris is now coming to the Jossy side of things.
That provided a much needed shot of giddy and happy. 'Coming soon to a computer near you' - hee. I love it too much already.
Hahah brilliant! Is that Joss on the voiceover at the beginning. I think it might be. Doesn't look like any webseries i've ever seen, I mean moving-vehicle stunts, people flying through the air, I couldn't be more excited.
Is that David Fury as the male news anchor?
Did I see Zaboo from The Guild in there? Looking forward to it!
Okay... am I crazy or could that be Nathan doing the voice-over?
Is the ban of that phrase still around? You know that phrase. If not can we say it?

Anyways this looks fricking awesome.
I can't stop watching it.
I actually thought the voice-over sounded like Joss . . . but I'm usually mistaken about such things. And David and Marti, n'est-ce pas?

Great stuff.
Wow! Giddy! No words! Lots of exclamation points!!
I'm with aus-mitch and SNT on it being Joss. Seems especially so at the end of the intro. Either that, or one of his brothers sounds suspiciously like him. (Of course, this is coming from the guy who thought that it was Nathan in Session 416.)

ETA: D'oh, and Marti, you're right.

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That had me giggling through out. I love it.
That does sound like Joss doing his best Don LaFontaine.

And that does seem to be David Fury. Is the woman Marti Noxon?
So good! I want to watch it now. I can't wait to have all of the songs stuck relentlessly in my head. NPH looks like a perfect Whedonverse-type guy. "For every superhero there is...this guy" "Ahhh!"
The voice over does sound a bit like Joss. And bix, that absolutely is David Fury. I could be wrong, but I think the female news anchor is Marti Noxon. It's such a quick clip that it's kinda hard to tell, even paused, but the anchor does look like her, and she mentioned at the Buffy Reunion that she has a cameo in Dr. Horrible. Plus it'd just be cute if Marti and David were co-anchors.

I kind of can't contain myself at the idea of Neil Patrick Harris reciting Joss et al dialogue.
I was convinced the voice-over was Joss. Great gravitas! Hopefully that's not the mysterious banned phrase. (By the way what is it because now I want to use it. ;) I am also finding the teaser strangely addicting. Can't wait for the whole thing.
Apparently I need to form ideas quicker, because like 8 people beat me to the Marti punch. Out of curiosity, how do you edit your own comments? I don't see any kind of obvious "edit" button.
dollrific there should be an [ edit ] right next to your name.

And as for the banned phrase, unless someone here whose name appears in orange banned it, it isn't banned. I will just plug my ears, or my eyes, or something else pluggable.

Until I am dictator. Then it will be banned.
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!!

Okay, so yup, this made my night, which is quite awesome, since I'm sick. Yup, definitely David and Marti, and I too think that the voiceover was Joss.

I liked the rating, approved for all audiences by "The Motion Picture Association Of My House, Inc." Even that small touch made me gleeful.

I shall say it backward, b!x: eeeeeeeeuqs. Kind of like how Xela Cebert bans a certain Jeopardy! host to the place from whence he came. Thus the cleaning ritual has been done. Your heartfelt gratitude is all I need. ;)

Who is that dude with his hand to his head? In the scene with the guy in pink sitting on the bed? I am so bad at putting names to faces.
Yeah, see, that's what I figured, but there's no edit button somehow. Any mods know what's up?

And holy moly. This trailer, every time with the giggles and making me cry a little from the funny. It's obnoxious. Joss, stop it, please. No, don't, jk'ing. <3

Bing! Thanks whoever just fixed that :)

[ edited by dollrific on 2008-06-25 07:53 ]
I loved it!!
It made me want to do that low toned "Coming soooooon" voice....
Notice there's an M4V (mpeg4) version you can download. This means a version you can watch full-screen... and get screen captures from.

ETA: Giant NPH! Run! Flee!

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-06-25 08:01 ]
I don't think it's physically possible to be any more excited than I am right now.
Wow, the quality on that video is stunning. Better than I expected. This is gonna to be Legen - wait for it - pretty damn awesome!
Oh god, I am SO excited for this it's RIDICULOUS.
Ok I wasn't too bothered about this before. *Now* I'm excited:)
b!X: "Notice there's an M4V (mpeg4) version you can download. This means a version you can watch full-screen... and get screen captures from."

What-what-what? I saw the thingy to click to watch it big, but no see-y downloady thing, and I MUST HAVE. Honest. How?

I lurve this already - and it's jam-packed with logos and white-board, too - what's better than that? Oh, and I saw the lovely Maurissa Tancharoen flash by in there, too.
QG, look down and to the right on the Vimeo page itself.
Oh my! Expectations... floored.

