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June 25 2008

(SPOILER) Runaways #30 comes out today. It's the end of Joss Whedon's 'Dead End Kids' arc and if you want a peek before you buy, then head over to the preview at Comic Book Resources. If you want reviews, there's a couple up at Comics Bulletin and Pulp Secret.

Bittersweet, Whartonesque "Age of Innocence" ending (with Lillie McGurty hesitating like Newland Archer) leaves us with a big question as well as a big answer. A lovely story, Demon Writer.
I believe the first issue of the Young Avengers/Runaways Secret Invasion miniseries comes out today, too.
Yes, the first ish in the miniseries is also out today, indeed.

The end of Joss' arc leaves me somewhat disappointed. I think I would doing joyous cartwheels right about now if not for the fact that the past 6 issues of a monthly comic series took about a year (mebbe more) to finally finish up. Just took so... long... With Astonishing, as with Cassaday's other comic, Planetary, every issue is like a blockbuster. Even if it's just leading into the next, I'm still completely satisfied. Runaways is much smaller and more intimate and taking four months in between issues is hard to reconcile. I'm planning on rereading the whole arc. I'm sure I'll love it in retrospect.

Don't get me wrong though, still plenty high quality stuff!
I had (probably unreasonably) hoped that Joss would bring Gert back to us. I still miss Gert the most! *sob*

Oh well, I'm looking forward to seeing what Terry Moore will be doing in his arc!
Still... standing...

Ha! I think its safe to say Joss has a bit of an issue with the concept of The Punisher.

This Runaways arc has probably been my favourite Joss comic book story so far. I felt a little deflated when I finished this issue. I hope Terry Moore does the comic justice.

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