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June 25 2008

Buffy Tarot Deck cancelled. "Due to circumstances beyond our control, Dark Horse will not be producing the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Tarot Deck."

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but no existing orders will be filled. We appreciate your support of this program, and again apologize to those who placed advance orders and to fans alike.”

Total letdown. I had the cash in my hands, Dark Horse. Your loss.

I wonder what kind of drama conspired to bring down such a wonderful idea?
That's a shame since this tie-in seemed to generate a lot of interest.

Given that, it presumably wasn't for lack of demand, wonder what happened ? Copyright infringement (can you copyright superstitions ? Cos if so, dibs on touching wood and the one about spilled salt ;) ? Or maybe someone vetoed their likeness ?
Oh damn, damn, damn:/
This was the one piece of fanswag I wanted all year. DAMN.
That is a bummer. Maybe they could put the images online for wallpaper purposes (she says more in hope than any belief that would actually happen).
Too bad -- must have been a problem with the music rights.
Moley brings up a good point. What happens to all the fabulous paintings for the cards? That's an entire deck of beautiful pictures that, what, gets put away in some Dark Horse vault? Weak...
Anyone know of a good email contact for which I (and anyone else if they wish) could at least let them know that would have been super keen.

Will we ever know what kind of "circumstances beyond our control"?
Well, poo.
That sucks. I really wanted one of those.
That wasn't on the cards. I wonder if the Ouija board will go the same way.
Paxomen, I went to "Contact Us" at Dark Horse and wrote. Hope that helps.

Again, sigh.
I'm drawing a blank, did they ever use a ouija board on Buffy? Or even Tarot Cards? But even if they didn't use the cards, I still would have got a set. I collect Tarot cards.
Tara did tarot. (I made a funny.)
That wasn't on the cards. I wonder if the Ouija board will go the same way.

*rimshot*. Re: Ouija board ... P ... R ... O ... B ... A ... ... Y ... E ... S ...
NypPinTa, Drusilla used tarot cards in season 2 a few times, too. As for a ouija board, I don't recall them ever using one (those things frankly creep me out).
"Tara did tarot. (I made a funny.)"

Pat32082As I recall, she used the Thoth deck, but I'd have to go check my screencaps...!
Wow, I really wanted to get this, not so much because of the tarot aspect but because the art they had shown was amazing. I really hope, like Moley said, that they could put the art to some sort of use, because it was really well done.
Crap. This was the first piece of Licensed Merchandise I'd had any real interest in for a long time.
This makes me really really sad. :(
I'm not interested in Tarot, but I really wanted the deck. The artwork looked amazing.
Well that's sad to hear. They seemed to have put a lot of thought and work into it. I feel bad for the artists.

NYPinTA, Drusilla used tarot cards in season 2 a few times, too.

Oh right. Thanks.
I didn't want to buy these, but I did want them to exist. I would have liked to see how they did them, so I'm hoping some more images and explanations will make their way to the net.
Ouija boards were a Charmed thing, for a while anyway (though it had a special design and, IIRC, was called a "Spirit Board", presumably for copyright reasons). I can't recall ever seeing one on BtVS.

Charmed used it as a plot device to get needed information into the characters' hands. Buffy's writers just had the Scoobies do research or beat up Willy.

It is a shame about the Tarot deck. I was seriously considering to get one for use in the Buffy RPG series I'm getting ready to start running.
This is very sucky news.I was really looking forward to picking this up.
Darn, I preordered this as soon as I could. Color me disappointed.
dang it, i really wanted those.
I'll speculate that this is more of a production cost issue than anything else. I remember the price being $14.95 a few months back when this first was announced. Now when I click the link, it shows a price of $30. I could be wrong (as this is just from memory) but I can totally picture myself saying, "wow, 15 bucks, maybe I'll get two sets."

I'll bet the cost of production of this high quality, heavy paper set was much higher than anticipated by Dark Horse.
This was going to be my first ever Buffy-related purchase. Dang.
I don't know why this issue would have cropped up now and not much, much sooner, but is it possible one of those whose likenesses were to appear hadn't been checked with? Perhaps they don't have to have everyone's approval on the comics, but didn't realize this might not be the same contractual thing?