I don't think I've ever been so giggly. :D

*watches again and again*
Ahhhh. *sigh*

Happiness is unlimited high-quality Whedon-y screenshots, even if it means yet another full external drive. Thank, b!X

(And damn, dude, you're fast.)

This preview makes me all happy and stuff. And I love Joss' "Big Announcer Classy Voice" - it cracks me the hell up.

Um, I have to go now and inspect the trailer, frame by frame...
I'm smiling at my computer like there's no tomorrow (and tomorrow is looking to be a very stressful day so that actually means something). I'm so so so excited =) My first reason to smile today. Lalalaaa~
jkalderash, I think it's Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory, Studio 60, The TV Set.)
There's nothing about this that doesn't make me unreasonably happy. So happy that I feel the need to use double negatives.

It's going to be a good day.
I want Dr. Horrible action figures.
There is so much awesome in that trailer I think my head exploded. Oh, I can't wait!
I want sound at work. But you can't always get what you want Simon (however, if you need action figures you just might find, you just might find that you get them though).
The trailer is awesome! I'm so excited!

And very cool cameo from Marti and David!
Awesome! Joss never fails to deliver! Joss' voice over is hilarious. Nathan looks all glorified and gorgeous on the moving van. Felicia looks very sweet and Neil Patrick is epic, literally. That one minute teaser was well worth the 1 576 800 minute wait. Joss is back and I'm feeling spoilt from all these portions of Jossleyan yumminess. The only bad thing is that I have to wait again for more. :( Am psychic and predict happifilled viewing days ahead. Yays!
EPIC, MAGNANIMOUS WIN. Can. Not. Wait. But then, its Joss leading Neil, Nathan and Felicia - is any of us even remotely surprised at how awesome this looks?

BTW, are we sure that this is Marti in the news scene? I tried pausing the regular version, and the resolution was kind of shoddy, but I thought she looked a little too young (like, 25) to be Marti.
Wow... I wasn't going to do the frame by frame thing but I couldn't help myself! I love it!
This looks super. And is it my overactive imagination, or in the last shot did Neil Patrick Harris have a bit of a Gordon Ramsay thing going on? I think it's the goggles giving him extra cragginess.
I loved this to bits. Can't wait for more, plus action figures would be awesome Simon.
Wonderful trailer - the second I heard the VO I thought it was Joss... and began to giggle madly.
Firstly, there's no way the voice-over's not Joss. "For every day, there is a night..."

Secondly, HOLY FRAKKING MOTHER OF FRAK. This was the best thing that could possibly come along today. My mind is kind of exploding right now, in a very good way.

And action figures? Yes, please.
That was just delightful! :D
I don't think that's Joss's voice. Doesn't sound like it to me, and I'm usually the first to recognize a voice (seriously, every time I watch an animated movie I go "Hey, that's Andy Dick", "Hey, that's Rob Paulsen", "Hey, that's Kevin Michael Richardson", "Hey, that's Paul Greenberg", "Hey, that's Kevin McDonald", et.c.). But who knows, I might be wrong. Anyway. This looks absolutely awesome and I want to see it. More than once.
Oh yay! and yes! and doing happy dance! and using up all the exclamation points left on this thread. Must go watch again, my limping computer would probably explode if I tried to save it.

I want to know the banned phrase! .... Squeeee is not a phrase, backward or forward. ;-)

ETA actually my RealPlayer let me save it!! (Now I'm certain I've used up the last of the exclamation points.) :)

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Among the teaser's many awesomenesses: Someone in the background of the laundromat looks like Chanterelle/Lily/Anne Steele/Julia Lee!
Among the teaser's many awesomenesses: Someone in the background of the laundromat looks like Chanterelle/Lily/Anne Steele/Julia Lee!

I thought so,too.

And I'm with the "that was Joss's voice" crowd.

This was so much fun. Nice way to start the day. So looking forward to this.
My first instinct was that it was Joss' voice over and I'm going to stick with that instinct.

Loved the trailer. That was pretty awesome. I'm amazed that some of you point out freeze frame stuff within minutes of this being posted though. Good work all of you.

I can't wait for this. Felicia is so cute. She's like...a really cute puppy but without the puppy and more woman.
Lookee... Joss got his bro and friends together and made a show! Way cool!

Something about watching the teaser made me think of the silent film days when film makers could just put a small cast and crew together, go out and make a movie. A lot of work of course, but free of the ponderous burdens of time and procedures that the present traditional studio structure entails. It'd be great to see such talented folk work more often, and in such inspired projects.

