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June 25 2008

AOL Money Lists Top 25 Ad Icons of All Time, including Tony Head. Tony and his romantic partner from the Taster's Choice ads are listed at #22, but of course they are #1 in our book!

As are his Nescafe ads too :p.
Those commercials mad eme quite fond of Tony, especially after I found out he was (unlike *most* performers that I was hearing about for the first time by then!) older than I am. (Brooks and dunn also fit that bill.) As I understnad, the overall storyline for the Gold Blend and Taster's Choice versions differed quite a bit.

I'm upset they missed MArgaret Hamilton's Cora for Maxwell House , Sofie the SpicnSpan lady, the Red Rose Tea chimps, the Dutch MAsters singing magnates, Isodette's Count Sore-Throat-Pain,Carlos Montalban's El Exigente,Gunilla Knutsen's Take It *all* Off girl for a shaving cream, and Susan Anton's El Producto Lady. I don't much miss either the Silva Thins "stiffarm guy" or Alan Sues's "adult" Peter Pan for the peanut butter.

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What about the little girl who had a commerical that caused it's competitor to sue her - even though she was only 4 at the time?

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