Also, I've had a few friends who, despite not being particularly superstitious, are really, really wigged out by tarot cards. If someone who was going to appear in the cards falls into that category, they might be expected to make a big fuss.

Totally unfounded speculation, go! But I am curious how one negotiates rights to this sort of thing, especially with such a large cast potentially appearing.

(Also, aww. They were indeed listing at 15 bucks, but I most likely would've bought one at 30 if that'd been it)
Seems if it was just production costs, they'd say so, and maybe float the higher offer.

The 'nothing to see, move it along' feel of the announcement makes me wonder if some thoughtful zealot shot it down.

You know, to protect the children.
I think it's just a reflection of the economic times we're in. I reckon we're going to see more and more comic book/tv related products getting cancelled across the board. Diamond has pretty much killed off their Buffy action figure range (last time I looked anyhow).
Ugh, I was really looking forward to this.
Now I have to find another birthday gift for my one and only Buffy friend. She's very wiccalite and would have loved them. Plus I had a deck reserved for me. Sucks.

Here's hoping that another company will produce them since Dark Horse is out.
I think it's a long walk to blame the economy for a tarot deck being cancelled -- it's not like people are buying fewer Wii's.

Personally, I always thought it, and the "Not a Ouija" board were... pretty tacky as far as merchandising tie-ins. What was coming up after that, Sunnydale Monopoly (okay, that would be pretty cool)? Season 8 "Risk"?

Fewer parlor games, somewhat more console or PC games, an MMO, maybe a direct-to-DVD animated movie to fill in between Season 7 and Season 8.
Season 8 Risk, would be so entertaining. Big fan of Risk, which weirdly is calld "War" in Brazil.
The Monopoly thing would be interesting also.

Anyway, I did pre-order it, mostly for the art work, so it's just a little less money I'll be spending that month.
I hope it wasn't complaints about the choices of characters for various cards that got it cancelled, because that would be... well, dumb.

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I think alexreager probably has it right.

Given what we know of the actors, the only one who seems likely to entirely withhold permission might be Robia LaMorte, and her absence might diminish, but would certainly not torpedo, the deck. HOWEVER, I can see that licensing costs might be too high for some actors or charaters--does IDW have any sort of exclusivity over Angel, Spike, etc.?
Aw that sucks. I was looking forward to getting them
It could be a legal rights squabble between various companies, too, with none of "our heros" involved.
Monopoly: Sunnydale would be awesome. Instead of jail, it'd be a hell demension. Instead of railroads and utilities, they'd be power items and spells! C'mon. That'd be fun. I'm the Top Hat!
NYPinTA, I'm with you! (and I'm the car ~ a DeSoto of course) How tremendously cool would a Sunnydale Monoply be?

Think of the properties: Willy's Alibi Room, The Bronze, City Hall, Sunnydale High, each of the character's houses, Spike's crypt, the sewer system, Lowell House and UC Sunnydale, the Initiative complex,... the options are endless and all spectacular!

I may be imagining it, but I swear I remember seeing a "make your own"-opoly kit or template for sale online somewhere. I may have to do some investigating......

ETA: The "make your own" kits are pretty lame and missing key Monopoly aspects. The official Hasbro-sanctioned kit allows only limited customization and is available only to UK customers, although it is printed on an official board and comes with nice packaging and all the original bits and pieces.

[ edited by thundercat on 2008-06-25 20:26 ]
Monopoly, Buffy Edition! Each color-bar neighborhood a different season's locations: purple (season 1) Principal Flutie's office and the school cafeteria, gray (season 2) the school library, the cemetery and the factory, maroon (season 3) Giles's apartment, Angel's pad and the Mayor's office, etc. Jail is the Hellmouth, Free Parking is the Bronze.