Seeing this teaser is so exciting, really looking forward to the actual movie! (Hey, the "teaser" fully lives up to its name... heh... )
I knew it was going to be cool, but I failed to realize just how cool.

I kind of can't contain myself at the idea of Neil Patrick Harris reciting Joss et al dialogue.
Seriously! He has really overcome the whole Doogie Howser role, hasn't he? And he's got the Whedon delivery down.
I believe that this merits a ZOMG AWESOME and I don't say that terribly often.
If the actual thingy is half as awesome as this trailer, it will be pretty darn awesome.
With apologies (homage?) to Colbert, that was scrumptulicous and scrumptulescent. I've decided that if anyone can make me root against Fillion, it's evil-NPH. Mwah ha ha, indeed.

Can. Not. Wait.
That looks absolutely amazing. I always knew it was going to be, but it also looks expensive! Unbelievable quality for next-to-no budget! I am very, very excited. Ok, I'm off to watch it more.
I would say its Fury and Noxon. The voiceover may be Joss, but I'm blaming Jed.
I wonder how many times I'm going to hit replay... can't stop myself. Can't wait.
Onto the VO thing, check the facebook group/community link Andy just posted.

According to reliable sources, the Mr. Voice, in the trailer, is not Joss, but it's another member of the Whedon clan, Mr. Jed Whedon.
For once I'm sad to watch Nathan beat up a bad guy so thoroughly. Help, I'm confused!

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-06-25 15:04 ]
I'm just going to add my "yay" to the chorus of "yays"--this looks like so much fun!

And wow Joss's brother really sounds like him, right?
Sweet, I was totally right about it being Jed.
Totally excited to finally get to see a peek of it, woooo hooo can't wait to see the rest....
This is going to be awesome. Though it feels to me like the evil laugh at the end was dubbed over my Joss, the laugh just makes me think of him.
Dear sweet fluffy Jesus! I can't wait for Dr. Horrible. Coming soon to a computer near me? How soon is soon?
AHHHH I love it!!!!
Giddy is definitely the word for it.... Now I must go and watch the teaser about 35 more times! Squeeeeeeee!
That was beautiful. Like, Aishwarya Rai beautiful. And she is pretty.

I'm really impressed by the film stock Joss & Co. have used. That baby looks much snazzier than I'd imagined. Excitement level high.
Shey, I think the banned phrase in question rhymes with shmejen...wait for it...fairy.

And I want to know how zeitgeist knew it was Jed's voice. Cos it totally sounds like Joss's intonation in parts.
My excitement for this just went up 1000%! *Squee!* I can't wait for more!!
I want to know how zeitgeist knew it was Jed's voice

'Cos he's super-smarty. :-) 'Course, t'was I who said up-thread that the VO "sounded like" Joss . . . but that was hedging, rather than brilliance. I've never heard Jed's voice.

I don't think that phrase (or the previously mentioned word/strangled noise-thing) is actually banned . . . but it is a bit tired. It could probably do with some rest.
Looks like Joss and Co. have sweated out even the smallest stuff. Did you follow the link to They even registered a domain for the bogus preview label.

And that's just... insane.
And I want to know how zeitgeist knew it was Jed's voice. Cos it totally sounds like Joss's intonation in parts.

Watching Apartment 4b comes in handy :)
Also it's the best musical trailer ever without any actual singing.
Yeah, I think you'd need to have read the bits from interviews to understand what it's about and that it's a musical. But clearly it's about Neil Patrick Harris being awesomely nerdy and quasi-evil.
Seeing that, my wee head and heart just exploded into sizzling bits of joy and anticipation. This is going to be gooooooooooood. Oh yeah. Between this and Dollhouse, I don't know what to do with all my anticipatory joy.

Funny how Jed's voice sounds Joss-but-not-Joss. It's a sibling thing. My sister and I get that kind of reaction all the time.
Benton, they shot on the Sony F900, it's an HD video camera. The same model Lucas used for the prequel trilogy (though I think Ep 1 was shot on film) By today's standards the F900 is old technology, but it is still a workhorse and in frequent use. They almost shot on the Panasonic HVX200 (I assume for budgetary reasons), the popular prosumer HD camera today that will shortly be phased out. I think they were going to use that with a Mini35 adapter and 35mm lenses which would have provided a more shallow depth of field, like what Joss is used to on all his film projects, but in the end Joss opted for greater resolution and color space, and I can't blame him.

while I'm on the subject, I think I mentioned it back in March when this all came out, but in case it's not listed elsewhere (it's not on IMDB as far as I can tell): Joss' Director of Photography on this was Ryan Green, son of Jack Green, who shot (among many, many other films) Serenity.

Okay, done with the technical, carry on.
Yay, finally!
I've just put it up on YouTube. We'll see how long it last.
It's not enough!!!
I wish this was a new weekly TV series. 100% fun.
It made me laugh. Repeatedly. And also feel a raging desire to see the rest of it. Just when you think you've gotten clean ... :)

I have questions -- where did they get the epic flying-over-mountains footage? Is this available as stock or did they actually get a helicopter?

And also, what is the banned phrase that is not actually banned? "Who's better, Angel or Spike" a) I think *is* actually banned and b) at first glance, would seem inapplicable. (Although I guess we do have the dark-haired guy and the blonde guy ...)
Yep, the next day the trailer still makes me giggle unstoppably. Fantastic. And I wondered (after the 15th rewatch) if maybe that was Jed doing the VO. Apartment 4B is hilarious (his band The Southland is pretty good, too.)
Awe to the Some. And that's with no music. So looking forward to seeing the whole thing.
I laughed at NPH. He's a hoot! But on a glass-half-empty note, I would have loved to have heard some singing.

And I think it was Nathan doing the voice-over. Just sayin'.
Is anyone tracking the coverage? It's getting a fair bit of exposure on blogs and pop culture sites.
I think the schmejenfairy phrase discouragement is a preventive measure in fear that b!x would bash his brains all over the pretty black. ;)

I was looking at the list of referrers on vimeo (over 10k views already!), and there's quite a bit of linkage from Felicia and Felicia's connections. Girl knows how to network.
Is anyone tracking the coverage?

Well, the Vimeo page has a referrer list on the right-hand side.

ETA that hacksaway beat me to it. (For a brief hour or so last night, PIE SPOILERS!!! was on that referer list. That was, inevitably, short lived.)

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-06-25 19:44 ]
Acessing the Vimeo page seems to be problematic. I'll just have to rely on dear old Technorati and Google Blog search.
I am sooo excited about this! Can't wait!!! :D
We can still say "Suit Up !" though right ? Feels like it's just starting to gain a foothold.

The voice is definitely of the clan Whedon IMO but brothers can sound a lot alike (our own parents have occasionally misidentified my bruv and me over the phone).

Good teaser, plenty to grab onto but no obvious spoilers. NPH was funny as hell but just seeing Nathan striking the banana on top of the van was compressed hilarity, willing to bet that he had a blast taking the piss out of himself and the hero stereotype and i'd double down that every bit of it comes across on screen. And as others have said, that's without even any music.

Consider my appetite whet, soaked to the skin in fact.
Striking the banana?
Don't look at me... :)
I've just done a quick google and nothing comes up that I can link to (so maybe this is just in my head ;) but in super-hero art the standard "splash page" Ta Da ! pose is sometimes called the "banana pose" because you draw the hero standing in the rough shape of a banana i.e. shoulders slightly back, curving out to the waist and then back in for the legs.

No idea why that pose is chosen (maybe to make 2D art look 3 dimensional ? Though it's also not lost on me that the hero is basically sticking his crotch out of the page ;) but Nathan on the van is pretty much a classic "banana".
Google is of no help: Results 1 - 5 of 5 for "striking the banana". (0.42 seconds).
Great Horrible happiness! Can't wait to see it & sing along (badly).
Here in Brazil we have some gesture about banana but, I believe it's not the same thing ;)
I lost it at the green preview screen - "By the motion picture association of my house, inc"

Squeeish giggles all around.

One small production for Joss & Co, one big step towards alternate media distribution strategies! Studios watch out!
The LA Times blog Web Scout picked it up here.
That was amazing! *tear* I heart Joss and Co. :)
Saje, as long as he wasn't striking a banana hammock, I'm grateful. Especially since that seems to be more of a super villain thing. ;)

Ironically, my brain had already forgotten about the schmejenfairy phrase, probably as a preventative measure to protect it from going the same way as b!x's. The eeeeeuqs word still makes me kciuqs a little, though.

I'm actually kind of okay with the fact that there was no music, since I would be dissatisfied singing only parts of awesome songs until the actual release. Plus, if that were the case, my family would band together to kill me. picked it up this morning, but that was kinda to be expected... :)
I let out a heary "hee hee hee!" upon viewing. Way exctited.
So, anything Joss-related going on today? ;)

(also: awe. some. This is going to have widespread geek appeal, beyond the usual Joss-converted)
Runaways but apparently no-ones interested in that. The delays were not great it must be said.
Hasn't bothered me, kept them all back. 6 issue Whedothon for me this weekend.
I am almost more excited for this than I am Dollhouse. Oh no! Where do I direct my anticipation? If I try to focus it on too many things at once my head may just explode!
I keep missing comic book day b/c my job has moved across town away from my favorite shop. I expect I won't get a copy until the weekend. But I didn't forget.
My head just spun around and exploded :-D ... but not literally. I don't live on a hellmouth.
Two Words:

Simply Amazing
no matter how many times i attempt to download the flash player thingy, i still can't watch the trailer :(
You know, my brain didn't even process that there wasn't any music in the trailer for this musical. Amazing.