I'm the shoe.
Well, this is the uber suck. :/
I had one "Scotland Yard" game where we are supposed to play as Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes.
This could be a good game with a Buffy version. Like, we should find out who had commited the crime, how and the way to kill the monster.
Aw, what a pity! I pre-ordered the deck as well, and was looking forward to getting it.
Maybe it's because there wasn't enough pre-order interest, and so they decided to ditch them.

Seems strange to leave it so late in the day though.
Like, we should find out who had commited the crime, how and the way to kill the monster. Like Clue, but then you get to dust the killer? I'd play that too!
Does anyone know who the artist was for these cards? It's very possible that the originals may be for sale.
I'm really sad about this too. I don't think it was production costs that killed it; many tarot decks are in the 30 dollar range. There's a Vertigo tarot set that costs 40. The "circumstances beyond our control" line makes me think it has something to do with rights.
Sunnydale Monopoly? I'm in!

Shame about the cards.
It's on the Dark Horse front page as well. A lot of people must have pre-ordered it to warrant such an apology (plus there was all that publicity as well).
I probably wasn't going to buy it, but it's a shame that all those nice pieces of art won't get to see the light of day. I hope the artists were compensated, at least.
I, for one, am outraged. I was really looking forward to it... REALLY... I was going to buy two decks, one to keep in the package forever (and to therefore accumulate value), and one to play with and admire, and possibly frame... T_T

I'm so heartbroken =(
I pre-ordered it from tfaw. I noticed a few weeks ago that my pre-order had been canceled by them, and was trying procure another source. It never occurred to me that they might be canceled.

I would hope that Dark Horse got all the permissions they needed before they starting advertising it.

It's a sad sad Buffy day.
Like Clue, but then you get to dust the killer? I'd play that too!

It was Gwendolyn Post, in the mansion, with the Glove of Mynegohn!

As for the card deck, that really sucks.
Bummer...this was one little item that my partner and I were both looking forward to. She was rather excited when I told her about them.
Boo nouns! I was really looking forward to that deck. It was part of my ultimate plan to make my entire store Whedonized (you should see our Graphic Novel display!) Man, like, if you do Tarot, shouldn't you have seen this coming? The creepy Ouija board says....YES.
*sob* I really wanted this, as I've been thinking about learning tarot for a while now, and it seemed like the perfect way to get into it.

I'm more bummed about the art, though. It's so fantastic that I sincerely hope that Dark Horse or the artist figure out some way to get that out to us. I don't think I could afford originals, but I'd love to buy a print. And such work should absolutely not go to waste, especially as it seems that there are so many of us who wanted it.

If it is some sort of permission issue, I wonder if there's a way around it that would lead to a different version of the deck being released sometime in the future? Please?
Ha ha, There is a "Make Your Own Opoly" and I completely am in the process of making my own Buffy-opoly. I was torn between using locations or using episodes for the specific spaces. Cause who wouldn't hold out to buy Hush or Once More with Feeling?
*offers shoulder*

Sorry. I did enjoy the art. Here's hoping we'll know more by Comic-Con. Is it me or does it seem like Buffy's sort of shutting down, merchandise-wise?
You are definitely right, korkster. I've been thinking the same thing for a while now. Which I guess is to be expected, since it's been off the air for five years.

Even though my cynnical side agrees with you, UnpluggedCrazy, my childhood grips on to the idea that pigs will always fly, orange is the color of the sky, and Buffy will never die.

I mean, come on, Joss tried to kill her twice and she's still here. No old folks home for her!

Maybe with Dollhouse around the corner, it'll breath more life into the merchandise of our favorite slayer (Faith).
This really bums me out, I'd pre-ordered two decks. :(
I'd ordered this through my local comic store. I have a couple of Tarot decks and I really wanted the artwork on this one.
I completely forgotten about Dru and Tara using the tarot cards. For the life of me, didn't Dawn have a run in with the ouija board that creeped Buffy and Giles out? My brain is getting so rattled.
BUMMER. the art work was awesome sauce
ARRRGHHHH. I'm so late to the game on this. Can we crowdsource the funds to buy the rights/art/whatever?
I have no idea how that works, but WHO CAN I THROW MY MONEY AT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN??
Somebody to buy the rights?

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