(Well, there was a score. But you know what I mean.)
buffyfanatic18, check your email for a Sur-prize - well, at least a step on the path to Sur-prize.
QG, may I please have a surprise too? I kind of lied in my previous comment. I played it, and it sounded nice, a couple of pretty pictures, but it was heavily lagging for me to really make out anything. Sugar on top? Cherries? Okay, I'll get you a fried oreo!
I kind of lied in my previous comment.

Wow, and the comicon hasn't even started yet! Great early start with the lies there, korkster, kudos! :)
"Apartment 4B is hilarious"

Hmm, strangely the video is no longer available on or youtube. I watched it today and thought it was hilarious. I was hoping to tell my brother about it. :(
I find it unfortunate that they seem to have decided that Apartment 4B: Episode 01 needed to come down just because it's about two people trying to start an online porn business. I guess maybe they see it as a distraction from promoting Dr. Horrible.

Lame, IMHO.

ETA that removing Episode 01 renders 02, and to an extent 03, kind of pointless. At this point, they should just remove the entire Apartment 4B set.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-06-26 03:08 ]
Thanks, GVH, for the kudos to my false support. I have recently reviewed Dr. Horrible fully 7 times. It's hard to pause that bugger in certain spots (I wanted to verify the co-anchors of Fury & Noxon for myself). It was great, and I mailed the link to all I know who would appreciate it. Not a bad day's work of paying off sins.

One question though. Why is Felicia Day flying into the air and landing in trash?

Okay, second question. Does anyone else see the irony of the colors in this teaser? I mean, the "hero" (Nathan) is wearing black, while the "villian" (NPH) is wearing white. I know we're supposed to root for the bad guy, but does anyone else think the colors are "aiding" them in their decision to root for Dr. Horrible?

Also, I loved that old footage of Nathan beating NPH up. :)
Great professional-quality lying, korster - I predict you will go far in ComicConic Mendacity.

So, I gather you hath checkedeth thine emaileth pouch... and had no problems with the attachment. You can review the m4v file painstaking frame by painstaking frame if you watch it in Quicktime and select "Play all frames" under "View." It's pure obsessive fun for the geek in all of us!

Yeah, I enjoyed Apartment 4B's setting-up-the-porn-business vid - hope that's not why it was removed - though it could well have been - and I hope to see it back up. Although "I hope to set an example, you know, for kids and stuff" - so maybe we shall not see its like again...
In related news, it looks like seat42f added a time for the Dr. Horrible panel:

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog - Joss Whedon 1:30pm 2:30 pm

Re: seat42f and any other panel lists (and also relevant to Joss), I'm told the Dollhouse panel (since maybe people want to know this in addition to the Dr. Horrible time mentioned above) currently is slated for 1:00 to 2:00 PM on Saturday.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-06-26 07:12 ]
"Okay, second question. Does anyone else see the irony of the colors in this teaser? I mean, the "hero" (Nathan) is wearing black, while the "villian" (NPH) is wearing white."


One of my all time favorite and very underrated movies does this, in the final battle with good guy vs bad guy, the bad guy is in white on a white horse and the good guy in black on a black horse - love the movie, Ladyhawke - I wonder if it was deliberate either in that movie or in Dr Horrible... interesting thought

[ edited by Beth'll on 2008-06-26 12:28 ]
Beth'll, the black/white thing is definitely deliberate. Dr. Horrible is the protagonist, even though he's the "villain".

And that's wicked strange that ep 1 of Apartment 4B would be removed. Sure, it's about porn, but it's pretty tame.
Well, it does have simulated webcam porn. (Apartment 4B, not Dr. Horrible.)
Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Joss Whedon has been keeping himself busy with an online science fiction musical, "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." It stars Neil Patrick Harris and Cap'n Tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion.

love the movie, Ladyhawke

That movie rocks. Its score does not.

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-06-26 19:16 ]
Felicia says new stuff to use for promotion coming "later this week or next".
Wow. An actress who responds to a fan comment with "hell yes" and "kick ass." It's no wonder the internet is in love with her.

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